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Love compatibility of Capricorn with Aquarius

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Degree of Affinity

A priori, a rigorous earth sign with a serious sense of responsibility like Capricorn is hardly compatible with a non-conformist and independent air sign like Aquarius. There are an awful lot of differences between these two signs, to the point where it's difficult to find things that will bring them together.

Even though they are attracted to each other and are likely to enjoy the physical side of their relationship, its lifespan seems limited because it will require huge concessions and ongoing compromises to keep it afloat. The question is whether very traditionalist and conservative Capricorn is ready to tolerate Aquarius who never stands still, doesn't do anything like everyone else, defends their freedom tooth and nail and hates possessiveness.

For their part, will the air sign be able to tolerate Capricorn's strict rules, need for stability and safety, and obsession with their work? In short, their inability to take any area of life lightly! Capricorn is very focused on memories and the past while Aquarius lives only for novelty and the future.

They have completely contradictory personalities even though, in an ideal world, they would complement each other perfectly. They may therefore find it very difficult to keep their bond alive and hold onto it for the long term.


intelligence, creativity, compromise


authority, jealousy, freedom

Communication and emotion between Capricorn and Aquarius

Capricorn is known to be an introvert; they only speak when they have something interesting or important to say. They will definitely never be the one to monopolize the conversation at a party, that is certain! And it is, moreover, their air of mystery that will initially attract Aquarius, who is curious to know the inner world of anyone they desire.
The air sign, on the other hand, loves communication and loves surrounding themselves with people and chatter.

Aquarius is a very sociable sign whose joyful openness can even manage to relax rigid Capricorn a little. However, nature being what it is, Capricorn's jealous side will soon rear its head because they feel Aquarius spends too much time around other people for their taste. Capricorn's need for control does not please Aquarius who will not hesitate to assert their right to independence and freedom, violently if necessary. In this case, Capricorn will not be able to keep Aquarius from doing what they want for long, and the air sign will soon get tired of listening to Capricorn's everlasting criticism.

Trust between Capricorn and Aquarius

Capricorn is known to be a model of stability, when they decide to commit to someone, they usually do so with the idea of spending the rest of their life with that person. This sign is therefore not of the type to deviate from their principles and to start flirting with the first person who comes their way.

On the other hand, Aquarius, who has lots of acquaintances and multiple professional relationships as well, seems to have far more opportunities to flirt. The air sign is not a model of constancy, but they are not chronically unfaithful either. But it seems that they sometimes have a little trouble differentiating between friendship and love. Aquarius is known for their romantic friendships, and they tend not to consider the consequences of them, not least that they are not at all to Capricorn's taste. So do they trust each other? It seems that trust is a bit of a one-way street in this couple. This is because Capricorn is fidelity incarnate and Aquarius does not see any problem in being with whoever they want, so long as they don't cross irreparable boundaries.

Intimacy and sexuality of Capricorn with Aquarius

Their sex life is a source of discord for Capricorn and Aquarius because they do not have the same expectations at all, and this can create some frustration within their couple. The air sign hates long foreplay; they want to have fun in bed and are not necessarily looking for a spiritual or deep emotional connection with their partner. However, the earth sign absolutely does not feel like this. They like to take their time before they feel totally confident about their partner and can enjoy an intense experience without rushing.

In short, they do not live at the same pace. If they have the advantage of having built a solid friendship before they become lovers, they can open a dialogue and try to resolve the problem because the two signs already trust each other. On the other hand, if their bond is only based in attraction, this problem may quickly lead them to separate.

Compatibility in love

A Capricorn man with an Aquarius woman: Mr Capricorn appears cold, rigid and unattractive but he hides great sensitivity. Miss Aquarius is lively, cheerful, demonstrative and loves to communicate. These two are a little like day and night. Mr Capricorn is very serious and closed in on himself but does not hesitate to take responsibility while Miss Aquarius, who loves to be surrounded by lots of people and go adventuring, avoids all constraints. One is thrifty and knows the value of money, the other considers that money is not an end in itself but is there to allow you to buy beautiful things. In short, it is a relationship that requires a lot of compromises to last.

