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Love compatibility of Pisces with Pisces

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The union between two Pisces may seem idyllic at first, but finally it turns out to be quite unstable. Pisces are very sensitive beings and unfortunately also unrealistic. The very strong similarities in their behavior don't encourage a complementary relationship. They understand each other almost without speaking and live in almost identical ways, so they don't offer each other the diversity they need to create a long lasting relationship.

At the beginning of their love story, everything seems wonderful to them because they are both romantic and very attracted by a partner who is as emotional as they are. These water signs are frequently anxious, so they understand the need to support each other in order to overcome this discomfort. The major problem that a Pisces couple may encounter is their very real lack of pragmatism.

They both spend their time in a dream world, far away from the constraints of everyday life, but reality will inevitably catch up with them at some point. And then the problem is that neither one of them is ready to take responsibility, so even though there are two of them, there is no real support in the relationship.

Financial worries represent a big black cloud in their life together because they are a pair of spendthrifts who have no thought for tomorrow. And when they find themselves riddled with debt this is likely to contribute to the end of their relationship.


sensitivity, intuition, telepathy


responsibility, realism, finances

Communication and emotion between Pisces and Pisces

Communication between two Pisces can happen almost without words. They are intuitive and rely on feelings and a look from their partner to help them understand each other without the need for talking. Pisces would do anything to avoid having to discuss the realities of everyday life but if it's a question of talking about feelings and emotions they can be very eloquent. Pisces hate arguments or any form of aggression, so it is rare for them to have an open conflict. Nevertheless, they will feel the tension and the resentment it causes will eventually resurface sooner or later.

Pisces are very sensitive to the people and the environment around them. They suffer from a lot of fear and anxiety that can hinder their personal growth. These water signs are easily dominated by their emotions, they are creative and dreamy and often confuse their dreams with reality. They are both very warm and like to take care of their partner.

Trust between Pisces and Pisces

Pisces live in a carefree dream world, but this doesn't help the solidity of their relationship. Their partnership is based on a genuine understanding that nothing can shake, even jealousy! Pisces are naturally very tolerant and even if they should prove unfaithful, as incredible as it may seem, this is unlikely to affect their good understanding.

Nevertheless, because Pisces tend to keep everything inside themselves to avoid conflict of any sort, the resentment and frustration they feel may build up until it becomes a source of tension that leads to a break up. Because Pisces are so attached to each other they can create a fusional couple that is mutually emotionally dependent, each being essential to the other's survival. To create a little balance it would be desirable for this couple to be more open to the world so they don't end up withering away for lack of exchange with others.

Intimacy and sexuality of Pisces with Pisces

Two Pisces can have a harmonious sex life because they understand each other very well, often without even needing to talk. They can easily guess their partner’s needs and desires and do their best to satisfy them. They thrive when they manage to create the right atmosphere, enjoy long foreplay, and test new erotic experiences regularly. Caresses and sensuality have a big role to play in their sex lives. They hate vulgarity or brutality; for them intimacy must be gentle and filled with love.

Two Pisces have no real taboos when they are together and find it easy to talk to each other about their fantasies. In fact, the moment they manage to establish a strong emotional connection with each other, their mental barriers fall, and they are happy to talk about what they want and need. And since these water signs are rather creative, they rarely allow their time in bed to become monotonous.

Compatibility in love

A Pisces man with a Pisces woman: the meeting between Mr and Miss Pisces has all the characteristics of a romantic love story. They seem to understand each other completely and their couple positively oozes tenderness. That being said, this Pisces couple lives in a dream world and material necessities completely pass them by until reality forces them back to earth with a bump. They like to be carefree and for the sake of preserving their good understanding will often refuse to argue with each other. However, they will eventually have to face the truth especially with regard to their finances. Neither of them wants to be responsible but if their relationship is to survive someone will have to be.


Compatibility at work of Pisces with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Pisces is known to be one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Unfortunately, their emotions can spoil or seriously complicate their working relationships. When Pisces collaborates with other water signs, the atmosphere is pleasant because they get along well with people who are as sensitive as they are. Nevertheless, in terms of effectiveness, it cannot be said that this association works very well because all water signs suffer from a lack of dynamism and drive to achieve their objectives. When two Pisces work together they have trouble with how to exchange information, often reacting badly to a simple remark that others would consider to be constructive. In short, they do anything to avoid conflict so they don't taint the working atmosphere, but in the meantime their project is likely to suffer.

Pisces easily lose focus and get distracted; they have a lot of trouble concentrating on the same task for a long time. They may even experience psychosomatic symptoms if they feel that the climate around them is harmful. In order for Pisces to work effectively, they need to take a lot of breaks because they find it hard to concentrate for extended periods and it is even harder if they feel trapped in an atmosphere that makes them uncomfortable.

Pisces have a lot of trouble with the idea of authority, they prefer a relationship of equality between individuals. If Pisces are colleagues, they will find it easy to meet their mutual expectations. If one of the Pisces manages the other, even if they get along well, it is likely that the boss will assign the big responsibilities to a third person. This is because they do not believe the Pisces employee is dynamic enough to carry out tasks that require them to be very reactive.


respect, intuition, listening


disorganization, dreaminess, passivity


Compatibility in friendship of Pisces with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Pisces are often dominated by a fear of rejection. In friendship, in order not to feel excluded they are often a bit like chameleons, mimicking behavior or adopting opinions that are not really theirs. Pisces are extremely sensitive, so are always careful not to hurt other people's feelings with an unfortunate word or act. These water signs are very attentive, and they are such good confidants that people easily tell them about their joys and their sorrows. Two Pisces will understand each other intuitively with hardly any need to talk in order to know what they are feeling. They have a real ability to feel and sympathize with the suffering of others, but they also know how to be funny and commit blunders or gaffes that automatically arouse sympathy.

When two Pisces become friends, they feel a deep affection for each other. They help each other and offer advice to improve their health. Two Pisces share common values and are very interested in spiritual subjects but also in the music that accompanies them in almost all their activities.

The problem for two Pisces is that they both have a tendency to be a bit too present, even clingy! They also have the unfortunate habit of complaining a lot and playing the victim. They have, rightly or wrongly, the impression that fate is hard on them and the fact of bemoaning it together, relieves them of a certain moral weight.


listening, understanding, emotionality


complaint, insistence, importunity


Compatibility in the family of Pisces with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

In general, Pisces feel close to their families. They have a tendency to cling to one person with whom they identify completely and for whom they would give up anything and everything. When two Pisces are part of the same family, they get along very well because they are very similar. They do not need long speeches to understand each other and easily guess what the other is feeling.

When it comes to marriage, a pair of Pisces should have a long-term relationship. They know how to create a warm and cozy home. The couple tends to live in a restricted circle and doesn't see many other people. They don't have many friends and don't like to reveal what's going on at home. When they become parents, they are sensitive and affectionate with their children.

Pisces do not form a couple consumed with passion; in general their life together is tranquil and they avoid conflicts. The subject of infidelity is unlikely to raise its head because each of these Pisces tries hard to offer the other the attention, love and harmony they need. Pisces are benevolent and devoted to each other, so divorce is rare. It would take an exceptionally serious event to separate them.


softness, tenderness, security


flight, dependence, constraints

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