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Your horoscope for October 2023


In view of your astral conjunction, you can expect to feel your motivation return in spades this October. Today, you seem to be at a crossroads. Gripped by the idea of living a ...

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In October, Taureaux will be able to boast a particularly interesting astral conjunction. Crossed by the Sun, Mars and Venus, in the coming weeks your astral sky will be ...

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While it will ultimately prove to be deeply beneficial your personal growth, this October's astral conjunction risks facing you with some difficulties, especially from an ...

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In view of your astral conjunction, it is quite possible that you'll feel the wind of renewal blowing you gently along in October. The meeting of Saturn and Pluto in the le ...

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In view of your astral conjunction, you will undoubtedly be preoccupied by harmony and quiet strength in October. As a le Lion, you obviously have a clear idea of the life you ...

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Centered around the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter, your astral conjunction is remarkable in every respect. In view of the presence of these planets in the le Vierge astral sky it ...

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In view of your astral conjunction, it seems obvious that a major change in your life should begin this October. The meeting of Pluto, Neptune and Saturn indicates that you ...

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This is a very strange astral conjunction! Crossed by Mars, Saturn and Pluto, your astral sky highlights your fierce desire to initiate change and the overflowing energy you'll ...

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Today, you are faced with a very interesting combination of planets, which should be of great help in advancing the projects that are most important to you. Governed by ...

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In view of this particularly harmonious astral conjunction, Capricornes can look forward to the coming weeks with serenity. Crossed by the Sun, Mars and Saturn, your astral sky ...

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The Sun, Neptune and Pluto are the 3 major planets that will impact the daily life of Verseaux in October. Because of the balance it has, this combination has something to make ...

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The association of planets crossing your astral sky will present a beautiful balance in October. They should help you to enjoy serene weeks, during which you will have no ...

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