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Horoscope Friday, April 19


The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in the le Bélier astral sky is a strange one. In view of this particular astral association, it goes without saying that today you will be ...

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Today, the atmosphere may be a bit electric due to the influence of Mars in your sky. As a Le Taureau today you can expect impatience for starters, followed by mood swings and ...

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Under the influence of the Sun, Mercury and Uranus, this day won't lack spice and you're likely to have some great ideas and even a flash of genius. Emotionally, you are keenly ...

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When Mars, the master of action meets Saturn, the master of prudence, one thing is certain, the Sun will struggle to find a space for itself. Today, as a good le Cancer, you'll ...

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This April 19 is marked by the presence of the Sun, Saturn and Pluto and you will feel contradictory energies. Pluto is inviting you to make in-depth changes in your life while ...

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The influence of the Moon today will plunge you into a whirl of emotions, and then Mercury and Pluto will push you to sweep away your past and move forward with your life. ...

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On this April 19, Balances will be taking stock of what they really want. That said, under the influence of the Moon, Mars, and Neptune, you will probably make a lot of ...

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The least I can say is that this day will bring Scorpions its share of surprises. The presence of the Moon, Uranus and Pluto makes you very reactive and this Friday risks being ...

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Today's energies invite Sagittaires not to waste time in any area of their lives. In the sky of this April 19, Mercury, Mars and Uranus are pushing you to get out of your ...

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On this day largely dominated by the presence of Mercury, Uranus and Neptune, Capricornes are feeling rather self-centered. If you are in love and in a relationship, people ...

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Venus, Jupiter and Neptune promise Verseaux beautiful things while reminding them that it is necessary to remain vigilant at all times. When people are nice to you, you tend to ...

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The planets today are aligned to let Poissons know exactly what they want and to give them the boost they need to make their dreams come true. When it comes to the heart, if ...

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