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Love compatibility of Leo with Scorpio

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Degree of Affinity

The union between Leo and Scorpio is passionate but also very volatile as their differences don't make them very compatible. It's a bit like trying to marry day and night, creating a very unstable relationship.

The fire sign needs light, they need to shine in order to flourish. The water sign loves the shadow, riddles and the slightly anxious atmosphere they can create. It is said that opposites attract and this is probably what happens when they are in the same room together. Something so different arouses their interest and challenges them to seduce.

Leo only wants to enter the competition to conquer the water sign who is a complete mystery to them. Scorpio also feels strongly attracted by the light of the fire sign.

When Leo and Scorpio form a couple conflict followed by reconciliation should be expected as they are both strong characters who seek to dominate their environment. Neither wants to throw in the sponge or bend the knee to the other so in the long run they will both get very tired. Fed up with the constant struggle, Leo will be the first to abandon the game, worn out by Scorpio’s calculating and disloyal character.


seduction, mystery, attraction


domination, loyalty, stubbornness

Communication and emotion between Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio do their best to respect each other and keep their communication polite, at least in public. This is for two reasons, Leo does not like to tarnish their image, and Scorpio will do nothing to harm their karma as they dread accumulating bad karma that they will have to pay for in a future life! If they have interests or passions in common, they will always find a way to discuss them, often in a passionate way. However, it's not uncommon for their communication to turn into a sort of account settling and thus intolerable.

On the emotional side, they can move from love to hatred, which are, after all, no more than two sides of the same coin, in record time. Even if they are not particularly happy together, they can make their relationship last simply because they refuse to admit defeat. This is particularly the case with Leo who hates to admit they have made a mistake. Moreover, as Scorpio likes to bathe in negative emotions, staying in an unhappy couple does not particularly bother them.

Trust between Leo and Scorpio

It may seem unlikely but Leo and Scorpio don't have too much problem with trust as both are pretty straight and honest signs. Obviously, this does not make their characters any easier to live with or help them with compromise, but when it comes to trust it is very useful.

If they lay down clear rules from the beginning of their relationship, it is possible that they will trust each other for a long time in every area of their lives. In general, Leo is a sign that cannot conceal what they are thinking while Scorpio is honest and forthright. In fact, Scorpio often say what they are thinking without mincing their words, they are not natural liars. Obviously, this implies that they both agree to conduct their relationship in a transparent manner.

Intimacy and sexuality of Leo with Scorpio

The sexual understanding between Leo and Scorpio is paradoxical. They are both signs who enjoy torrid relationships and sex is often a way for them to reconcile after a big fight. Scorpio enjoys the physical side of a relationship and Leo finds them the ideal partner because the water sign stimulates Leo's fantasies. However, Scorpio has a rather unbridled sexuality that some can see as perversion and this isn't always Leo's cup of tea. Moreover, it is difficult for this pair to establish a real emotional connection.

So, if they're each looking for physical pleasure without commitment, they're in the right place. On the other hand, if they want more than that, they will have to take a serious look at what they want from a relationship or go on their way. What Leo sees as love, Scorpio finds boring and superficial. Conversely, what the water sign sees as love, the fire sign sees as depressing and exasperating. In short, they are not at all on the same wavelength.

Compatibility in love

A Leo man with a Scorpio woman: life for Mr Leo and Miss Scorpio can be a bit of a roller coaster. One minute they are madly in love and the next hate each other just as much! Mr Leo is dictatorial and wants to impose his way of living on Miss Scorpio. If she obeys, everything will go swimmingly, but it is not in her nature to submit to any man. Miss Scorpio prizes her independent thought and financial autonomy. She wants to be her partner's equal and not be expected to do whatever he wants without having a say. Therefore, memorable arguments and reconciliations are to be expected between these two signs.

A Leo woman with a Scorpio man: this partnership is more harmonious that the previous one. Miss Leo and Mr Scorpio have some similar character traits that allow them to cope with everyday life together a little better. They are both proud, ambitious and not afraid to face any challenges that come their way. Power, strength, determination and tenacity are a cocktail that help them to live the love they feel together. Even if their lives are marked by conflicts, they still manage to overcome them.


Compatibility at work of Leo with Scorpio

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Degree of Affinity

Asking a Leo and a Scorpio to work together is a bit like playing Russian roulette. Either you lose and the outcome is fatal, or you win but are still scarred by the experience! At work, as elsewhere in their life, Leo wants to dominate. Their tenacious character is not suited to delicate water signs that Leo finds far too emotional for their taste. For their part, Scorpio likes creativity and curiosity to contribute to their success. When they have to collaborate with fire signs, they often feel blocked because the water sign finds them too impulsive and unpredictable.

A working partnership between Leo and Scorpio is likely to be conflictive because each will be trying to be dominant. Leo expects to be the only center of interest and Scorpio expects to be in control. The only way to get them to agree is to find a project where they will both be so fully involved they won't have time to analyze the other. In this way they are likely to achieve their objective while remaining communicative and even a little diplomatic.

These two signs are both career orientated and want to do well in society, so neither will do anything that could harm their professional future, even if they do come to cordially detest each other. Since they are both intelligent beings, they understand that it's in their own best interests to cooperate as peacefully as possible.


strategy, intelligence, respect


domination, competition, impulsiveness


Compatibility in friendship of Leo with Scorpio

In one word
Degree of Affinity

A friendship between Leo and Scorpio is possible but will be punctuated by arguments and reconciliations. They are capable of having real blow ups while trying to establish which of them is right. It is a relationship that can be unfulfilling in the long term because it is as exhausting as it is disappointing.

However, the fact that a friendship sometimes works well is probably because they have chosen to become good friends but not really close friends. They are not going to tell each other their deepest desires or most personal thoughts and, quite honestly, that suits them both. A neutral friendship where each respects the other's personal space is a formula that avoids a lot of disagreements and altercations. In this way, if they don't share their most important moments, at least they don't spend their time tearing each other apart in order to have the last word.

Like all friends, they are ready to help each other at any time. These are two signs that have a very hectic working life, decision-makers who often spend a lot of time at work. So, as they have little free time, they make sure they don't get bored when they spend it together. Neither Leo nor Scorpio are the type to spend an evening in front of the TV or chatting quietly by the fire. If they are planning time together it will be to go out with other friends or let out some excess energy at the gym.


sport, celebration, neutrality


domination, ego, pride


Compatibility in the family of Leo with Scorpio

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Degree of Affinity

In a family, Scorpio and Leo will have their ups and downs, so other people will have to hold on tight if they want to remain calm in their company. Even if they manage to talk to each other and exchange ideas without arguing, mutual understanding is far from being guaranteed. Unfortunately, their most usual way of communicating is through conflict, loud roars and venomous stings. In order to tame their natural responses and learn some mutual esteem they will have to make a real effort.

When it comes to marriage, the relationship is possible provided both parties agree to put their egos to one side. There's no point pretending about it, it will take constant hard work for each partner to find their place in this high voltage relationship. If they don't make an effort, their couple will resemble a perpetual power struggle. In this partnership, Leo will never hide the fact that they want to make all the decisions and be in complete control. And to avoid the constant battle, Scorpio may well comply … at least on the surface! But don't be fooled, a Scorpio will never let themselves be ruled by someone else. The water sign is so cunning and vindictive they will let the fire sign believe they have won and then sting them when they are least expecting it. In short, if Leo and Scorpio want their relationship to last, they will have to make a lot of compromises, providing their pride will allow it.


admiration, respect, recognition


power, pride, revenge

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