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Love compatibility of Sagittarius with Pisces

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A relationship between Sagittarius and Pisces promises to be complicated from the start. They may feel a strong attraction to each other but they have few things in common, which makes it a union of opposites. They are both generous humanists and also great idealists who dream of adventure.

The problem is that the fire sign will make a real effort to achieve their dreams while the water sign is a fantasist who will probably never move from their chair. In this partnership, Sagittarius is much more realistic than Pisces, who has a tendency to let themselves be carried away by events. These two signs each live life at a very different pace.

The fire sign certainly appreciates the water sign's gentle side but finds their hypersensitivity and roller coaster moods much harder to bear. In addition, Sagittarius is annoyed by Pisces’ apathy and their tendency to sulk. For its part, the water sign admires Sagittarius' dynamism and motivation, but after a while they find the fire sign too restless and exhausting.

What is certain is that both Sagittarius and Pisces lack consistency. It's quite possible that when the first big problem comes along, they won't even fight to save the relationship. Obviously, there are cases where both make an effort to understand the other in order to keep the relationship afloat, but this is unfortunately not common.


adventure, reverie, seduction


freedom, indolence, agitation

Communication and emotion between Sagittarius and Pisces

Communication between Sagittarius and Pisces is not easy. At the beginning of the relationship, they can spend hours talking about exciting things but as time goes by they run out of steam. Sagittarius is passionate and needs to act in order to feel they exist. They are always willing to talk about their projects and if they were a dog would have a permanently wagging tail to express how happy they are. Sagittarius is very sociable and a true optimist. They will do anything to impress their partner and have a keen sense of humor in any circumstances.

However, the fire sign's enthusiasm fades quite quickly. And empathetic Pisces immediately senses Sagittarius' change of behavior and suffers from it. The water sign needs to feel looked after and pampered, but the fire sign doesn't really want to hang around and mollycoddle Pisces. Anything that is too close to emotion makes Sagittarius want to run away. Faced with this behavior Pisces, who likes to talk about their emotions, becomes disappointed and frustrated.

Trust between Sagittarius and Pisces

Within this partnership trust is difficult to establish, especially for Sagittarius. This fire sign likes to flirt a lot and be surrounded by a lot of people. If they are deeply in love, it is possible they won't carry through with their games, but they are capable of having adventures away from home from time to time. Sagittarius always craves novelty and is rarely willing to commit to a lifetime with the same person.

This is, of course, likely to cause Pisces to feel very jealous, even if they believe deep inside that Sagittarius will always return to them. The good news is that if Sagittarius ever decides to get married, then they will stand by their commitments and be loyal. Pisces is not naturally unfaithful and even if they become so it will probably be more in their dreams than in reality.

Intimacy and sexuality of Sagittarius with Pisces

Sagittarius and Pisces may find the mechanics of their mutual sex life work well, but they have very different expectations from it. Pisces absolutely needs a spiritual connection, almost an emotional fusion, with their sexual partner, but Sagittarius is definitely not into this sort of emotional dependence. The problem is that when Pisces does not get what they hoped for, they sulk like an unhappy toddler.

Faced with this behavior Sagittarius doesn't know how to react because for them sex is about giving and receiving pleasure, not about owning their partner. The good thing in all this is that both are always ready to try new experiences and their creativity adds spice to their bedroom games.

Compatibility in love

A Sagittarius man with a Pisces woman: Mr Sagittarius admires Miss Pisces' tender and whimsical side while she is attracted by his enthusiasm and overflowing good humor. She often finds in him the energy she lacks to carry out her projects. Mr Sagittarius is a man of decision and is quite happy to shake up Miss Pisces' ideas to get her out of her chronic immobility. He also helps her get over her shyness and gain maturity. Because she is afraid of Mr Sagittarius being unfaithful, Miss Pisces tends to be possessive and overly loving. This can make the fire sign feel suffocated and worry about losing his independence.

