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Love compatibility of Capricorn with Pisces

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A lasting union between inflexible Capricorn and slippery Pisces seems somewhat unlikely and yet their many differences can prove to be complementary assets. The earth sign represents a solid support for the unstable water sign. Pisces finds Capricorn as reassuring as a boat on the open sea finds a lighthouse.

The earth sign is always serious and knows how to bring Pisces firmly back to reality when they get too involved in their imaginary world. As surprising as it may seem, flexible Pisces does not rebel against the authority of their Capricorn partner and even makes sure they offer the earth sign the gentleness and sensitivity that they lack.

Suffice to say that these two signs need a lot of patience, benevolence and understanding to make their relationship really work. Make no mistake, Pisces may well feel misunderstood and insulted by Capricorn, who is not known for their tenderness and delicacy. And, on the other hand, the earth sign is likely to get very frustrated by Pisces' lack of organization and their moods which will change with the wind.

Given these elements, the life of a Capricorn and Pisces couple is not likely to be smooth. Finding a point of understanding will require a lot of compromises right from the beginning.


stability, security, softness


authority, hypersensitivity, inconstancy

Communication and emotion between Capricorn and Pisces

Neither Capricorn nor Pisces are great talkers. The earth sign is very introverted and speaks only when necessary. That said, they are able to be less reserved when they need to woo Pisces and get what they want. Pisces is a dreamer, so in essence, they are not great communicators. On the other hand, they find it easy to discern what their partner is feeling. In this relationship, Capricorn is a sort of marker and support for Pisces, who is much more sensitive and emotional than the earth sign. Capricorn is capable of being powerful, determined, ambitious and persevering.

They are fairly pragmatic and only believe in what seems logical and coherent to them. Capricorn's emotions are less developed than Pisces', which is probably why they appear cold at first. Conversely, Pisces makes all their decisions with their heart. They are very sensitive, find it easy to become emotionally dependent and often get confused.

Trust between Capricorn and Pisces

Capricorn is a good earth sign, upright and honest. They never lose sight of the realities of life, but Pisces lives in their dreamworld and easily loses contact with the mundane every day. The water sign is happy go lucky and charming but can easily feel deflated by the earth sign's detachment. This coldness sometimes feels like indifference and can push Pisces to get interested in other people than their partner.

If Capricorn brings the couple stability and solidity, it is Pisces that helps their partnership be more open to the world. Capricorn may be very loyal and faithful, but their lack of imagination can make their couple monotonous. And if Pisces is bored, they are quite capable of doing something stupid, hence the earth sign's latent mistrust.

Intimacy and sexuality of Capricorn with Pisces

In bed, the understanding between Capricorn and Pisces is fragile. Initially, both partners seem satisfied with their sex lives, in part because of their mutual physical attraction but also the excitement of a new relationship. The problem is that as they experience more and more conflicts their desire to snuggle up together is affected. In short, their excitement begins to deflate like a punctured tire. In reality, Capricorn and Pisces don't have the same expectations when it comes to their sex lives.

Pisces would like to be able to fuse body and soul with their partner, creating an almost indestructible spiritual bond with them. However, the earth sign does not feel the same way about sex. Sensuality, gentleness and romance are not really their bag. For them, sex is a physical act meant to bring physical pleasure and nothing more.

Compatibility in love

A Capricorn man with a Pisces woman: Miss Pisces is gentle and dreamy and finds the stability she seeks with Mr Capricorn. He offers her all the material security she needs because he is very prudent and forward looking. What's more, his natural caution helps Miss Pisces avoid a lot of pitfalls. Mr Capricorn appreciates his companion's youthful spirit and imagination as it counterbalances his shyness and very serious nature. However, the balance in this relationship can be precarious because Miss Pisces is very sensitive and easily offended by Mr Capricorn's aloofness. Mr Capricorn's very tidy life is not necessarily suitable for the romantic Miss Pisces in the long term.

