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Your birth chart helps you understand what makes you unique and all the facets of your rich personality

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What will I find discover from my birth chart?

Using NASA data, we calculate the exact location of the planets in relation to your sign at the time of your birth.

This data helps generate a better understanding of your personality, your character traits and what influences you. To be more precise, this chart provides a complete portrait of who you are and will help you find out about:


Your main character traits

Your birth chart allows you to discover your main character traits based on your rising sign, Sun sign and Moon sign.

Your nature Your inner personality Your exterior personality

The different facets of your personality

By studying the exact position of the planets when you were born, your birth chart helps you to look closely at the many facets of your personality.

Communication and personal expression Your feelings and your relationship with love Your energy, your desires and your actions Your faculty for development and growth Your comfort zone, blockages and brakes Your independence and your conception of freedom Your relationship with spirituality How you perceive change

The 12 Houses of the Zodiac

By studying the position of the signs in relation to the 12 houses of the zodiac, your chart helps you get a better understanding of the different aspects of your life.

House 1 Behavior
House 2 Money and the material world
House 3 Your surroundings and your loved ones
House 4 Home and family
House 5 Pleasure and love
House 6 Everyday life and routine
House 7 Social relationships
House 8 Crisis and change
House 9 Exploration, discovery, travel
House 10 Social success and status
House 11 Friends and projects
House 12 Your subconscious and secrets

Potential and blockages: inter-planetary aspects

By studying the different aspects between the planets at your birth, your birth chart can help you to finally understand your potential and your blockages.

Your potential, your opportunities and your talents Your challenges, your goals and what's at stake Your difficulties, your brakes and your blockages

Discover your free birth chart

My place of birth