A Capricorn woman with an Aquarius man: in this couple, Miss Capricorn is seduced by Mr Aquarius' easy going and imaginative nature, while he is attracted by her seriousness and stability. That said, Miss Capricorn's patience is limited, and she quickly gets annoyed by Mr Aquarius' lack of commitment and avoidance of responsibility. For him freedom and independence are essential. He also loves the unexpected and the unpredictable, so Miss Capricorn's organized lifestyle really is not to his taste. Their life as a couple requires them to make a lot of effort if they are to understand each other and live in peace.


Compatibility at work of Capricorn with Aquarius

In one word
Degree of Affinity

At work, Capricorn is demanding, ambitious and perfectionist. They expect their colleagues to be committed and very efficient. Their relationship with air signs is usually harmonious, as air signs know how to adapt to Capricorn's obsessions.

Aquarius is the most avant-garde sign of the zodiac, they are the mad scientist on the team, the MacGyver of the office! They can always find a new and original solution to a problem. But they also like to impose their vision of things on others because they are certain they know what they are doing, even if their colleagues are not so sure. Their relationships with earth signs can sometimes be difficult because earth signs are too traditional for Aquarius. They find earth signs are sorely lacking in imagination.

That said, when Capricorn has to carry out a project with Aquarius, their partnership can be positive because they have complementary qualities. Capricorn represents the past, tradition, meticulousness and the values of a job well done, and Aquarius incarnates the future, novelty and modernity. Professionally, their skills enrich each other. In this partnership, Aquarius is the creative head and Capricorn puts their ideas into practice. If Aquarius is the boss, Capricorn will be happy to work for such an ingenious and visionary person. If Capricorn is the boss, there will sometimes be misunderstandings, but the earth sign will generally be satisfied with the air sign's adaptability and creativity.


innovation, organization, adaptability


demand, fantasy, rigidity


Compatibility in friendship of Capricorn with Aquarius

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Degree of Affinity

Capricorn are selective and have few true friends. Those who are in their close circle owe their place to unfailing loyalty that has proven itself over the long term. In general, Capricorn is suspicious and does not give their friendship easily, even if they feel affinity with certain people. Their common sense always tells them not to rush and to observe people's behavior before fully trusting them.

For their part, Aquarius is much less reserved. They like reaching out to people but sometimes have a little trouble making themselves understood, as if they were lacking some elementary social etiquette. This can create misunderstandings and they may appear a bit unsubtle. However, they have no barriers about who they will make friends with (appearance, wealth, religion, etc.). They welcome everyone in the same way and without distinction.

If they get along well, their relationship is based on respect for their differences and recognition of their respective qualities. Thus, the air sign can serve as a source of inspiration for Capricorn's professional and personal life. In return, the earth sign is a strong and intelligent friend who can guide Aquarius when they start running around in all directions because they are faced with a difficult situation.


honesty, seriousness, intelligence


moralizing, contradiction, independence


Compatibility in the family of Capricorn with Aquarius

In one word
Degree of Affinity

In the broad sense of the family compatibility between Capricorn and Aquarius is complicated but not impossible. With two such different characters, conflicts will necessarily arise but if each makes the effort to consider the other's point of view with kindness, then they can learn to tolerate each other. When it comes to marriage, if Capricorn and Aquarius do make it to the court house it will be because the strength of their feelings has already been proved over a long period. However, it is not to be expected that marriage will be calm and gentle as no-one can easily change their true nature. If they want to build their future together, they will both have to work on themselves, perhaps for their whole lives through.

If they do persist, they can create something beautiful. In particular, Aquarius can help rather solemn and melancholy Capricorn develop the social openness they sorely lack. For their part, the earth sign can help Aquarius by teaching them self-confidence and solidity, helping them transform into an adult who accepts responsibility. In short, if they are willing to give themselves the means, Capricorn and Aquarius are likely to have a very complementary bond.


respect, loyalty, patience


pessimism, jealousy, freedom

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