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Love compatibility of Sagittarius with Capricorn

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Sagittarius and Capricorn can be very physically attracted but they quickly realize that their characters are far too different for them to have a harmonious and long-lasting love story. Although these two signs have similar ambitions and both are quite conservative in relation to their personal values, the fact remains that they don't think in the same way at all. Sagittarius is a complete optimist; they believe in their luck and are certain they will find a way out of even the most dangerous situations.

On the other hand, Capricorn is rather pessimistic and very suspicious. They are mostly in control of their emotions because they hate emotional outbursts of any kind. In addition, they have a strong sense of responsibility. From this point of view, it seems difficult to reconcile the personality of a Sagittarius who wants to be free and playful with an authoritarian Capricorn who organizes the life of their couple from A to Z.

The earth sign lacks flexibility and hates Sagittarius disturbing the moments of solitude and calm that are essential to their well-being. Faced with Capricorn's need for silence, the fire sign is a bit like a bull in a china shop, knocking over everything in their path.

In this couple, it is likely that it is Sagittarius who will end things because they feel bored when they're with Capricorn. The earth's sign's rigidity and lack of imagination will make Sagittarius want to run away.


ambition, values, seduction


freedom, coldness, authority

Communication and emotion between Sagittarius and Capricorn

In the couple formed from Sagittarius and Capricorn one is talkative and playful while the other is taciturn and stingy with their words. In short, they are a little like day and night. At the beginning of the relationship, Capricorn makes an effort to seduce Sagittarius, but after the initial stage of physical attraction and the first idyllic moments, their quieter nature reasserts itself. So communication rests mostly on Sagittarius' shoulders as they find it much easier to express themselves than the earth sign does. Knowing how to communicate well can be useful but in the case of Sagittarius, it serves mainly as a way of avoiding disturbing discussions about conflict or responsibility.

When it comes to emotions, Sagittarius seems much more superficial than Capricorn. In reality, they avoid anything that makes the atmosphere feel heavy or brings down their natural good humor. The earth sign is always very serious and rarely allows their sensitive side to show. The fire sign doesn't want to spend time interpreting Capricorn's emotions. They will quickly get bored and won't hesitate to change partners.

Trust between Sagittarius and Capricorn

Trust is a foreign concept to Sagittarius who spends their time running from one conquest to another. The fire sign believes in enjoying the present and fidelity is not one of their character traits. This sign tends to view romantic relationships as being ephemeral. They enjoy the good times and move on as soon as the novelty has gone. Capricorn, on the other hand, is not like this at all.

When they get into a romantic relationship, they are looking for something strong and long lasting. It takes them time to trust someone and if they do it is because they are certain of their loyalty. When Sagittarius and Capricorn are in a relationship it is almost doomed from the start as their expectations are so different. One lives in the present and the other is always planning for the future.

Intimacy and sexuality of Sagittarius with Capricorn

When it comes to sex, Sagittarius and Capricorn are not really on the same wavelength. The fire sign doesn't need to take time to get to know their partner, they give themselves freely right away, without worrying about the psychological make-up of the person sharing their bed. Sagittarius is not known for having long romantic relationships, so they aren't interested in the need for trust or any other responsibilities that might go with bedroom games.

In comparison, Capricorn requires patience before they can relax and trust their partner. However, Sagittarius does not have much perseverance and can quickly miss out on a great romance with the earth sign because they lack the will to wait. The fire sign is interested in things that don't commit them, short-lived relationships and instant pleasure, while the earth sign only really gives themselves to someone who will stay for the long-term, or even a lifetime.

Compatibility in love

A Sagittarius man with a Capricorn woman: Mr Sagittarius and Miss Capricorn often have some misunderstandings simply because they don't think in the same way at all. Mr Sagittarius is eager and passionate while Miss Capricorn is much more restrained and colder. Mr Sagittarius is a born adventurer, and he likes to surround himself with pretty women, which doesn't really please Miss Capricorn who needs to feel secure if she is to be happy in her couple.

