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Love compatibility of Leo with Capricorn

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Leo and Capricorn are very different and it can be difficult for them to have a successful relationship. However, despite everything that separates them, they also have similar objectives.

At the beginning of their relationship, it's more than possible there will be a lot of misunderstanding, but if they persevere, they usually end up realizing that they complement each other fairly well. Capricorn is reserved, patient and quite conservative, while Leo is charismatic, full of vitality and loves being noticed in public.

Even though they behave in different ways, they are both very picky and driven by ambition; they have high hopes and know exactly what they are looking for. Both want a partner who knows how to stand out and assert themselves.

If both can make the necessary compromises, particularly in terms of their relationship with authority, this relationship can be long lasting because it is based on mutual esteem. Each brings the other something they lack in this partnership. So, Leo's radiant passionate side helps defrost Capricorn's coldness, while the earth sign's constancy and common sense moderate the fire sign's ardor.


complementarity, respect, ambition


egocentrism, domination, power

Communication and emotion between Leo and Capricorn

Communication between Leo and Capricorn isn't always easy as they can spend a lot of time trying to figure out if the fire sign's priorities are more important than the earth sign's. In short, they lose valuable time in trying to justify themselves to each other. Yet, when they are willing to put an effort into it, Leo can bring out a very positive side in Capricorn, while the earth sign can give the fire sign all the genuine proofs of affection that they so desperately need.
However, any emotional connection between these two can be very complicated because, without meaning to, Capricorn has a tendency to cool Leo's ardor. When the fire sign can't express their feelings openly, they tend to get depressed.

Capricorn, however, needs a tremendous amount of time before they feel capable of revealing what they really feel for Leo. Capricorn is very passionate but rarely shows it and Leo doesn't always have the patience to wait for the earth sign to manifest their emotions.

Trust between Leo and Capricorn

Leo may be a radiant and charismatic being who does everything to attract the crowd, but the fact remains that infidelity is not their cup of tea and they hate lies. Ruled by Saturn for their part, Capricorn is an honest and upright being with principles that would not allow them to go see whether the grass is greener elsewhere at the least provocation.

Moreover, the way the earth sign acts discourages Leo from even thinking they are capable of cheating. Not to mention that the fire sign also knows how to bring Capricorn's hidden nature into the light. In short, neither can hide anything very long because their internal lie detectors work very well. And, in fact, they usually trust each other because ultimately, they have no reason not to.

Intimacy and sexuality of Leo with Capricorn

Generally speaking, it cannot be said that Leo is particularly physically attracted to Capricorn, but the earth sign is easily seduced by the fire sign. Although they both enjoy playing games of seduction, they don't approach things in the same way. This is partly due to their intrinsic characters, but also to the fact that they have difficulty imagining a future together. Leo is warm, passionate and radiant while Capricorn is composed, pragmatic and impassive.

Their sex life can be challenged by low self-esteem. In fact, Capricon sees Leo as too wanton for their taste, and the earth sign is too uptight and distant to make the fire sign long to be with them. Neither feels they can live up to the expectations of the other and this wounds their self-esteem.

Compatibility in love

A Leo man with a Capricorn woman: in this couple Mr Leo will probably have a hard time as Miss Capricorn is not the type to just do what she is told without saying a word. Mr Leo is used to being the leader but Miss Capricorn responds to this behavior with an utter indifference that completely disarms him. Mr Leo is just not used to being resisted, but Miss Capricorn is not looking for an arrogant and proud partner. The only thing that attracts her to Mr Leo is the protection and affection he can give her. In this partnership, if Mr Leo wants to tame Miss Capricorn, he will have to be diplomatic and understanding or she will run away as fast as she can!

A Leo woman with a Capricorn man: this is a union of opposites but their relationship can go far if they know how to combine their differences and turn them into strengths. Mr Capricorn is introverted; although he rarely shows emotion this is because he is very shy and has a lot of trouble with displays of affection. Conversely, Miss Leo is a ball of passionate energy and demands almost total submission from Mr Capricorn. However, he does not like to be manipulated. What unites them above all is their common ambition and their thirst for professional success.


Compatibility at work of Leo with Capricorn

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Degree of Affinity

At work as everywhere else, Leo likes to be the leader and enjoys working with reactive colleagues. They love having their skills recognized and are pleased when they can demonstrate they are the best in their field. When Leo has to work with earth signs, they are usually quite complementary and even if they find Capricorn too perfectionist, things generally go well.

Although they don't shout it from the rooftops, Capricorn is very ambitious and meticulous about their work. Therefore, they expect their colleagues to be that way too. It might as well be said immediately that they will not let any detail pass them by. When they work with fire signs the association is usually good because they have the attitude Capricorn is looking for. And, in fact, Capricorn is always ready to do the best they can to carry out their projects.

Although Leo and Capricorn are very different, they still manage to form a good team. There's no denying that they're two hard-working, dependable, and high-achieving signs who don't count the hours or energy expended to achieve their goals. Obviously, with two such career-minded personalities, conflicts are not excluded. They will therefore have to agree to compromise if they are going to find an agreement. If Capricorn is the boss, Leo needs to keep on the straight and narrow because the earth sign will keep a close eye on them and won't tolerate the fire sign muscling in on their territory. The moral of this tale is that Leo will need to keep their ambitions to themselves. If Leo is the boss, they know Capricorn is reliable and trustworthy so won't hesitate to give them responsibility.


efficiency, organization, perfectionism


competition, authority, pushiness


Compatibility in friendship of Leo with Capricorn

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Degree of Affinity

In friendship, Leo favors relationships based on complete loyalty, they cannot stand either betrayal or pettiness. They need to be surrounded by positive and moral people who want to grow and improve, and who respect others. In short, for Leo friendship is above all a disinterested emotional bond, always respectful and based on total trust. They may attract a lot of people but they know how to distinguish sincere friendship from opportunism!

Capricorn is more introverted, has trouble making friends and prefers to let people come to them. The earth sign is quite suspicious and does not grant friendship until they have known someone for a long time. In addition, they are capable of setting "friends" tests to find out how loyal and committed they really are. In short, for Capricorn, friendship grows with time.

If Leo and Capricorn decide to become friends, their relationship will probably not be very simple. In fact, they aren't really on the same wavelength and aren't really interested in the same things. The one needs to meet new people and enjoys parties and glitter, while the other likes a calm life, private and quiet. However, if there is one thing that can bring them together, it is their sense of loyalty.


fidelity, sincerity, respect


ego, mistrust, introversion


Compatibility in the family of Leo with Capricorn

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Degree of Affinity

On the family side, a relationship between Leo and Capricorn doesn't flow easily. There are frequent misunderstandings between the earth sign and the fire sign. Leo doesn't understand why Capricorn is so preoccupied with their memories and the past and why they refuse to change any of their outdated principles. Even though they have values that are important to them, Leo needs to grow and change and feels that Capricorn just slows them down. During family reunions, it's a bit like inviting day and night to the same table. Fortunately, at least they know how to put their differences to one side to get along during a meal.

When it comes to marriage, the atmosphere can be stormy because both Leo and Capricorn want to manage their couple and maintain their independence at the same time. Friction over budget issues is also possible because one of them is a bit of a spendthrift while the other only likes to spend for a reason and to benefit the family. When they manage to get along perfectly, it is probably not due to a strong spiritual or emotional connection but rather to their common interests and material benefit. What matters most to them is that they give the appearance of a happy family, even if it's not really true.


principles, loyalty, values


budget, power, independence

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