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Love compatibility of Aries with Pisces

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Aries and Pisces are naturally conflicting elements. One is dominated by Mars and fire, the other by Neptune and water. People say opposites attract but in the long run this can be a complicated relationship in everyday life. However, mutual understanding may be difficult to achieve but it is not impossible.

Pisces' mysterious universe is likely to confuse the exuberant Aries more than once. Whatever the fire sign does, they can't get control of the water sign and that can drive them crazy.

The Aries who seeks to dominate everything feels completely lost and will need to deploy all their stock of love and patience to keep their relationship on the right track. Pisces is a calm, shy and very reserved being, they find it difficult to engage emotionally and it is often up to Aries to take the first step.

At the beginning of the relationship, conflicts seem inevitable between the willful and authoritarian Aries and the sensitive, gentle and conciliatory Pisces, who seeks to avoid confrontation at all costs. This evasiveness really exasperates Aries because they need to have someone right in front of them and fight. If they want to create a long-lasting story, they'll need lots of discussion and compromise.


mystery, zeal, security


flight, silence, domination

Communication and emotion between Aries and Pisces

In terms of emotion and communication, Aries and Pisces have a hard time opening up to each other. The fire sign doesn't like grey areas, they prefer things to be well-defined, they like strength, protection and passion. In contrast, Pisces lives in an emotional universe filled with dreams whose contours are ill-defined, changeable, gloomy and illusory. Their enthusiasm can be wiped out by the slightest disappointment.

On the other hand, even though these two signs have very different interests, they nevertheless have lots of things to say to each other. Aries tends to be abrupt in their way of expressing themselves, and their spite and excessive ego can offend Pisces' sensibilities. However, Pisces can show Aries how to become a little more forgiving and less cutting. While Aries can encourage Pisces to act and achieve their dreams.

Trust between Aries and Pisces

Aries likes to please and never hides from pleasure. They love turning heads and sometimes flirt openly. Faced with this behavior, Pisces cannot ignore the threat of deception that comes with it. Since the water sign is extremely sensitive, the smallest thing is likely to make the trust they place in Aries plummet. Under these conditions, Pisces will clam up like an oyster and not want to share their feelings. Their lack of confidence in Aries' fidelity may cause them to withdraw even further so as not to feel hurt or betrayed.

For their part, Aries won't want to explain and will tend to think Pisces is a bit of a fake, far too difficult to understand and will never give them an honest answer. They tend to see the water sign as someone ambiguous who doesn't deserve their trust.

Intimacy and sexuality of Aries with Pisces

Aries and Pisces do not really have the same expectations from their sex lives. Pisces prefers tender embraces, romance, fusion and lots of hugs afterwards. Aries enjoys energetic romps and is not much into foreplay. They are both passionate signs in their own way, but they struggle to understand their respective desires. It is very difficult for them to connect to each other and create a link.

Aries is very instinctive, but Pisces is very different. The water sign needs tenderness, caresses and wonder, they seek what is out of the ordinary. Aries on the other hand, prefers straightforward relationships, upfront and to the point, without worrying about their partner's emotional state. Pisces wants to know all about Aries' emotions. All of which, in short, gives rise to a lot of misunderstanding that can become frustrating in the long run.

Compatibility in love

An Aries man with a Pisces woman: life between Miss Pisces and Mr Aries seems complicated. It's difficult for them to find a balance because they operate in two very different worlds. What they have in common is that they both seek a great love, and that can eventually bring them together. However, Mr Aries will find Miss Pisces’ lack of communication difficult. She often locks herself in her dream world and doesn't give Mr Aries a pass key. No matter how much in love he may be, he may end up being discouraged by this wall.

An Aries woman with a Pisces man: it is just as difficult to establish understanding between Miss Aries and Mr Pisces. He is a great dreamer who lives more in his imagination than in reality. He finds it difficult to tolerate the constraints imposed by Miss Aries, who is too dominant for his taste. As a result, he will have a tendency to flee out of a spirit of rebellion. Faced with her repeated failures to fetter Mr Pisces, Miss Aries may get bored. The Pisces man loves the romance of the idea of a tranquil home, but Miss Aries doesn't feel the same way. She loves her freedom too much to lock herself into the role of the model housewife. Numerous conflicts are therefore to be expected between them.


Compatibility at work of Aries with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

It is very difficult for Aries and Pisces to reach an understanding at work, because their sensitivities do not coincide at all. Aries is marked by impulsivity and their manner risks injuring the water sign's susceptibility, leading Pisces to want to sulk in a corner. And if there is one thing that the fire sign cannot bear, it is people who sulk like children!

Pisces is one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac and their emotions also have a big role to play in their professional relationships. One thing is certain, they find it very difficult to adapt to the fire sign's dominant character and they have frequent communication problems. Aries finds it very difficult to work with Pisces because Pisces are too passive and dreamy for their taste. Their exchanges are not simple because it is difficult for them to feel empathy for each other. In short, they are not likely to find a fulfilling partnership at work and disagreements between them are frequent.

If Pisces is the boss, the fire sign will often argue with them and find it difficult to submit to the water sign's authority. 
If Aries is the boss, they will think Pisces needs to be pushed constantly and this will cause a lot of stress to both signs. Suffice to say that the working atmosphere will not be a calm one.


creativity, complementarity, enthusiasm


sensitivity, authority, stress


Compatibility in friendship of Aries with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Neptune governs the sign of Pisces, so they are beings overflowing with ideas and illusions and often have dreams that they never bring to fruition. Pisces are generally gentle and intelligent. They are a very peaceful sign, and you might believe they would be easy to talk to, but it's not always as simple as it looks to approach them. Aries is dominated by Mars, making them always up for a fight, full of enthusiasm, courageous and open. They are very autonomous and pursue their goals actively, never doubting that they must be successful.

Aries and Pisces come from two very different worlds, they are like day and night. Even though the fire sign feels a magnetic attraction to the water sign, they sometimes find it difficult to understand and communicate with them. Friendship between them is possible, but it may not last a lifetime.

If they manage to become friends, Aries will be happy to help Pisces put their abstract ideas into practice. And Pisces will be able to calm Aries' inner anger and impulsiveness. Just their words seem to have a soothing and therapeutic effect on the fire sign. During difficult times, the water sign can be very helpful to Aries, offering them friendly emotional support to help them overcome their difficulties.


support, liveliness, sensitivity


understanding, communication, dialogue


Compatibility in the family of Aries with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Aries is impulsive, and Pisces is guided by their intuition. So, they are not really so different in how they operate. Nevertheless, Aries finds it difficult to put up with Pisces' mood swings, and is easily annoyed by their need for fusion, even though Aries is also a very passionate being. Sometimes the family relationship can be pleasant, but these periods of calm are unfortunately ephemeral.

In a marriage Aries is great at playing the role of protector and Pisces loves to create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere in the home. Of course, not everything is rosy even with this because ever outgoing Aries can get fed up with home-loving Pisces. The fire sign is very creative and constantly looking for new things to do while Pisces is more contemplative. From the point of view of Aries, Pisces is nothing but a sloth! But the truth is that the unknown stresses Pisces so much they prefer to stay in their comfort zone. Unfortunately, all these differences give rise to frequent conflicts, and this often leads to a deterioration in their life together over the long term. The situation can cause resentment that only increase over time because they feel both hurt and misunderstood.


passion, sharing, security


immobility, fusion, misunderstanding

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