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Horoscope Wednesday, July 17


Today, despite the atmosphere created by the Moon, Mercury and Mars, try not to explode at the slightest annoyance, nor to impose your point of view at all costs. You're almost ...

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Today Taureaux will be strongly influenced by the Moon, Venus and Neptune. Your inner world will be in turmoil, you'll try to bring your wildest dreams to life and sometimes ...

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Today, the influence of the Moon, Jupiter and Pluto mean uncomfortable times ahead for Gémeaux. If you are in a relationship, it seems you understand how good it can be for ...

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With Mercury, Venus and Uranus in the sky Cancers should prepare for the unexpected this July 17. Sudden events and sudden realizations that arrive without warning mean you'll ...

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This July 17 is dominated by the presence of Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune. So, Lions can expect to enjoy their day. You want to dream big and make what is important to you ...

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With the presence of Venus, Mars and Uranus in their astral sky, Vierges are unlikely to be bored in their personal lives today. If you are in a relationship, you don't intend ...

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The least I can say about today is that with the presence of Venus, Uranus and Neptune, Balances won't have time to be bored. In love, there is good and not so good for some ...

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On this July 17, it is above all the professional life of Scorpions that is in the spotlight. In the presence of Mars and Uranus, you have the will and the daring to take your ...

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With Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto impacting this July 17, there's no question of playing games, you'll have to cut to the chase and change anything that needs changing. And to ...

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If you expected a peaceful day, you might be disappointed by this turn of events ... or excited by the new opportunities that will open up to you. In life, everything is a ...

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The stars are clear: despite your desire to move forward, today you will face a number of blockages, which will be difficult for you to overcome. With Saturn in your sky, you ...

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The Moon in their sky today should help all the Poissons to take a clear look at their situation and to become aware of their real needs. On this July 17, it is therefore very ...

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