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Horoscope Friday, September 29


Due to this very specific astral conjunction, your day will be entirely dedicated to love and the pleasures of life. The Sun, Mercury and Venus will encourage you to show great ...

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The association of the Moon, Mars and Uranus in the Le Taureau astral sky is very beautiful. On this September 29, your intuition will undoubtedly be sharper than ever, your ...

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Dear Gémeaux, the astral conjunction of September 29 looks promising. Structured around the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune, it indicates your propensity for happiness and your ...

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The astral climate in which the Cancers find themselves today is not far from ideal. The joint presence of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter will give you a welcome boost, thanks to ...

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The Moon, Venus and Pluto today form a sacred trio in your sky. Under the influence of these planets, you will probably feel more connected than ever to your emotions, dreams ...

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The association of Saturn and Uranus in the le Vierge astral sky is particularly interesting because it evokes a real awareness, the results of which will, however, only be ...

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Ruled by Neptune and Venus, your astral conjunction undoubtedly testifies to your need for harmony and your propensity to fully live your passions, however modest they may be. ...

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In view of your astral conjunction, the stars seem to be very much in your favor on this September 29. Ruled by Venus and Jupiter, your sky indicates that today you will show ...

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Venus, Mars and Neptune form a beautifully homogeneous association in your sky, which should allow you to enjoy a day that is exemplary in every way. Like an alchemist seeking ...

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Are you a fan of stability and feel at home in the comfort of your routine? Watch out, on this September 29, the virtues of change will be in the spotlight. Crossed by Venus, ...

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Dear le Verseau, you are facing a particularly explosive, some would say dangerous, astral situation today. The meeting of Mars, Uranus and Pluto in your astral sky may bring ...

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In view of your astral conjunction, this September 29 will undoubtedly be marked by change, although you will probably have to wait a bit to reap the benefits. The passage of ...

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