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Love compatibility of Leo with Leo

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There is no doubt that when two Leos meet, they can only succumb to the charm they both feel. These two fire signs quickly experience great passion because each seems to represent the other's ideal. That said, it can be a bit like looking at your twin in a mirror, fascinating at first but very annoying in the long run.

Both like to be admired in public, shining at social functions. Leos love having fun together and everything is always taken lightly. However, once the relationship settles down with time their true Leo characters can explode into the open.

Between these two fire signs life is a permanent quest for power and their egos can ignite for the slightest reason. Leos are extremely sensitive and react to the least stimulus; they don't let anything slip by them and are unable to relax and make things easy for themselves.

It's quite possible for two Leos to love each other with a passion and still argue constantly. All of this suggests that their relationship will not be long lasting. If they do want something more long-term, they will both have to make a lot of compromises and learn to mute the claims of their overweening egos. Is this something a pair of Leos is really able to do? That is the question.


admiration, elegance, worldliness


power, domination, excess

Communication and emotion between Leo and Leo

Two Leos are perfectly capable of understanding each other and communicating with a language that belongs only to them. In fact, everything will go swimmingly until one of them decides they are right about something and insists on imposing their point of view on the other. When they collide, neither will be willing to give an inch because both will have great arguments backing up their position. So even though the conflict may be over something small it is likely to last for a long time.

Leos also have a tendency to be stubborn when it comes to emotions. Although they are energetic, passionate and full of warmth, they are also sensitive beings who find their emotions hard to deal with. They constantly hesitate between living their emotions to the full and keeping things in so they are not overwhelmed by their feelings. That's probably why when two Leos form a love bond, their relationship can look more like a battlefield than a gentle cruise.

Trust between Leo and Leo

The good thing for a union between two Leos is that they never doubt they can trust their partner. They both have an open nature, like to shine in company and feel admired but they aren't particularly attracted by extramarital adventures. These signs like give the appearance of being great seducers but in fact are honest right to the tips of their tails. And in any case, should one of them decide to be unfaithful it would quickly be revealed because they do not know how to lie.

Plus, they are both far more interested in proving they are right about anything and everything than in worrying about their partner's faithfulness. So in general everything should go well when two Leos are together, so long as neither starts navel-gazing and bragging about their own merits. If their ego becomes too important, mutual trust flies away. And once that happens watch out for conflicts and wounding words.

Intimacy and sexuality of Leo with Leo

Leos are skillful, passionate and tireless lovers; they are not bothered about long foreplay and prefer to throw themselves quickly into the heat of the action. The most problematic point for these two is undoubtedly that they both desire to dominate in every situation, including in bed! If they want to have a satisfying sex life, they will have to learn to share power, and moderate their impulse to tell their partner what to do so they can both enjoy their time under the sheets without turning it into a battlefield.

In fact, if these Leos can understand that their passion is not lessened if they can share power from time to time it can help them to have a fulfilling and balanced sex life. Everything depends on these two learning to trust and respect each other. Each must be able to put their ego aside temporarily so they can reach mutual agreement.

Compatibility in love

A Leo man with a Leo woman: Mr and Miss Leo are drawn together by their love of beauty, luxury and everything that glitters. They are a dynamic and warm couple who turn heads as it must be admitted they seem perfectly matched. Mr and Miss Leo are very open and generous and render a hundredfold the affection and admiration they are shown. Their problem is that each always wants to be better than the other. Their instinct for competition and their desire to take power automatically creates conflicts. Neither of them is willing to make concessions or be dominated by the other. And given that Leos are renowned for their ability to hold a grudge, they can be at stalemate for a long time.


Compatibility at work of Leo with Leo

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Degree of Affinity

At work as everywhere else, Leo is the most solar sign of the zodiac but also the most egocentric. They are natural leaders and enjoy working with reactive people. What do they love more than anything else? That their skills are recognized and that they are valued for them. They usually have a good working relationship with other fire signs because Leo appreciates a dynamic and efficient working atmosphere.

When two Leos have to work on the same project it is possible but there is a serious risk that these two strong characters will have regular disagreements. If neither is willing to put their ego to one side for the benefit of the task to be accomplished, there are likely to be conflicts of authority. It is virtually certain that these two signs will not be able to work together peacefully. Since both are desperate to be the leader and there is room for only one boss, they can't help but fight for control. Moreover, neither of these two Leos can accept that the other is more important than they are.

Leo is a very ambitious sign and clear in their belief that they should be the boss. If any boss is not vigilant and strong enough, they will find themselves pushed out at the first opportunity. Why? Simply because Leos hate being in a subordinate role as it hurts their self-esteem. From a logical point of view, it is impossible to have two bosses in the same role so in an ideal world two Leos should avoid becoming business partners and setting up together.


rivalry, dynamism, efficiency


power, domination, competition


Compatibility in friendship of Leo with Leo

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Degree of Affinity

It is possible for two Leos to become friends if they can manage to understand that one dominating the other will help neither and that divide and conquer tactics are not helpful in a friendship. Given that they have the same point of view on life and very similar characters, it is quite simple for them to find common ground, hobbies and passions. Leos are not slippers by the fire types, they are always active, even during their leisure time. They love to go on adventures and discover new things. Leos are generous to each other, and they are always ready to help each other in times of need.

As long as their friendship stays strong, they will always make sure to be honest, generous and respectful. Leos are warm, protective and enveloping but they never hesitate to say exactly what they think with a frankness that borders on brutality. However, as in love, Leo's instinct to dominate tends to quickly rear its head, so conflicts can be frequent. If one of the two wants to overshadow the other, ego feuds will be inevitable.

In order for a friendship between two Leos to be lasting, they must learn to manage their natural tendency to want to feel glorified, to always be number one, to always want to impose their point of view, and to be unable to endure opposition. In short, if they manage to put these negative traits aside for the sake of their friendship, they can focus on the strengths this relationship can bring: their nobility of spirit, listening skills, understanding and mutual aid.


generosity, warmth, frankness


rivalry, jealousy, harshness


Compatibility in the family of Leo with Leo

In one word
Degree of Affinity

At the broader family level, two Leos can manage to be in the same room together without roaring at each other. In fact, they understand each other quite instinctively and, eventually, things can unfold a little like in the savanna: as long as there is some sort of hierarchical respect, everything goes well. So family reunions and celebrations are pleasant as they both ensure exchanges remain cordial.

When it comes to marriage, a pair of Leos do everything they can to lead a good life. They strive to earn enough money to be able to afford everything they want. However, money doesn't stick to their fingers as they are both very generous and spend without counting the cost, hence there are sometimes financial difficulties that create discord in their couple. Leos are independent and it is not uncommon for them to have leisure activities that do not include their spouse, so that they don't feel overshadowed. These fire signs like to be flattered and have lots of opportunities to flirt but are unlikely to fall for the siren's song of infidelity. One thing is certain, should one of them betray the other, their relationship will be well and truly over without any possibility of forgiveness.


worldliness, luxury, hierarchy


budget, betrayal, jealousy

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