A Sagittarius woman with a Capricorn man: in this partnership Mr Capricorn has a little trouble following Miss Sagittarius' frantic rhythm. He is cool, calm and collected, a total contrast to his companion who is outgoing and exuberant. These two signs may be very different, but they complement each other rather well given that Miss Sagittarius can cheer Mr Capricorn up and that he can offer her some emotional security. He always knows what he is doing and where he is going in life, something that Miss Sagittarius finds reassuring in her everyday life.


Compatibility at work of Sagittarius with Capricorn

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Degree of Affinity

Sagittarius is always in a good mood, at work as well as elsewhere. They are constantly optimistic and will always do their best to achieve their goals. They love their liberty and work best when they are given freedom to act. There may be some friction if they have to work with earth signs because earth signs find Sagittarius' constant elation hard to deal with. Earth signs tend to believe it's not possible to do your work well if you are always smiling.

Capricorn is ambitious and perfectionist and they expect their colleagues to be hard working and efficient. When they work with fire signs there will be rivalry in the air because what motivates Capricorn the most is being the best in their field. When Sagittarius and Capricorn work on the same project, they certainly do not have the same methods, but they know how to agree and apply themselves to obtain very good results. They make a very competent and complementary team. Capricorn brings discipline and perseverance while Sagittarius brings energy and enthusiasm.

The combination of these two signs is quite fruitful. Sagittarius is the creative half of this partnership as they have a gift for having interesting and original ideas to help solve often complex problems. This fire sign is very versatile and can be considered the Swiss Army knife of the partnership. Capricorn is cautious and pragmatic and often assumes the role of strategist. When it comes to establishing solid tactics, Capricorn is the sign most likely to succeed with the tasks entrusted to them.


communication, organization, creativity


independence, recklessness, ambition


Compatibility in friendship of Sagittarius with Capricorn

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Degree of Affinity

A friendship between Sagittarius and Capricorn is possible but will probably never be very close. This is because they are complete opposites. Obviously, it is said that opposites attract, but in their case, they are unlikely to be the best of buddies. Sagittarius is a communicator, they like finding out about other people. They are interested in everything and everyone without any agenda, all that matters to them is to learn new things, explore new cultures and have adventures.

In comparison, Capricorn is almost a slipper wearing hermit. The earth sign is bit of a homebody and quite reserved when it comes to meeting new people. They don't give their friendship on a whim, it's something that develops over time, and it will take time before they can trust someone else. Suffice to say that the fire sign has a lot of acquaintances while the earth sign has very few.

In an ideal world, Capricorn will help Sagittarius to be a little more settled and calmer, while Sagittarius can teach Capricorn that it's possible to relax without being seen as lazy. Despite their very different characters, they are not fundamentally opposed. They can co-operate very well when they have interests in common. Don't forget that they are both strongly attracted by success and no matter how they go about it they also know how to compromise to get what they want.


cooperation, ambition, mutual aid


frankness, independence, rhythm


Compatibility in the family of Sagittarius with Capricorn

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At the family level, Sagittarius and Capricorn do not have at all the same points of view. So get togethers can sometimes be full of misunderstandings. Sagittarius sees Capricorn as far too self-absorbed and lacking in imagination, someone with whom they have very little in common. For their part Capricorn sees Sagittarius as a bit of a will-of-the-wisp, whose constant running around gives Capricorn a headache! When it comes to marriage, these two signs are very different, and this can be the source of a lot of misunderstanding. Capricorn does not like to waste time constantly going out to meet people while Sagittarius gets bored with the quiet activities favored by the earth sign. When it comes to money, Capricorn is the ant and Sagittarius the cicada. The earth sign loves to save money to protect their comfort and their family, while the fire sign is like a leaky sieve, spending money whenever they feel like it.

Children are a particularly thorny subject! Sagittarius is far too independent to want to take responsibility for raising children and get stuck in a family life that they find suffocating. On the other hand, Capricorn is ready to fully engage in their role as a parent as long as they have the financial means to give their children everything they need. In short, a family life for these two signs promises to be too complicated for them to stay together in the long term.


organization, respect, compromise


budget, leisure, responsibilities

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