A Capricorn woman with a Pisces man: Miss Capricorn is seduced by Mr Pisces' gentleness and sensitivity. She feels a lot of tenderness for him, and she gives him her trust quite easily. In return, Mr Pisces appreciates the stability that his partner brings him. Being a great dreamer, he lives in ignorance of material contingencies and the obligations of everyday life. Fortunately, Miss Capricorn is very different and can compensate for her companion's lacks. However, despite her patience, she also finds it easy to criticize and won't hesitate to tell-off Mr Pisces for his carelessness and habit of just letting life carry him along.


Compatibility at work of Capricorn with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

At work Capricorn is hardworking and ambitious as well as being a perfectionist who doesn't let any detail escape them. They expect their colleagues to be completely honest and extremely efficient. They generally have a good understanding with water signs, but no great camaraderie should be expected. Pisces is a very emotional sign, and this may cause problems with their professional relationships. The slightest word out of place is likely to really upset them and create some resentment of their colleagues or boss. Pisces' good relationship with earth signs is primarily based on the earth signs' efficiency and energy.

If Capricorn and Pisces have to work together on a project the outlook is not really promising, and the partnership may well not function at all. They do not have the same idea of what constitutes a good job and their ways of working are very different, so this inevitably generates conflicts between the two signs. Capricorn is cautious, thinks quickly and acts in a very organized way. Pisces is quite slow and will often be found daydreaming. In addition, this water sign lacks determination and self-confidence. And when you remember how directive and pushy Capricorn is, any partnership between these two is likely to be stormy.

If Pisces is the boss these two signs will find it hard to agree. In fact, the earth sign won't be able to follow Pisces' fuzzy instructions and will have the impression they are lost in a strange world. If Capricorn is the boss, they may be surprised by Pisces' intuition. The earth sign has a hard time pinning down the charming but distant character of the water sign.


organization, efficiency, loyalty


indolence, reverie, criticism


Compatibility in friendship of Capricorn with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

Capricorn doesn't mind being alone and doesn't necessarily seek to have a lot of friends. Usually, they don't like to make the first step and prefer other people to approach them. This sign will observe someone for a long time before deciding to jump in and get to know them. Capricorn is a rather suspicious being and doesn't easily trust new people; they are good at seeming polite while keeping their distance.

They need to spend time in discussion, exchanging points of view and proofs of loyalty before they know who to trust.
Pisces is not very comfortable in society; they are constantly afraid of rejection but also don't try very hard to be accepted. The water sign has a very idealized view of friendship but is much less selective in their relationships than Capricorn. They are just as happy to experience a good camaraderie where they can share their feelings, dreams and desires.

Capricorn and Pisces clearly do not operate in the same universe and have a very different view of existence. This emphasizes their differences and does not foster deep friendship. However, if there is some chemistry between them Capricorn will always be there to help Pisces become more determined and self-confident. And the water sign can help the earth sign learn to externalize their feelings.


trust, respect, loyalty


criticism, authority, illusion


Compatibility in the family of Capricorn with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

At the broader family level, Capricorn and Pisces are likely to get along as well as cats and dogs because they have very different ideas about life in general. Capricorn takes everything seriously while Pisces takes nothing. They are not known for worrying about tomorrow or even about the organization of their daily lives. With the water sign, everything is dreams, lightness and spirituality, so there is no point talking to them about politics or economics!

When it comes to marriage, if these two signs do decide to take the plunge it will definitely be Capricorn who will hold the reins at home. As Pisces doesn't really like responsibility, they will be happy to leave the earth sign in charge of directing operations. Under their rigid surface Capricorn is very sensitive but they just do not show it. They are committed to ensuring that their family is comfortable and secure. However, Pisces is no help to them in this area as they live with perpetual doubt. However, the water sign is fortunate that Capricorn supports all their projects, both personal and professional. In fact, Pisces tends to get discouraged very easily and without the earth sign's support would quickly abandon every project. No one can predict what the future of a Capricorn and Pisces couple will be but one thing is certain, their story will be chaotic and will require a lot of compromise if it is to last.


organization, loyalty, encouragement


rigidity, discouragement, criticism

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