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Love compatibility of Gemini with Capricorn

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At first glance, Gemini and Capricorn should be very complementary. The air sign's liveliness and spontaneity counterbalances the earth sign's excessive maturity and austerity. In this relationship, Gemini would lighten Capricorn's over rigid life while Capricorn would help ground the air sign and stop them from rushing all over the place.

However, this relationship will only work if both of them are willing to tolerate the other’s differences. In fact, it doesn't take much for the elements of their complementarity to become impassable obstacles. What with one thing leading to another, conflicts will become more and more frequent and the lovers can quickly become disillusioned.

Gemini is always cheerful, happy, sparkling and funny. They love to joke, so are often disconcerted by Capricorn's severe and taciturn nature. One does not joke with the earth sign; even if they find Gemini's lightness attractive, they absolutely do not wish to behave in the same way.

Capricorn is also very possessive and faces a major challenge in Gemini's absolute need for freedom. The earth sign finds it very difficult to live with the air sign's flighty ways and way of systematically avoiding all commitment.


seduction, intelligence, stability


communication, freedom, jealousy

Communication and emotion between Gemini and Capricorn

Gemini is a sign that is very focused on communication, willing to talk about almost anything you can think of. However, this does not really impress Capricorn who believes that Gemini only skates the surface of the things they talk about. People who are not prepared to get right to the bottom of their subject are not much appreciated by this earth sign. Obviously, they can have interesting discussions but Gemini will have to be particularly captivating if Capricorn is not to lose interest after five minutes.

When it comes to emotions, Gemini is not one to express them freely and Capricorn even less so. With Mercury and Saturn as their dominant planets, these two signs are in total control of their feelings and they have a lot of difficulty letting go. As a result, it's difficult to create an emotional connection between the air sign and the earth sign. You could even say there will always be a certain and inevitable emotional distance between them.

Trust between Gemini and Capricorn

In this relationship, there is little point Gemini telling lies to Capricorn because the earth sign has an internal lie detector. So there is absolutely no point in embroidering the truth, Capricorn will notice it immediately! For Capricorn, there is no such thing as a little white lie, either Gemini is honest, or they are not. The earth sign has no conception of half measures and given their possessive character, it's better if Gemini doesn't stray if they want the relationship with Capricorn to last.

For their part, the air sign never doubts the earth sign's loyalty. In fact, Capricorn is so predictable, honest and upright that it wouldn't even occur to them to think of cheating on their partner. And should the situation ever occur, Capricorn is a much better liar than Gemini will ever be.

Intimacy and sexuality of Gemini with Capricorn

Gemini and Capricorn represent two totally opposite philosophies and this is clearly felt in their intimate life. For Capricorn, there's no need for lots of talk before getting under the covers and sex certainly doesn't need to be analyzed. Gemini sees this as a good time to educate their partner and suggest lots of different things to try, patiently explained in detail! In short, there is a better way to create an atmosphere they both find sensual.

Gemini tends to find Capricorn too turned-in on themselves, too conventional and not very creative. Capricorn, on the other hand, sees Gemini as a noisy child who is completely unmanageable and prevents Capricorn from relaxing. And what disturbs the earth sign even more is the superficiality of Gemini's feelings. Capricorn thinks the air sign is incapable of being part of a stable relationship and is annoyed Gemini won't fully commit.

Compatibility in love

A Gemini man with a Capricorn woman: this is a complementary relationship as Miss Capricorn offers stability to Mr Gemini who never really grows up, and the air sign will add a little lightness to the earth sign's life, which can be far too regimented. However, not everything will be rosy between them because Miss Capricorn hates change, while Mr Gemini lives for adventure and novelty. If you add the air sign's tendency to flirt and the earth sign's famous jealousy, things can quickly turn sour between the two.

