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Libra and Pisces are both quite emotional signs, and they tend to function in similar ways. However, do not be fooled by this, because they are rarely on the same wavelength at the same time, and they have a lot of difficulty communicating with each other. What most differentiates them is that Libra is a cerebral romantic while Pisces is a sensitive and intuitive dreamer.

Thus, they often misunderstand each other and although they can coexist together, they actually operate in two totally separate worlds. These two signs are quite capable of misreading essential aspects of their relationship and not understanding why they have problems.

In this partnership Pisces finds that Libra's gentleness and kindness make the air sign almost their dream partner. The always shy and discreet air sign feels confident with the water sign, who offers Libra serenity and affection.

The main problem between Libra and Pisces is that they are too similar. As a result, they are hesitant, constantly lacking dynamism and unable to make clear-cut decisions. Pisces has a dreamy side that ignores the realities of everyday life which creates problems in their life with Libra. Libra struggles to manage the couple's home and money on their own and this can lead to financial problems because neither sign is good at keeping to a strict budget.


gentleness, affection, kindness


communication, resemblance, hesitation

Communication and emotion between Libra and Pisces

Libra is a kind and gentle sign for whom communication is a really important part of life. What's more, it's their favorite arm when they are trying to conquer people's hearts. This air sign likes people who have a healthy state of mind but unlike Pisces is in no hurry to commit and also hates to be dependent on anyone else. Libra loves their freedom and introverted Pisces has a hard time understanding this. They place all their hopes in Libra, but this is a weight that is too heavy for Libra to bear.

What's more, the air sign's naturally hesitant nature combined with the water sign's frequent mood changes do not facilitate dialogue. Libra needs balance, Pisces is inconstant and slippery. Emotionally, this couple is faced with permanent procrastination and neither of them gets sufficient support from their partner to be able to move forward serenely.

Trust between Libra and Pisces

The couple created by Pisces and Libra finds trust a slippery thing. The air sign has an innate need to please and flirt and this can trigger the water sign's jealousy. What's more, Libra hates anything that limits their freedom and Pisces' overflowing love and high expectations can make Libra feel suffocated. If this happens, they may just run away as the air sign hates conflict, or they can use their diplomatic skills to try to make Pisces understand that Libra cannot carry the whole relationship alone.

For their part, even if Pisces has criticisms of Libra, they are unlikely to voice them, which only fuels their anger and makes the atmosphere worse. The problem here is that they don't trust each other enough to talk openly about what's not working.

Intimacy and sexuality of Libra with Pisces

Libra and Pisces have a sex life that is filled with gentleness, attentiveness and romance. In their relationship there is never any question of forcing one to do something they don't want to do; respect is one of their cardinal values. These two signs think of sex as an art in its own right, so each likes to show the other what they are capable of. In bed, Libra and Pisces are as creative as they are in all other areas of their lives. So they are never bored or mired in monotony.

They often invent new games to play and are happy to serve as guinea pigs. Libra and Pisces expect sensuality, emotions and delicate sensations. Pisces is concerned to ensure Libra is always satisfied, which can make them seem a little submissive. However, this annoys Libra as it casts them in the role of dominant, which is something they hate.

Compatibility in love

A Libra man with a Pisces woman: these two have a lot of affection for each other but their couple has a complete lack of stability. Mr Libra is always hesitant, because he fears making the wrong choice, while Miss Pisces lives in a world of dreams and refuses to accept her share of the responsibilities that come with being in a couple. Both have difficulty understanding each other because Mr Libra is cerebral and Miss Pisces intuitive. Between misunderstandings and inconstancy, their relationship is very fragile even if they love each other sincerely.

A Libra woman with a Pisces man: Miss Libra is so kind and gentle that she attracts Mr Pisces like a magnet. He helps her feel more confident and offers her the tenderness she needs. The only cloud on the horizon is that Mr Pisces does not live in same world as the rest of us. So Miss Libra, who is a constant procrastinator, will not be able to rely on her partner to give her the solidity she needs. This partnership is often unable to make everyday decisions because neither wants to be the driving force in the relationship.


Compatibility at work of Libra with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Libra loves a job well done and gives their best when they feel surrounded by competent people. When they work with water signs the collaboration isn't always successful because it lacks a leader. Everyone tends to pass the buck and avoid taking responsibility. Pisces is very emotional, and this complicates relationships with colleagues who often have trouble understanding such extreme sensitivity. When working with air signs, if the creative side is the only thing that needs to be taken into account, their association is complementary and can prove successful.

When Libra and Pisces have to work together, it cannot be said to be the ideal partnership although you won't see them fighting like cat and dog, on the contrary they will both be too kind and lax for that. Their biggest problem is that they are unable to establish a work dynamic that leads them to success. Libra is great at communication and harmony but cannot motivate others. They are just not designed to be leaders so cannot bring Pisces back down to earth when it is needed. If they are working together on a creative project, they can do great things provided there is a third party to guide them in the right direction.

If Pisces is the boss Libra may not always agree with their choices and decisions. In an ideal world, Pisces needs to be more precise and much clearer when speaking with Libra. If Libra is the boss, they will be sure to take into account Pisces' needs and expectations. So the water sign should be able to flourish in their position.


inventiveness, diplomacy, complacency


immobility, communication, misunderstanding


Compatibility in friendship of Libra with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

A friendship between Libra and Pisces is possible but complex. The air sign is very self-contained when it comes to emotions. Libra will not reveal much of themselves to Pisces which disconcerts the water sign. Sensitive Pisces loves to share and if they do not receive confidences in return will not fully trust Libra. Libra is often embarrassed by Pisces' hypersensitivity and does not know how to react. The air sign keeps as far away as possible from serious discussions because they impact on their need for harmony.

Libra is not a sign that tortures their brain analyzing other people's feelings or psyche. Pisces' only pleasure is analyzing and studying emotions so they can make the air sign feel ill at ease without meaning to. So, as neither feels this is a true friendship their bond remains superficial as both signs decide not to get fully involved. On the other hand, it is possible that they maintain a relationship like this for years simply because each finds a hidden material or personal interest in it.

Libra and Pisces have similarities in their way of living, but it must be admitted that their friendship often lacks loyalty. It's quite possible for them to stop being friends in a split second because of something trifling, and then to reconcile just as easily. Their friendship seems as passionate as it is complicated.


sweetness, harmony, kindness


emotionality, dissatisfaction, loyalty


Compatibility in the family of Libra with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

If Libra and Pisces coexist in the same family circle, they are almost certain to have a good understanding. They both like to feel emotions, express their sensitivity and show they are compassionate. They generally understand each other and have things in common, including their family values, so the relationship can be very harmonious. When it comes to marriage things are much less rosy because Pisces' emotionality and constant mood changes are more obvious. Arguments are frequent and as neither enjoys conflict both Libra and Pisces are likely to hide away in corners until they feel less angry.

They often reconcile as quickly as they get angry, sometimes they even forget the initial reason for their discord, but they never really get to the bottom of their problems. So their inability to listen and dialogue can create a cloud that hovers over their relationship. Instead of facing their own shortcomings, they spend their time blaming each other for their difficulties and show a certain lack of maturity.


harmony, gentleness, empathy


flight, irresponsibility, inconstancy

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