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Love compatibility of Leo with Pisces

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A partnership between Leo and Pisces is a rather delicate affair because fire and water don't mix very well. If these two signs want their union to hold together, Pisces will have to make a real effort to flatter and admire Leo and ensure they include the fire sign in their intuitive and emotional world. In return, Leo will protect and defend Pisces.

However, both will need to be careful because Leo's impulsive side can very quickly make itself felt, particularly when faced with the water sign's indecision. In fact, Leo finds soft and gentle Pisces' hesitancy really difficult to live with. Leo likes other people to be as reactive and enterprising as they are.

In this couple, therefore, Leo tends to make all the decisions because shy and reserved Pisces easily lets themselves by dominated by the fire sign's authority. To escape the feeling of being controlled Pisces will become very elusive, which will really annoy Leo because if there is one thing they dislike it's the feeling that something is slipping away from them.

In short, if this relationship is going to last it will need a lot of compromise and excellent communication.


mystery, curiosity, fascination


domination, control, flight

Communication and emotion between Leo and Pisces

Communication between Leo and Pisces is easiest when they are discussing creative things. In this context, it is not uncommon for Pisces to be really inspired by Leo. Nevertheless, their totally different characters can also generate conflicts because warm and reactive Leo can quickly become irritated by the water sign's passive side. Leo, for their part, feels Pisces is content to daydream without ever putting their plans into action. And Leo does not hesitate to point out this tendency to Pisces, even if it means hurting the water sign and lowering their self-confidence.

When it comes to emotions, Leo is very high-spirited and always ready to fight for the person they love. The water sign is much more laid back and thinks it's possible to resolve everything and anything without conflict. Their philosophy is not to fight for anyone.

Trust between Leo and Pisces

For Leo, trust must be earned and the slightest doubt can make them anxious and jealous. Since the water sign is an elusive being, Leo is likely to suffer from a lot of anxiety, justified or not. Pisces is dominated by Neptune, which symbolizes illusion, deception and suspicion, so it's likely Leo will be getting grey hairs from the beginning of their relationship with the water sign.

Even in the best of cases they are unlikely to really trust each other. As Leo likes to shine and be the center of attention, they can also sow doubt in the mind of Pisces. So they both feel a shadow of deceit in their relationship. And given that Pisces has a very fertile mind they find it easy to jump to conclusions about the fire sign's behavior.

Intimacy and sexuality of Leo with Pisces

When it comes to their sex lives, Leo and Pisces can have a rather unstable understanding. At the beginning of their relationship, when everything is still passionate, they can have some very good times but as the bond between them develops, problems begin to arise. Passionate Leo is very focused on the physical aspect of the relationship, and, as in all spheres of their life, likes to be in control. They tend to pressurize Pisces to make Leo the center of attention and offer them lots of praise for their bedroom skills.

Pisces just doesn't understand this, for the good reason that sex is not an end in itself for them. They need a romantic atmosphere, lots of attention and lots of foreplay. Unlike the fire sign, who is only looking for physical pleasure, the water sign needs true spiritual communion with their partner. The moral of the story being that they are not really on the same wavelength.

Compatibility in love

A Leo man with a Pisces woman: The relationship between Mr Leo and Miss Pisces may seem idyllic from the outside, with the fire sign in the role of the Miss Pisces' uber protector. Romantic and gentle, she is attracted by combative Leo's energy. He is a generous man who does not hesitate to meet all his partner's needs provided that she is ready to sacrifice herself for him and admire him completely. The only catch in this story is that Miss Pisces can find Mr Leo's authoritative nature stifling. She is unlikely to submit completely to the fire sign's domination.

A Leo woman with a Pisces man: the atmosphere is unlikely to be serene in this relationship because their characters are very different. Miss Leo is very authoritarian and likes to impose her will and her choices on her partner. Obviously, as Mr Pisces is no fighter and not very decisive he won't complain. However, he will only comply to a certain extent because he knows Miss Leo can easily become tyrannical. To avoid the situation, he can become very elusive and sly, hiding all his plans from his companion.


Compatibility at work of Leo with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

Leo, for whom reactive colleagues are very important, is likely to get very irritated by Pisces' dreamy and elusive character. For their part, the water sign likes to work in their own way and has a hard time accepting Leo's dominant nature. Under these conditions, Pisces' creativity is likely to be stifled by the fire sign. The differences between these two signs are so big that they have a hard time finding common ground at work.

Leo has no patience or empathy for Pisces, who needs constant support if they are not to become complacent. These signs do not have the same way of working at all, nor the same vision of teamwork and certainly not the same objectives.

If Pisces is the boss, the contract may rapidly come to an end. Leo considers Pisces is too indecisive, unrealistic and utopian to be able to work with them. The fire sign will drown if it has to follow the orders of the water sign. If Leo is the boss, Pisces will find themselves under a certain pressure. Leo always feels better when they are the captain of the ship but as hard as they may try to micromanage Pisces, they will find the slippery water sign slips through their fingers with disconcerting ease.


submission, obedience, hierarchy


domination, lethargy, pressure


Compatibility in friendship of Leo with Pisces

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Close friendship between Leo and Pisces is not really to be expected but a certain camaraderie is possible. Leo has no trouble meeting new people and making new friends. They surround themselves with loyal people who like to stay playful all their lives. Leo has a great sense of respect and hates anything that can be considered unfounded gossip. As they are fundamentally honest, they hate hiding what they think and would rather make it known loud and clear.

Pisces is less outgoing and has more trouble making friends. This is due to a visceral fear of rejection they have had since childhood. They are always very careful not to say hurtful things. They are good listeners and a lot of people who confide in them end up becoming good friends.

In a friendship between Leo and Pisces, the water sign appreciates the fire sign's passion because it forces Pisces to move out of its torpor. Leo sometimes feels Pisces is too emotional, which the fire sign finds annoying. Nevertheless, Pisces is an honest and faithful sign who can give Leo wise advice to help them channel their rage and overwhelming emotions. The water sign thus serves as a sort of moral compass for Leo who can quickly get carried away, driven by anger into speaking unfortunate words and committing irreparable acts. Pisces can help Leo be more temperate, for which the fire sign is grateful.


loyalty, fidelity, admiration


slowness, dreaminess, power


Compatibility in the family of Leo with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

Within a family, Leo and Pisces are very different but the water sign excites the fire sign's curiosity. Imagine a big cat in front of a goldfish bowl desperately trying to catch one in order to see it close up, but unfortunately without success. Well, that's how Leo feels about Pisces! There is no denying that water and fire rarely go hand in hand. Leo can quickly get angry because they definitely do not understand how Pisces works and as patience is not their forte, the water sign wears them out quite quickly.

When it comes to marriage, these two signs are likely to start well but find their relationship deteriorating over time. It is not uncommon for Pisces to become disenchanted by Leo's pride and egotism. For their part, the fire sign can end up hating Pisces’ excessive sensitivity and sentimentality. Leo will no longer be able to bear the emotional instability of Pisces who lives in constant fear of rejection. And Pisces will find they have more and more difficulty tolerating Leo's desire to shine and mania for surrounding themselves with a lot of people. The water sign's jealousy becomes formidable and conflicts are inevitable.


curiosity, creativity, loyalty


instability, sensitivity, seduction

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