A Gemini woman with a Capricorn man: this is a very well-matched couple, provided that Miss Gemini can keep away from temptation. Indeed, her irrepressible need to please and flirt with all the men around her drives Mr Capricorn crazy. Despite their intellectual understanding and complementarity, disputes are to be expected because Mr Capricorn does not know how to curb his jealousy. As much as he appreciates Miss Gemini's liveliness and drive, he also hates feeling unstable because of her fickle behavior.


Compatibility at work of Gemini with Capricorn

In one word
Degree of Affinity

At work a partnership between Gemini and an earth sign is usually favorable. Capricorn will bring Gemini the rationality they need in order to carry out their projects successfully. In point of fact, Gemini prefers to have carte blanche in whatever they do but understands that if they are not supported by someone more meticulous, they won't get very far in their profession. Capricorn is always a perfectionist and very ambitious and can usually have a good working relationship with Gemini provided the air sign knows how to adapt to their requirements.

In this partnership, Gemini brings a lively spirit, creativity and versatility and Capricon adds the strength of their stability, discipline and sense of responsibility. They can therefore succeed in working together if both can exhibit a little tolerance. Gemini is often annoyed by Capricorn's rigid and gloomy character, while Capricorn finds Gemini's impertinence and lack of organization very frustrating. Having a good working relationship depends on a fair division of the tasks to be done. The ideal is to let Gemini take care of the creative side and Capricorn manage the organizational side without which the air sign's ideas will never succeed.

If Capricorn is the boss, Gemini risks feeling overwhelmed by the earth sign's expectations. The air sign will be expected to work at a pace that doesn't suit them and there is a strong chance they will want to leave the partnership sooner or later. If Gemini is the boss, they will lean heavily on Capricorn and delegate any task they don't want to do to the earth sign.


creativity, organization, compromise


rigidity, communication, disorganization


Compatibility in friendship of Gemini with Capricorn

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Degree of Affinity

A long-term friendship between Gemini and Capricorn is difficult to envisage as they have opposite characters. These two signs both like to gauge themselves against others and are very judgmental, so finally don't have much to say to each other. The air sign loves having long conversations but this tends to annoy the earth sign who only speaks when they have something to say. In fact, Capricorn hates constant chatter, futile gossip, inconsistency, exaggeration and excess. In short, Gemini's thoughtlessness and childishness is anathema to them.

For their part, Gemini thinks Capricorn is utterly boring, far too serious and incapable of really enjoying life. Gemini thinks Capricorn has no idea how to have fun and sees the earth sign as someone who is old before their time. The air sign really sees no point to rules and obligations and enjoys teasing the Capricorn about their boring life. If by any extraordinary chance these two do feel friendship, they should not meet too often nor for too long.

For their relationship to work, neither should try to impose their view of life on the other. Ideally, they should see each other on neutral ground to have a cup of coffee or go jogging together. In short, tiny doses of contact are best if they don't want to find themselves fighting all the time.


tolerance, respect, sport


inconsistency, rigidity, communication


Compatibility in the family of Gemini with Capricorn

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Degree of Affinity

It is very difficult for Gemini and Capricorn to live together in the family because they live in two totally different worlds. They'll find it hard to understand each other because Gemini is talkative, frivolous and uncontrollable, while Capricorn talks little, has a very rigid character and is unable to enjoy life without putting enormous pressure on themselves. So they have a hard time communicating and will experience a lot of disappointment, frustration, conflict and misunderstanding. The air sign overcomes these difficulties a little more easily than the Capricorn and it should be noted that the earth sign really knows how to hold a grudge. If Gemini criticizes Capricorn, you may be sure the earth sign will never forget and will bring the subject up at the most unexpected moments, sometimes even years later.

As for marriage, their aspirations are so conflicting that they make the life of a couple almost unbearable. Driven by the need to get along together in a marriage, the two signs can find themselves constantly picking at each other in a pointless attempt to force change on their partner. After expending a huge amount of energy, these two signs usually end up throwing in the towel because their characters are too different to find common ground where both can flourish.


responsibility, stability, emulation


resentment, criticism, versatility

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