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Love compatibility of Cancer with Capricorn

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The first things that strikes about the resemblance between Cancer and Capricorn is their eternal search for security. What can easily push them apart is their difficulty in expressing their emotions.

The relationship between the water sign and the earth sign usually has two distinct phases. At the beginning everything is rosy, like in all love stories, and these two signs complement each other perfectly. Capricorn is charmed by Cancer’s tender and affection nature which brings them the security and sense of belonging that they need. Cancer likes Capricorn’s genuine and sincere emotions.

However, as the relationship develops reality starts to set in. Cancer perceives that Capricorn is rather rigid and quite stubborn and that they don’t react well in testing situations. The earth sign will do their best to offer the water sign the material security and stability they need but thinks Cancer is a little childish.

Although these signs are both somewhat introvert, Cancer does their best to show Capricorn how they feel. Unfortunately, Capricorn’s reaction is often cold and distant. The principal difficulty in this couple is a lack of visible displays of affection, which can rapidly destroy communication between them.


security, stability, commitment


coldness, childishness, changeability

Communication and emotion between Cancer and Capricorn

Communication in the everyday sense of the word is fairly easy between Cancer and Capricorn because they feel very close to each other from the beginning of their relationship. It’s almost as if they have known each other forever and that makes dialogue easier.

Nonetheless emotional communication can sometimes be difficult to establish and they may find themselves on opposite banks of the river. Capricorn is fairly cold and career driven, while Cancer is dedicated to their children to the point of seeming overprotective and tedious. Their expectations are radically different. These two signs can sometimes hold their emotions in but it never lasts long and just a look can make them suddenly rush out like a geyser. However, the priority in their partnership is stability. They will struggle hard to change their personalities but with time will realize it's pointless and they would do better to accept each other as they are rather than wasting their energy.

Trust between Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer trusts their partner blindly because they are fundamentally honest and set a high value on the family. It would never occur to Cancer to lie or hide something from the person they share their life with. Capricorn is much more secretive. They may give the impression that they trust their partner but inside they are full of doubt and ready to reverse if they scent danger.

Strangely, they are happy to be honest and faithful, because that is what Cancer expects, but they will remain suspicious of the water sign until they have proved their love. Once Cancer has done this, Capricorn will relax. This behavior can irritate more than one sign of the Zodiac, who dislike seeing their loyalty questioned and evaluated, but luckily for Capricorn Cancer is easy going and doesn’t even get offended by this.

Intimacy and sexuality of Cancer with Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs on the wheel of the Zodiac but this doesn’t stop them feeling a magnetic attraction for each other. Just putting them in the same room can ignite a mad passion, so from this point of view they are very compatible. Cancer needs time to trust and be able to let themselves go with a partner and Capricorn knows how to be patient.

For their part, the earth sign likes the water sign’s serious nature since they need emotion in the bedroom and not just physical pleasure. If there is one thing Capricorn is not into it’s sex without any emotional involvement or without thought for a long-term future. Capricorn believes sex is a serious matter. What’s more, in this couple, Cancer will do their best to give Capricorn the affection and human warmth that is so important to them.

Compatibility in love

A Cancer man with a Capricorn woman: at the beginning of their relationship Mr Cancer appreciates Miss Capricorn’s willing and genuine character. She in turn likes the water sign’s demonstrations of affection which help her get over some of her permanent dissatisfaction with life. However, as time goes on, their opinions diverge and criticism rears its head. Mr Cancer can find himself being criticized for being too dreamy and a bit of a spendthrift, while Miss Capricorn will find herself told off for her entrenched materialism and cold behavior towards her partner. If the couple wants to stay together, they need to learn to support each other without trying to change each other.

A Cancer woman with a Capricorn man: Miss Cancer and Mr Cparicorn have a mutual attraction reinforced with sincere feelings and understanding. Mr Capricorn can be a little cold and distant but he is, in fact, very shy. Miss Cancer doesn’t always understand this behavior. She really needs security and affection and can easily feel rejected. Mr Capricorn is not known for his emotional outpourings but he will do his best to ensure his sweetheart never lacks anything material.


Compatibility at work of Cancer with Capricorn

In one word
Degree of Affinity

At work, Cancer generally gets on well with earth signs because they have the self-assurance and consistency that Cancer lacks. For their part, Capricorn doesn’t have any particular feelings about water signs; relationships may not be warm but they will be cordial.

Cancer and Capricorn work well together because they are both serious about their jobs. The earth sign admires the water sign’s creativity and meticulousness. Cancer is happy to bow to Capricorn’s natural authority because they appreciate the earth sign’s capacity for work and tenacity. This team can get excellent results so long as there is no competition between the two. Working with the water sign means Capricorn should get a constant stream of new ideas and all they have to do is decide how best to make them work in the concrete world.

Cancer is a dreamy sign who can easily get lost in their thoughts and forget the task they are supposed to be doing. Capricorn can gently bring them back down to earth and remind them of the objectives. Having said that, as in all partnerships, their will be some hiccups and misunderstandings. Cancer sometimes finds it hard to make Capricorn happy, as the earth sign always finds something to disagree with and that obliges Cancer to use a lot of patience and energy to get Capricorn to move on their position. In summary, the water sign and the earth sign can be like cat and dog but they always manage to find a way of making their project successful.


reliability, rigor, creativity


dissatisfaction, dreaming, impatience


Compatibility in friendship of Cancer with Capricorn

In one word
Degree of Affinity

In friendship as in love, Cancer needs to be reassured before they can trust someone and become their friend. It’s somewhat the same for Capricorn. However, the earth sign doesn’t act in quite the same way. They give the impression that they trust the other person and are ready to be friends but in fact this isn’t true. For some time they will be judging every word and act of their “friend” to see if it fulfills their criteria. In other words, a disguised trial period! If the person succeeds in all the challenges and proves loyal they will be admitted to Capricorn’s limited circle of friendship.

So, when it comes to a friendship between Cancer and Capricorn it can be said it will be solid because both signs are very loyal. Both hate betrayal more than anything else and will do their best to avoid it. In this friendship, the water sign’s innately caring and giving nature will reassure the earth sign.

Capricorn can serve as a compass for Cancer. The water sign is very sensitive e and has a tendency to dramatize and make mountains out of molehills. The earth sign helps Cancer to be more rational about things and concentrate on what is truly important to them.


loyalty, trust, constancy


humor, impatience, communication


Compatibility in the family of Cancer with Capricorn

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Within the family as a whole Cancer and Capricorn work fairly well together, even though there will be some failures in communication. They don’t really have the same way of looking at life but they do have some things in common, such as their need for stability, the importance they place on family values, etc. In short, even if they do argue sometimes, they should get on well enough when the family gets together.

When it comes to marriage, Cancer and Capricorn can form a solid union. They are both motivated to create a solid and comfortable home. They divide their roles well. Capricorn is driven by creating stability for and protecting their family while Cancer offers care, love and affection. These two signs really support each other. The water sign shows Capricorn how to be more sensitive and sensual. In return, the earth sign shows Cancer how to be a little more rational, take decisions without hesitating too much and learn to stick to their opinions. In short this is a complementary relationship which should last for a long time.


security, stability, family


sensitivity, pragmatism, hesitation

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