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Love compatibility of Aries with Capricorn

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Aries and Capricorn are a bit like day and night, they are opposites in everything but complementary all the same. The bottom line is that they are able to accept each other's differences. In order for this duo to work as well as possible, compromises are essential. These two signs do not live at the same rate at all. Aries is always super charged, very nervous, ready to go at a moment's notice, while Capricorn is calm, laid back and takes their time.

At first sight you'd say these two signs are not made for each other and won't be able to get along on a daily basis. But Aries realizes that they can always count on reliable and efficient Capricorn. And Capricorn realizes Aries pushes them to be the best they can and reach out towards others more.

The major drawback between them lies in lack of understanding. Aries sees Capricorn as cold, rigid and insensitive, someone they almost have to drag along like a stubborn donkey. And Capricorn perceives Aries as totally immature, nervous, uncontrollable and always changing.

Their couple can work if Aries learns to be less excessive and Capricorn stops being a bore. In this way they can bring each other fantasy and romance as well as wisdom and security.


responsiveness, wisdom, reflection


slowness, sexuality, maturity

Communication and emotion between Aries and Capricorn

Communication is not the best aspect of a relationship between Aries and Capricorn. One is always exhilarated, the other reserved, so if they can't talk about their professional activities, personal goals or sport, they probably won't have much to talk about. In fact, Capricorn is so rigid they consider Aries' opinions are worthless because Aries is too impulsive and reckless. Capricorn is often condescending with fire signs. This will, of course, really annoy Aries who wants respect more than anything else. Who would be happy to have their intelligence and behavior constantly belittled by their partner? So, Aries will have no patience with Capricorn, and will be selfish and heartless.

It's not that this couple doesn't have emotions, it's that they lack mutual understanding. These two signs are mostly far too stubborn to recognize that their differences can be a strength and not an impassable wall.

Trust between Aries and Capricorn

If there is one point on which Aries and Capricorn are able to agree, it is trust. As they are dominated by Mars and Saturn, they are always extreme and won't tolerate any messing about. They demand total fidelity, or they will leave on the spot. It is therefore fairly simple for them to trust each other.

Although they may have many disagreements in their married lives, it would never occur to them to betray each other. In fact, Aries and Capricorn take fidelity for granted. For them, it goes without saying, but they tend to forget that it may arise at any time during a love affair. The fact that they have blind trust in each other is something that they tend to forget, and they should open their eyes to how important it is.

Intimacy and sexuality of Aries with Capricorn

Between Aries and Capricorn, sex can be complicated because of their very different personalities and their different expectations. The fire sign is bold and playful and loves to try new things in the bedroom. On the other hand, the earth sign is much more conservative, and finds it quite difficult to get carried away in their intimate relationships. If these two signs want to flourish together the only solution is patience and lots of talking.

Capricorn can only be ardent when they fully trust their partner. This means that if the fire sign is going to seduce the earth sign, they mustn't neglect the tenderness and foreplay that will give Capricorn the desire to abandon themselves to Aries. This is, therefore, a couple that can take a long time to get on the same wavelength and establish a real physical connection.

Compatibility in love

An Aries man with a Capricorn woman: Mr Aries is a man in a hurry to get on with life and he sometimes rushes Miss Capricorn. Even if the fire sign's dynamism and enthusiasm are attractive to the earth sign, Miss Capricorn won't always be able to keep up with the unbridled pace of Aries and this can cause conflicts. She often criticizes him for putting his personal desires first and for being too excessive. However, they can be a complementary couple if Miss Capricorn learns not to be so cold and authoritarian.

An Aries woman with a Capricorn man: the relationship between these two can be complicated because Miss Aries is whimsical and demonstrative while Mr Capricorn hides his sensitivity behind a mask of indifference in order to protect himself. The effusive emotions of Miss Aries are likely to bother Mr Capricorn as he believes in conforming to social conventions and hates emotional outpourings. If Miss Aries could hold back a little and Mr Capricorn could loosen up a little and be more outgoing, they could solve a lot of their difficulties.


Compatibility at work of Aries with Capricorn

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Although the relationship between Aries and Capricorn in love can be quite tense, at work it is very different. These two signs get on well and have fruitful projects. They both like a job well done, even if they do not have the same methods of achieving their goals. Aries encourages Capricorn's ambitions and Capricorn channels the overflowing energy of the fire sign.

At work, Capricorn is an ambitious perfectionist who expects colleagues to work efficiently, and this fits well with the profile of Aries who is always ready to surpass themselves. 
Both are hard workers who are not afraid of difficulties, which can even motivate them. Capricorn is always thinking about the long term, developing strategies and tactics for success. Aries never lacks creative ideas; they are persistent and always finish their projects.

If Capricorn is the boss, they are likely to leave Aries little room for maneuver and Aries will quickly feel constrained. However, even if Aries' working conditions are not ideal, Capricorn readily recognizes the fire sign's skills. If Aries is the boss, they will ask a lot of Capricorn who will be able to respond to their requests perfectly. Capricorn is a very good team member and extremely professional.


effectiveness, tenacity, motivation


rigidity, demand, independence


Compatibility in friendship of Aries with Capricorn

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Aries is open and cheerful and they like meeting new people, while Capricorn is wary by nature. They have few friends and expect them to be honest and reliable. Aries is particularly comfortable in groups; they like to be the center of attention. Capricorn on the other hand prefers to be one-on-one and hates distractions.

A priori, you'd think Aries would get bored with the slow rhythm of Capricorn whose behavior is too restrained and who is not open minded enough to form a solid friendship. And yet, unexpectedly, these two signs can become firm friends. Under their restrained surface Capricorn admires Aries' extroversion and can even let themselves be carried away by the overflowing enthusiasm of the fire sign. The advantage for Capricorn is that Aries pushes them to take risks, to step outside their strict framework and broaden their horizons.

In the end, one thing that makes them very alike is the tenacity which helps them to achieve their goals. Even if Capricorn appears supine, conservative, and driven by security, nothing stops them in their quest for success. For their part, although Aries takes more risks and gives the impression of defying all prohibitions and being constantly in need of something new, they nevertheless manage to obtain what they want. Their methods are simply different and when they have understood this, they can each admire the other.


complementarity, admiration, tolerance


rigidity, boredom, austerity


Compatibility in the family of Aries with Capricorn

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Aries loves their family but is a free spirit compared to Capricorn. One is very focused on fulfilling their personal needs while the other is entirely devoted to their clan and loves the role of advisor. The character of warm Aries really contrasts with that of Capricorn, who is not really demonstrative, however they make efforts to improve with age. Unlike Aries, who is always ready to blow up and get involved in endless debate to try and impose their vision of things, Capricorn always remains measured and respectful of their elders. Nevertheless, when a situation requires them to step up, they don't hesitate to be firm.

In everyday life, Aries and Capricorn do not run in the same world. The fire sign finds the earth sign too stuffy, while the earth sign thinks the fire is too reckless. In short, disagreements between them are inevitable but this does not prevent them from respecting each other and being courteous during family reunions. Despite everything, things are not so black between Aries and Capricorn that they don’t have a positive side. Aries pushes Capricorn out of their comfort zone and encourages them to change their habits. For their part, Capricorn helps Aries to calm down and live at a less frantic pace.


respect, friendliness, complementarity


rhythm, impulsiveness, inaction

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