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Love compatibility of Libra with Capricorn

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When Libra and Capricorn decide to get together it's not, unfortunately, the best idea of the century. It's not an obvious union and it is very complicated to manage. They can definitely enjoy the physical side of the relationship, and they each have qualities that attract the other. In fact, Libra appreciates the earth sign's stability and practicality. In return, Capricorn is seduced by the air sign's softness and adaptable character.

However, the routine of everyday life is very far from the highs of the start of a relationship, and they risk finding it very difficult. It must be remembered that Capricorn has a consuming professional ambition, and that Libra will quickly find themselves pushed to the back of Capricorn's priorities, giving them the unpleasant impression of being little more than a decoration.

In addition, the air sign has a very elevated idea of what love should be and may feel hurt by cold Capricorn who keeps their feelings and emotions well hidden. To expect Libra and Capricorn to co-exist is like wanting optimism and pessimism or extroversion and introversion to rub along and it is exhausting in the long run.

Capricorn is a fairly authoritarian being who likes to impose their ideas on gentle Libra. Libra has few options when faced with the earth sign. Either they accept Capricorn's faults with their eyes open, even if it means losing their love of life, or they decide to abandon the match for someone more affectionate and demonstrative.


charm, spirit, inventiveness


commitment, instability, indecision

Communication and emotion between Libra and Capricorn

Communication between Libra and Capricorn is not particularly easy because the air sign loves to chat and express their feelings and opinions, while the earth sign only speaks when they have something interesting to say and prefers to keep their point of view to themselves. Libra sees Capricorn as a rather distant being, insensitive and very bearish. However, the earth sign is very good at concealing who they really are. In fact, their coldness is only on the surface, and they are hiding real sensitivity.

If Libra wants to find out more about Capricorn's true qualities, they will have to get past first impressions because the earth sign also hides a good sense of humor. What's more, they are sincere, loyal and genuinely uneasy when they need to talk about love. Unlike Libra who is comfortable with their feelings, Capricorn really blunders their way forward in their romantic relationship and feels a constant need for reassurance.

Trust between Libra and Capricorn

When Libra and Capricorn are together trust is a little one-sided. Capricorn is a very upright person and once they commit, they have eyes for no one else. They are faithful and exceedingly loyal and fear betrayal more than anything else. It is not for nothing that they take a long time to trust. On the other hand, Libra's behavior is much freer, and they can have difficulty committing. It is in their nature to try to please everyone they meet and flirt with other people.

They don't necessarily do it in order to deceive their partner, more to reassure themselves that they are loved. Contrary to popular belief, Libra fears infidelity just as much as Capricorn, but Capricorn does not always understand why the air sign won't commit to their relationship. The earth sign will then tend to think that Libra is leaving themselves a way out and that they are not as faithful as they say.

Intimacy and sexuality of Libra with Capricorn

Libra and Capricorn can find their sex life is difficult too. There is a strong physical attraction between these two signs but if it is not underpinned by real feelings, the passion will die as quickly as it appeared. On the other hand, if the air sign and the earth sign manage to establish an emotional connection, their sex life can bring them great satisfaction.

Capricorn is known to be a cold and reserved character, but when it comes to their sex life, they are a totally different being and will show Libra that the bedroom is not just a place to express feelings but also a place to have fun. Libra is unaccustomed to Capricorn's adventurous side and may be surprised at how passionate the earth sign can be; and the air sign is usually quite willing to join in the fun activities suggested by Capricorn.

Compatibility in love

A Libra man with a Capricorn woman: with two such different characters, in everyday life it will be Miss Capricorn who manages the relationship. Mr Libra is expansive and full of charm while Miss Capricorn appears to be more in control of herself and seems to lack sensitivity. It is not uncommon for these two signs to argue over budget because one is a cicada and the other an ant. That said, if Miss Capricorn is able to give Mr Libra enough freedom and can be a little more demonstrative, then their couple can surpass the least optimistic prognoses for survival.

