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Love compatibility of Cancer with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

When Cancer and Pisces meet there is almost immediate chemistry between the two water signs, who seem to understand each other without talking. Together they have everything they need to create a happy couple. These two sensitive and romantic signs are on the same wavelength.

And even though both of them are capable of being capricious it’s a combination that should work well in the long term. For this pair, everything to do with feeling and emotion is essential. In general, Cancer and Pisces do their best to protect each other from life’s realities through love and gentleness.

Pisces knows how to reassure the anxious and pernickety Cancer and is paid back when Cancer occupies themselves with the practical details at home as Pisces lives too much in a dream world to be bothered with the everyday.

The only shadow on their relationship is the possessive and overprotective nature of Cancer who is only interested in their homelife and who lives in fear of losing their partner. Pisces will need to spend time reassuring Cancer that being a little more open to the world does not necessarily lead to unfaithfulness.


sensitivity, tenderness, telepathy


possessiveness, overprotection, caprice

Communication and emotion between Cancer and Pisces

Pisces is rarely silent and always has something to say on any subject. Cancer will either love this character trait or detest it. In fact, Cancer dislikes people who talk just for the pleasure of hearing their own voice, without having anything real to add to the conversation. What’s more Pisces can often go off on a real rant that completely misses the point, especially about things that concern everyday life. Cancer likes people who have clear and ordered ideas and those whose words are followed by concrete actions.

When it comes to emotions, Cancer feels things well before Pisces talks about them, this is probably why they understand each other so well without talking. This emotional connection affects every sphere of their relationship, creating something almost symbiotic.

Trust between Cancer and Pisces

Trust can be an area of shifting sand that Cancer and Pisces find hard to navigate. When Cancer is in love they have an almost blind trust in their partner. They look forward to creating a home and formalizing their relationship. However, Pisces sees marriage as the “happy ending” you get in a film that doesn’t necessarily apply in real life. Cancer is much more romantic and considers marriage as the natural result of a successful love relationship.

However, because Cancer trusts their instinct, they don’t insist too much. Pisces hates being pressurized to give any sort of commitment. If they feel pressurized, they have a tendency to lie in order to try and get out of what they consider to be an excessive demand. Cancer will need to be patient and understanding until Pisces comes round to the idea in their own time.

Intimacy and sexuality of Cancer with Pisces

The sex life of Cancer and Pisces is almost perfect. These two signs are both very sensitive and have an unusually keen sense of the erotic, so their sex life is generally very fulfilling. As they have similar emotional needs they are usually physically complementary as well. For Cancer and Pisces sex itself is not more important than the circumstances around it. Foreplay, being in a romantic mood and having a spiritual connection are a must. These two water signs are both imaginative and like to bring variety to the bedroom.

Neither one is dominant because each wants to satisfy the other’s needs and desires. Cancer may be a little more traditionalist than Pisces, who can find it hard to understand why Cancer is so shy and reluctant to get off the beaten path. However, with some dialogue, they usually manage to find something that suits them both.

Compatibility in love

A Cancer man with a Pisces woman: Mr Cancer and Miss Pisces get on so well together you might think they were telepathic. They are both very sensitive and emotional and agree on the major points. Mr Cancer tends to live in a dream world but Miss Pisces is unlikely to complain about this since she often has her own head in the clouds. However, Mr Cancer is a bit of an introvert and that can cause trouble. Miss Pisces considers her partner to be too much of a homebody and would like a bit more life outside the home.

A Cancer woman with a Pisces man: Miss Cancer and Mr Pisces have everything they need to live a happy and affectionate life together. They can communicate without saying a word so don’t need long dialogues to ensure they are happy. Both tend to be dreamers so the realities of everyday life can be problematic, even leading them both to come back to earth with a bump and really notice each other’s defaults. When this happens, the aftereffects can be painful.


Compatibility at work of Cancer with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Generally, Cancer gets on well at work with other water signs. They are all sensitive and generous types, so Cancer knows what’s what and that reassurance enables them to do the best they can. For their part, Pisces usually have good relations with other water signs. Pisces has a tendency to be complacent which means they are not as efficient as they could be. When Cancer and Pisces have to swim in the same tank it has to be admitted they don’t really motivate each other, since neither is a born leader. If they are going to achieve things, they need a good dose of enthusiasm and fight to get things moving.

When they work together Cancer knows how to stimulate Pisces into having good ideas. Pisces counts on Cancer for their serious attitude, loyalty and reliability but doesn’t expect them to take the initiative. If they do run into difficulties, they quickly feel powerless and even hopeless. Wherever possible it’s better for these two not to be joint bosses in a business, but to find a more pragmatic third party to look after things. A creative partnership suits them both much better than management.

If Pisces is the boss, they will both have the same idea of how to work and Cancer won’t have any problem following Pisces’ instructions. If Cancer is the boss, they will appreciate Pisces’ strengths and give them carte blanche to achieve their objectives.


creativity, altruism, sensitivity


reactivity, pragmatism, motivation


Compatibility in friendship of Cancer with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

In friendship as in love, Cancer and Pisces are connected and a single glance is enough for them to understand each other. When the universe puts them on the same path, their friendship is made to last.

Cancer and Pisces’ friendship is founded on deep empathy. They have a real capacity to maintain solid links for an enriching relationship. They rapidly have such a close connection that they won’t hesitate to call in the middle of the night if they need help. Even if it means driving an hour, they’ll do it without hesitating. Most of the time, when Cancer and Pisces become friends they remain friends for life, through marriages and children if need be. They have the same vision of the world and, since they have similar characters, often have the same hobbies and interests in common. As neither of these signs appreciates criticism, they are both careful to treat each other respectfully to avoid any upsets.

Disputes are rare between Cancer and Pisces but if they do happen it is generally Pisces who takes the first step to bury the hatchet. They aren’t as stubborn as Cancer who is liable to sulk for a long time. However, Cancer never doubts Pisces’ sincerity and will be quick to agree to the reconciliation.


empathy, loyalty, support


criticism, sulking, pride


Compatibility in the family of Cancer with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

When it comes to family, Cancer and Pisces are made to get along because they are both intuitive, sensitive and imaginative. Thanks to all these points in common they rapidly find a way of living together. Both these signs are always in search of security and balance so both Cancer and Pisces give family an important place in their lives.

When it comes to marriage, the agreement between Cancer and Pisces is almost ideal because neither has to make much of an effort to understand the other. Their relationship naturally develops in a harmonious way. Neither of them has many friends but those they have are loyal and sincere. Neither of these two signs likes housework much but they do like to live somewhere cozy and comfortable. They love everything that is beautiful or that makes them dream. So, rather than doing the housework they prefer to cuddle on the sofa by the fire. They like to live calmly and peacefully. There is never any question of jealousy because each trusts the other completely and admires them unreservedly. Their relationship is solid and it’s unlikely an external event could separate them, apart, of course, from the death of one of them.


tenderness, dreams, togetherness


lack of attention, confinement, criticism

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