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Horoscope Saturday, September 30


Today's astral sky suggests a day full of unforeseen events. Hang in there because under the influence of the Sun, the Moon and Uranus, it could be a bumpy ride! Béliers have ...

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On this September 30, under the influence of the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto, you'll want to be in control of everything. You'll need to get to the bottom of things, even if it ...

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Influenced by the Sun, Mars and Neptune, today you'll have your head in the clouds and your feet definitely not anchored to the ground. Mars will be pushing Gémeaux to act but ...

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With an astral configuration that brings together the Sun, Uranus and Pluto, you are about to experience a day of change, or even revolution. When Uranus, the planet of ...

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Today, like all Lions you'll find the gentle rays of the Moon and Venus bring you a lot of tenderness and kindness, while always generous Jupiter brings you great opportunities ...

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With Jupiter around, Vierges could have an idyllic day, but that's without counting on the Moon and Saturn to put a damper on things. You will have to face multiple and varied ...

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Today, Balances are subject to the influence of Mercury, Venus and Mars. So, there will be exchanges of all kinds on the menu because Mercury promotes communication.The ...

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With the presence of Mercury, Mars and Pluto in the le Scorpion astral sky one thing is certain, today is not a day for relaxing on the sofa. In your love life, if you are in a ...

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With the presence of Mercury, Neptune and Pluto in the le Sagittaire astral sky, you will experience profound and beneficial changes on this September 30. In your love life, ...

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This day dominated by the presence of Venus, Saturn and Uranus will not be the easiest you have this year. When it comes to your heart, things are not particularly rosy, ...

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This September 30, Verseaux are subject to the influence of Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Suffice to say that you are not going to spend a quiet day at home! Things move quickly and ...

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Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto take a real pleasure today in giving you a good shake. Whether it's your beliefs or your habits, watch out. Many Poissons may feel perturbed by this, ...

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