A Libra woman with a Capricorn man: in this partnership elegant Miss Libra lives for contact with the outside world while Mr Capricorn is a taciturn homebody. However, to please his partner, he can make the effort to go out with her. Even if he appears cold, Mr Capricorn is in fact in great need of affection and security. He can even be possessive and wonder about Miss Libra's lighthearted attitude towards love. If Miss Libra manages to get past Mr Capricorn's indifferent shell their relationship can last a long time.


Compatibility at work of Libra with Capricorn

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Degree of Affinity

At work, Libra needs a safe environment to develop their full potential; they have to trust their colleagues or won't be able to work efficiently. In this respect earth signs are usually a good match because they have the pragmatism Libra often lacks.

Capricorn is ambitious and perfectionist, they expect their colleagues to be extremely efficient. With air signs, Capricorn usually works well because they know how to adapt to the earth sign's demands. When Libra and Capricorn have to work together, they usually make a fairly successful team. They combine the serious, organized and methodical earth sign with the air sign who is adaptable and has good communication skills.

These two signs are very complementary in that each one has strengths that compensate for the other's weaknesses. Libra brings the partnership harmony and balance, developing Capricorn's creative ideas and calming their darker side. The earth sign is much more cautious and wiser than the air sign, so acts as a guard to prevent Libra from making mistakes. These two signs can sometimes be very stubborn, and this may slow down their pace of work. In an ideal world they would constantly keep in mind why they are working together, and this would help them avoid the pitfalls. If Capricorn is the boss, Libra knows how to gain Capricorn's respect by giving the best of themselves at work. If Libra is the boss they appreciate Capricorn's principles, seriousness and honesty.


respect, accuracy, creativity


hesitation, ambition, expectations


Compatibility in friendship of Libra with Capricorn

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Degree of Affinity

Capricorn is very choosy when it comes to friends; they worry about being fooled and don't trust easily. New friendships are not particularly important for this earth sign as they believe loyalty has to be demonstrated over time. If someone wants to join Capricorn's circle of friends, they will have to prove their loyalty in a concrete way. Capricorn does not need dozens of people around them to feel secure; in fact, they prefer to have just a few close friends who they can trust completely.

Unlike Capricorn, Libra feels a visceral need to be loved and admired, which is why they are always making new friends and meeting new people. However, although Libra may have a big address book few people can claim to really know them. This sign is always bright, friendly and kind and finds it easy to get information from the people they meet but they will tell you very little about themselves in return and remain a kind of enigma.

Any friendship between Libra and Capricorn suffers due to their very different characters. A relationship between them is obviously not excluded but it will rarely be deep. From Libra's point of view Capricorn takes life far too seriously and does not know how to have fun and enjoy the present moment. For their part, Capricorn sees Libra as a lightweight and a dilettante. They can't stand people who put their heads in the sand when they have a problem and wait for things to work out on their own. Capricorn is wise, willing and quick to act, and nothing annoys them more than having to deal with someone as hesitant as Libra. Capricorn finds Libra's uncertainties and constantly changing opinions very hard to bear.


superficiality, respect, friendliness


hesitation, indecision, austerity


Compatibility in the family of Libra with Capricorn

In one word
Degree of Affinity

There's no getting away from it, Libra will not be begging Capricorn to join in family gatherings. The air sign and the earth sign are not designed to get along happily together. Gentle Libra sees Capricorn as cold, brittle and far too hard to be part of a world that they want to be as harmonious as possible. Exchanges between these two signs are not natural and even if they want to make an effort to try to appreciate each other it will be a long, hard road.

When it comes to marriage, the relationship between Capricorn and Libra can only last if they make themselves some rules and stick to them scrupulously. Otherwise, their feelings may quickly fade in favor of a union of convenience that looks more like a working partnership than a true love story. Finances are a serious subject of discord between them, Capricorn saves to have a comfortable existence while Libra can spend every penny they have on a whim, just to have something beautiful. Moreover, they do not view their social life in the same way. Libra is popular and loves to be surrounded by people while Capricorn is particularly fond of being alone. If these two signs strive to stay together, it is likely they will lead an existence that doesn't have much joy on the program.


organization, security, diplomacy


budget, pace, distance

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