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Love compatibility of Aquarius with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

When Aquarius and Pisces decide to get together the result is a real lottery. No one can predict whether the relationship will last or not. There is always something a bit equivocal about their love story. Certainly, they can be physically attracted to each other and at the beginning of the relationship may feel they can create an almost mystical connection. They are even likely to think they have found their soul mate.

They share the same imagination, have great ideals for the future and feed on absolute love, but sooner or later their protective bubble collapses and the magic disappears. Their everyday life reminds them of reality and neither has their feet firmly enough on the ground to handle that. Neither Aquarius nor Pisces wishes to take responsibility for their couple, nor to manage anything.

When it comes to their feelings, Pisces is a great romantic who would like to merge body and soul with Aquarius, even at the risk of seeing their own character extinguished. However, Aquarius is not very demonstrative. They also tend to believe the water sign is much too emotional and has a habit of making a mountain out of a molehill.

The major problem between Aquarius and Pisces is that clearly neither sign is ready take the other's needs and expectations into account.


seduction, escape, dreaming


daily life, distance, emotionalism

Communication and emotion between Aquarius and Pisces

When it comes to communication, Aquarius is much more likely to talk than Pisces. The water sign will listen carefully to the air sign, and may even dream when they do, but this exchange won't go very far in the long term. In addition, independent Aquarius likes talking with lots of people, not just with Pisces, and the water sign dislikes this and will be jealous.

When it comes to emotions, Aquarius is light, optimistic, creative and intelligent while Pisces is entirely preoccupied by their dream world most of the time. The air sign needs strong sensations to feel alive while the water sign prefers to live their adventures in their head. The only thing that interests Pisces is emotion while Aquarius does their best to avoid emotions because they make them uncomfortable. It is inconceivable for Aquarius to become too spiritually bound to another because that would encroach on their independence. And this conflicts totally with what Pisces wants, as their primary desire is to have a fusional couple.

Trust between Aquarius and Pisces

Trust can become a thorny subject for Aquarius and Pisces. Initially, they only have eyes for each other but Aquarius' need for independence is often more important to them than the water sign's need for proofs of affection. Unlike Pisces, who has a real need to be shown recognition, tenderness and love, Aquarius is not a great sentimentalist. And they tend not to take Pisces' needs into account.

It almost seems that any relationships, love or friendship, are less important than their own freedom. Faced with this behavior, Pisces may retreat inside themselves or even try to leave the air sign. However, should this happen, Aquarius, for whom communication is an absolute need, will eventually look for attention outside their couple. So neither of these signs will necessarily feel loyal.

Intimacy and sexuality of Aquarius with Pisces

If both Aquarius and Pisces already feel committed to their relationship, their sex lives will be pleasurable and everything should be fine. However, if they are not equally committed to the relationship there will inevitably be a problem. Generally, in this partnership it is the water sign who is more demanding than the air sign. Aquarius may force themselves to play along for a while, but they will never feel what Pisces expects.

In fact, the air sign is emotionally closed to their partner, even when they are making love. Pisces fails to understand this refusal to be emotionally available and dislikes it so much they will try to force Aquarius to give them what they want. Eventually, Aquarius will just feel uncomfortable and will be less and less inclined to get under the sheets, not just to protect themselves psychologically but also to preserve their freedom.

Compatibility in love

An Aquarius man with a Pisces woman: in this partnership, Mr Aquarius is attracted by anything that touches the world of creative ideas and intelligence while Miss Pisces only experiences the world through her feelings and intuition. These two signs will probably not have a passionate relationship, but they know how to be affectionate and support each other in the face of life's problems. They are both dreamers who will experience a lot of differences. Mr Aquarius tends to be very independent and when he's off having intellectual debates with his friends can forget about his partner. He is not very demonstrative, so it's not uncommon for Mr Aquarius to make Miss Pisces suffer without even realizing it.

An Aquarius woman with a Pisces man: in this couple, Mr Pisces is a dreamer who tends to live on a cloud and forget about the realities of everyday life. He relies a lot on Miss Aquarius to compensate for his shortcomings, but she doesn't want to be the sensible one for both of them all the time. She prefers to take care of herself by creating her own space rather than looking after their shared home all on her own. Even if she tries to do it all she will get discouraged pretty quickly. Since neither of them really wants to commit to the relationship, it's likely that they'll quickly become strangers to each other.


Compatibility at work of Aquarius with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Aquarius is reputed to be the most avant-garde sign of the zodiac, they like suggesting new ideas and innovative methods. Since they are usually one-step ahead of their colleagues, people don't always understand what they are suggesting right away, but little by little they end up appreciating Aquarius' new ideas and how useful they can be. Aquarius generally gets along well with water signs because they are naturally fairly open.

Pisces is so emotional that this sometimes has unfortunate consequences for them at work. They can misinterpret things that are said to them and shut themselves away from others as a result. They usually get on well with air signs as they are quite complementary. When Aquarius and Pisces have to work together their partnership is usually positive since they both like working in a team. The air sign brings their creativity and rationality while the water sign brings their bright ideas, intuition and flexibility. These two signs like to explore unknown areas, they need novelty and adventure to flourish at work.

If Pisces is the boss, Aquarius often feels they don't know which way to turn next, but their common sense will help them get out of the impasse and achieve their tasks. If Aquarius is the boss, they can easily lose patience with the water sign's lack of ambition.


creativity, dreaminess, intuition


emotiveness, combativeness, motivation


Compatibility in friendship of Aquarius with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

Aquarius and Pisces are both dreamers, but one likes to adventure in reality while the other is more likely to only travel in their head. A friendship between them can work very well because they are both idealistic. They love putting the world to rights and can talk about it for hours. If they decide to develop a friendship, it's mostly to spice up their own lives and give them a bit of imagination. So when they're together, they always have fun anecdotes to tell each other. In the event that everything goes well and the two are loyal to each other their friendship should be encouraged because it is beneficial to both of them.

On the other hand, a friendship between Aquarius and Pisces can also be contradictory. Aquarius enjoys exchanging views, their common interests and the possibility of constructing a common project thanks to the union of their respective skills. And Pisces needs their friendships to be quite close, so they are always ready to offer help, an attentive ear and unfailing support.

But Aquarius is more selfish than Pisces, they will never sacrifice their own interests for the benefit of their friends. The water sign, however, will sacrifice a lot to prove their friendship. In the long run, Pisces may feel hurt by this one-way commitment and may prefer to end the relationship.


togetherness, dreaminess, adventure


loyalty, selfishness, reciprocity


Compatibility in the family of Aquarius with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Within the family Aquarius and Pisces have a little trouble being on the same wavelength. Aquarius is always keen on their independence while Pisces does everything they can to stay in the warmth of the family cocoon. Even if they are similar in that they are both dreamers, they don't have the same expectations from life at all.

When it comes to marriage, Aquarius is not really bothered about formalizing their relationship. To tell the truth, anything that resembles an officialization, in any way, makes them run away because it implies a restriction of the freedom that is more important to them than anything else. On the other hand, Pisces only has one desire, to drag Aquarius to the courthouse and get them to sign on the dotted line. Even if Aquarius eventually gives in to Pisces, they won't change their nature and will still be more invested in their own projects than in the family. This can lead Pisces to be disappointed and resentful. Which in turn leaves them with a simple choice, either they will have to leave, or they will have to resign themselves to never having the warm home and close and loving partner they want.


daydreaming, gossip, humanism


independence, indifference, disappointment

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