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Love compatibility of Gemini with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

There may well be physical attraction between Gemini and Pisces but it will quickly give way to misunderstanding, frustration and verbal assaults. The air sign and the water sign work in ways that are far too different for a relationship to last in the long term.

Hypersensitive Pisces lives in a world of fantasy and emotion that destabilizes Gemini. For their part, the air sign constantly chatters and tends to be bitingly critical, and can hurt the water sign, sometimes without even realizing it.

In a couple, disagreements can serve as a stimulus but in this case, they make both signs feel very unstable. Gemini and Pisces need solid foundations to help them grow in their relationship and unfortunately neither is able to offer the other the stability they need.

They are both changeable and lack practical sense, so everyday life is likely to look like a real battlefield where no one wants to clear up. When they are faced with problems, they will both tend to avoid them rather than try to solve them. Suffice to say that a long-term relationship between Gemini and Pisces has very limited chances of survival.


charm, intelligence, humor


freedom, fidelity, inconsistency

Communication and emotion between Gemini and Pisces

Communication is rarely easy between Gemini and Pisces, except when they are exchanging banalities and laughing at things that are not very serious. Sometimes they have a good time together, but it is not to be hoped that they will forge real bonds of trust. In fact, they are often distracted when listening to each other, laugh at their jokes without knowing why and can miss the most important part of the conversation. They do not give themselves a real opportunity to get to know each other.

When it comes to emotions, they are total opposites. Gemini is one of the most logical signs of the zodiac while Pisces is very romantic and in tune with the world of feelings. Reason and feelings never go very well together. So their relationship is often one-way with the water sign sighing for the love of the air sign. The fact remains that Gemini is totally indifferent to Pisces' need for unconditional love.

Trust between Gemini and Pisces

Trust between Gemini and Pisces is a delicate subject. Pisces is a dreamer whose dreams mostly involve finding eternal love. However, Gemini is well-known for their irrepressible need for freedom. The air sign often tends to enjoy one-night stands rather than getting involved in an exclusive relationship. Their emotional instability and refusal to commit are opposed to Pisces' need for emotional security.

In short, they are living in totally different worlds and each wonders how it's possible for them to trust the other. If they try to lie to each other, it's unlikely to improve things because Gemini is far too smart to let themselves be fooled by Pisces. And the water sign has such intuition they can easily tell if the air sign is telling lies.

Intimacy and sexuality of Gemini with Pisces

Gemini and Pisces have very different expectations of their sex lives. The water sign expects this activity to strengthen their emotional bond with their partner while all the air sign wants is to ensure they don't get bored. For them, sex should always be playful, inventive and fun but Pisces does not see things that way at all. For Pisces intimacy is used to create a very strong emotional bond, love with a capital L.

Given how inconstant Gemini is, it's clear they are complete opposites. For the air sign, Pisces lacks allure and energy and takes themselves far too seriously. In short, Gemini does not want to weave a bond that imprisons them, while Pisces seeks the soul mate of their dreams, but that, alas, is very far from anything the air sign represents.

Compatibility in love

A Gemini man with a Pisces woman: a lot of things separate Mr Gemini and Miss Pisces since they do not have the same expectations of their relationship right from the start. Mr Gemini is looking for excitement and the thrill of conquest, while Miss Pisces is romantic and desperately looking for her prince charming. The air sign is not an answer to that dream since he has no intention of committing to a relationship that will lock him into the routine he hates. Disappointment and frustration are therefore on the agenda for this couple who find it very difficult to find a way of living together.

A Gemini woman with a Pisces man: tensions are to be expected because the characters of Miss Gemini and Mr Pisces are very different. Miss Gemini refuses to give up her independence and will flirt right in front of Mr Pisces. He cannot tolerate this sort of behavior which he sees as really rude. They do not have the same values at all and they will annoy each other in more ways than one. Moreover, Mr Pisces' dreamy character doesn't help give Miss Gemini the stability she needs to keep her on the right path. Their relationship is therefore compromised from the very beginning.


Compatibility at work of Gemini with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

On one side you have independent Gemini, who wants to be left alone to carry out their projects as they feel best and who really dislikes having to take their colleagues moods into account. On the other you have Pisces, once of the most emotional signs of the zodiac for whom the least conflict will disturb their working relationship with their colleagues. The combination of these two signs is problematic because they really don't have the same way of expressing themselves. Concerns over communication between them can lead to conflicts that will turn them into sworn enemies.

When Gemini and Pisces work together, the results are not very good. The air sign has lots of good ideas but is absolutely not to be relied on to put them into practice. And Pisces lives in a dream world so shouldn't be asked to lead or to plan how tasks need to be executed. The water sign waits patiently for instructions and carries them out very slowly because they are often distracted by their inner world. In short, this partnership is definitely not designed to be effective or achieve the objectives they are set.

If Pisces is the boss, Gemini will find they are left to get on with things as they want. If Gemini is the boss there may be conflict because the air sign is unlikely to have the key to motivating Pisces diplomatically.


creativity, freedom, imagination


emotionality, communication, disorganization


Compatibility in friendship of Gemini with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

Friendship between a Gemini and a Pisces is really unlikely. In this pair, Pisces is far too sensitive for Gemini and Gemini is too inconsistent for Pisces. The water sign does not understand why the air sign always needs to be moving and why they can't talk about their emotions. Thus, Pisces believes that Gemini is much too cold. For their part, the air sign does not understand why Pisces needs to express so much emotion as Gemini actively avoids all strong emotions. It's clear that there's very little chemistry between the two.

At the beginning of a friendship, they may find each other interesting, but over time, once the novelty fades, disappointment replaces it. Gemini will quickly get bored with Pisces who is too upright, delicate and ordinary for their liking. The water sign may take longer to understand Gemini's nature but once they do will find the air sign superficial and elusive.

Pisces needs friends who are honest and reliable and don't have secrets. But Gemini not only tends to lie with disconcerting ease if they want to get out of a situation or obligation, but are very inconsistent. Their moods and desires change with the winds; Gemini is like a weathervane whose direction Pisces cannot predict.


respect, esteem, tolerance


changeability, mistrust, disappointment


Compatibility in the family of Gemini with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

A good relationship between a Gemini and a Pisces living under the same roof is not obvious but one thing that they do have in common is their frequent mood swings. Communication between these two signs is not easy and can result in a lot of misunderstandings.

As for marriage, there’s no point pretending, only Pisces could dream of getting Gemini to the church. When Pisces is in love, they commit quickly but they forget that Gemini is a free spirit who hates being tied down. Anything serious will scare Gemini away and marriage just looks like an excuse to cut off their wings! They are not into compromise or sacrifice. All that interests Gemini is a good social life, getting out of the house, seduction and chatter. Conversely, Pisces is centered on themselves, their feelings and great existential questions. With one being very sensitive and one very superficial Pisces and Gemini are really not on the same wavelength. If they want their relationship to work in the long term, Gemini will have to learn that life cannot always be exciting and Pisces will have to give Gemini the freedom they need. In short, not immediately obvious!


mood, compromise, freedom


emotions, distance, superficiality

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