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Love compatibility of Leo with Aquarius

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Leo and Aquarius have a radically different vision of life and yet their differences draw them towards each other instead of pushing them away. They therefore make a fairly complementary couple, even if they do experience some conflicts.

These two Fixed signs are stubborn to say the least. They hate to admit that their partner could be right and allow themselves to be influenced by someone else. In love, Leo needs to feel really admired and loved and to have a total emotional connection with the person who shares their life. Aquarius doesn't understand this idea of fusion at all.

For an air sign, they keep their feet firmly on the ground and prefer to keep their distance from the fire sign so they are not devoured by the heat. Like any good air sign, Aquarius values their freedom and fears that Leo will stifle their desire for independence.

However, if they manage to make compromises, it is a couple that can stand the test of time because it is based above all on respect for each other. If Leo can accept that Aquarius retains their independence and Aquarius remembers to keep giving Leo all the compliments they need, they will be happy and everything should work for the best.


respect, independence, admiration


power, domination, distance

Communication and emotion between Leo and Aquarius

If Leo and Aquarius can get over their conflicting egos, they can have excellent communication and together will overcome any obstacles that come their way. The fire sign possesses an intrinsic power for which it has never had to fight unlike Aquarius which has acquired their inner solidity by force of fighting to maintain their independence. In this partnership, Leo can help clarify Aquarius' confused thoughts, while the air sign can push the fire sign to make much needed changes that they have avoided.

When it comes to emotions, Leo is quite extrovert. When they love, they cry it from the rooftops and it's impossible for others not to notice it. On the other hand, Aquarius finds it much more difficult to express how they feel. Leo is a great help in this regard because they are able to melt even the most frozen hearts like snow in the sun. With the fire sign, Aquarius will feel safe enough to finally reveal their true emotions.

Trust between Leo and Aquarius

Apparently, Leo and Aquarius find it relatively easy to trust each other because they share a certain understanding and are tolerant. However, they do not tell each other everything and will never confess the suspicions and uncertainties that may plague them. They often have a confused impression of not knowing who their partner really is. This may be due to Leo, who always needs to be admired and shine in company, which creates plenty of opportunities for infidelity that they could make the most of if they wanted.

Equally, Aquarius’ irrepressible desire for independence can make the fire sign jealous and doubtful. Leo is a possessive being, prone to jumping to conclusions at the slightest sign of unusual behavior in their partner. There is therefore a latent distrust that neither of them dares to speak openly about.

Intimacy and sexuality of Leo with Aquarius

It is well known that opposites attract and between Leo and Aquarius, there is a strong physical attraction. The relationship in this couple is like a permanent game of chess in that Leo (the king) does everything to preserve their power and domination while Aquarius, who could be compared to the knight, moves cleverly to escape the traps in order to checkmate the king. Suffice to say that the game is very tense because neither wants the other to win!

In short, their sex lives resemble a kind of sensual battle in which each partner struggles to dominate the other and retain their power. In any case, their relationship will be passionate and warm which can be a good enough base to try new experiences together, so long as each continues to respect the other.

Compatibility in love

A Leo man with an Aquarius woman: these two may be blatantly different but they can't help but be attracted to each other. Mr Leo wants to impose his views on the relationship but Miss Aquarius has other opinions. She does not tolerate people who always want to be right and won't hesitate to call Leo selfish. Miss Aquarius hates being constrained and hates Leo's assumption of authority even more. However, she admires his great generosity and likes to be with him because he is very stable. If Mr. Leo does not try to curtail Miss Aquarius' freedom this couple could be long lasting.

A Leo woman with an Aquarius man: in this couple, Miss Leo wants to be in charge of everything and Mr Aquarius has a horror of obligations. He attaches great importance to his freedom and if Miss Leo wants their relationship to continue, she will need to respect this. When it comes to feelings, Mr Aquarius, in contrast to the exuberant and passionate Miss Leo, is rather reserved. Nevertheless, she is proud to be associated with a man who is a professional and social success. The problem can be Aquarius' friends. Miss Leo can feel jealous of them, especially since the air sign sometimes has difficulty distinguishing friendship from love.


Compatibility at work of Leo with Aquarius

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Degree of Affinity

At work, Leo likes to shine and likes their work to be noticed. The most important thing for them is to get recognition from their peers while they climb the ladder. When Leo has to work with air signs things generally go well because air signs are good at adapting. Nevertheless, with Aquarius, relations can sometimes turn out stormy because they have quite opposite characters. Aquarius is known for their avant-garde side. They are the most original sign in the zodiac and love new ideas and innovative ways of doing things. When they have to work with the fire sign it won't become conflictual if Aquarius can make the effort to take advantage of their dark side.

So a working partnership between Leo and Aquarius can be constructive if Leo is skillful enough to support Aquarius and show the air sign the rigor it often lacks. When it comes down to it, Leo is a very career oriented being who usually occupies the higher spheres of management and isn't really interested in Aquarius' creative ideas. So, the fire sign will sometimes treat the air sign with some disdain.

If Aquarius is the boss, Leo will usually feel comfortable as the air sign leaves them free to act as best suits them, so long as they respect Aquarius' power. If Leo is the boss relationships will be more complicated because the air sign is not easily manipulated by the fire sign. Aquarius categorically refuses to be ruled by Leo's iron fist, so there will be many disagreements.


respect, obedience, discipline


power, domination, independence


Compatibility in friendship of Leo with Aquarius

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Degree of Affinity

A real solid understanding between Leo and Aquarius is rare enough to be noted in the history books. Most of the time, Leo is annoyed by Aquarius' elusive side. They find the air sign spends too much time with their head in the clouds and definitely does not pay enough attention to the fire sign. As Leo needs to be constantly admired and complimented, they are frustrated and helpless in the face of Aquarius' indifference and refusal to comply.

As for Aquarius, they just don't understand why Leo has no interest in the great philosophical questions and why the fate of humanity is something they are completely uninterested in. In fact, Leo's self-absorption and materialism annoy Aquarius more than anything else. The only thing likely to bring them together would be their inclination to have great adventures, whether in love or in sport. But the major problem in this friendship always lies with Leo's egocentricity. How long can an Aquarius last in the role of Leo's obedient servant?

When these two signs manage to reconcile their differences, their friendship can bring them some satisfaction. Leo can add light, passion and a little sparkle into Aquarius' everyday life. And the air sign can open new horizons to the fire sign, who may find themselves bewitched by things they have never considered before.


adventure, passion, discovery


indifference, domination, superficiality


Compatibility in the family of Leo with Aquarius

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Within a family Leo and Aquarius can manage to get along because even with their opposite characters, they are very attracted to each other. Of course, they have different ways of communicating and of looking at life, but that doesn't stop them from having a good time together. In fact, even if they do not always realize it, they bring each other what they lack.

When it comes to marriage, the atmosphere is more fragile. Compared to Leo, Aquarius is an unpredictable being who needs novelty to make them feel alive. Marriage feels like far too much commitment for them and in addition, they like to have as much variety as possible in their daily life. The control Leo likes to exercise makes Aquarius angry and fuels their irrepressible desire for rebellion. For their part, Leo's place in society is very important to them and they will do everything they can to improve it, as well as to climb the ladder at work. If Aquarius loses interest in this and doesn't encourage them, the fire sign will become very frustrated. The things left unsaid between them represent a real poison which they need to work on. In short, as I'm sure you can see, Leo and Aquarius really need to learn the art of compromise if they want their relationship to last.


sharing, communication, novelty


control, jealousy, lack of interest

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