A Sagittarius woman with a Pisces man: Miss Sagittarius and Mr Pisces get on very well and arguments are infrequent. Both Mr Pisces and Miss Sagittarius love travel but he is more likely to travel in his head while she will move heaven and earth to pack her bags and get away. In short, Mr Pisces is a homebody and Miss Sagittarius is a real adventurer. However, in this partnership it is Miss Sagittarius who has her feet on the ground, so she takes care of everything to do with daily life and often reproaches Mr Pisces for neglecting his responsibilities.


Compatibility at work of Sagittarius with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

At work, Sagittarius likes to feel free to act as they see fit and they are the champions of initiative. They are always cheerful and make sure they get along well with their colleagues, although they find it difficult to tolerate misplaced authority. They can quickly feel uncomfortable when working with water signs because Sagittarius is not very emotional and demonstrative colleagues can really disturb them. They just don't understand how some people need to express their emotions so strongly.

Moreover, Pisces really is a hypersensitive sign, and this can have a serious impact on the quality of their work and their professional relationships. They find it difficult to adapt to working with fire signs because of the fire sign’s dominant and forceful character. Pisces is clearly not in their element with signs that not only have a lot of ambition but can also paralyze Pisces' creativity without meaning to. If Sagittarius and Pisces have to work on the same project, it's not necessarily a bad thing but the partnership won't be extraordinary either. And there is a risk of tension between the emotional water sign and the fire sign who is always frank and doesn't mince words.

If Pisces is the boss, Sagittarius sometimes feels they have no clarity but on the other hand will have all the freedom they need. If Sagittarius is the boss, they will probably feel that the water sign is an apathetic worker who lacks initiative. However, they will be pleasantly surprised by the intuition of Pisces who also has a well-targeted approach to their clients.


intuition, independence, creativity


ambition, pressure, emotionality


Compatibility in friendship of Sagittarius with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

Generally, Sagittarius has a close circle of friends that they trust completely and then a whole host of acquaintances they have met during their travels. In friendship as in love, they like to be seduced by a personality or temperament that is close to their own, or by a different culture. They are often the one who takes the first steps in the acquaintanceship and if they feel some chemistry, great, and if not, they will move on. They have no particular expectations and are not possessive.

Pisces is much less comfortable in society than Sagittarius, they are always afraid of rejection, although that doesn't stop them going out to meet others. They don't mind whether it's a simple acquaintance or close friendship, as long as the bond is based on mutual affection. A friendship between Sagittarius and Pisces is quite possible because they both like to appear mysterious, and love escaping, in spirit or reality. Finally, their love of adventure is something that brings them closer together.

In this partnership, the water sign has a rather malleable nature and since Sagittarius possesses a strong temperament, they will try to dominate Pisces. Ideally, the fire sign should not abuse their power over the water sign. That said, Sagittarius has a positive influence on Pisces because they can push them to be less lethargic and finally carry out some of their plans. For their part, Pisces is a good listener and can teach Sagittarius to develop their empathy.


adventure, escape, reliability


frankness, indolence, domination


Compatibility in the family of Sagittarius with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

At the family level in the broad sense, an understanding between Sagittarius and Pisces is possible but they will never be as thick as thieves. They resemble each other in their desires for distant places and adventure but their rhythms are completely out of sync. The fire sign is always on the go and ready for adventure at the drop of a hat while the water sign is much slower and prefers to travel from their chair. When it comes to marriage, Pisces dreams of an exceptional spiritual connection, vows of eternal love and a fusional partnership but for Sagittarius feelings of love are not so important. What they are looking for above all is a companion, someone who has the same sensibilities as they do. In fact, what they are looking for is more like a best friend than a passionate love. Sagittarius knows that passion fades over time and that to build a strong union, it is better to have common interests from the beginning, something they can rely on when the initial exhilaration has faded.

These two signs have very different ways of living and different diversions. Sagittarius is very active; they need to meet new people and learn new things. In contrast, Pisces prefers seeing people in small groups, or staying quietly at home watching a movie. Given these disparities, their couple is fairly unstable, and they will need to make a lot of compromises to last for the long term.


travel, adventure, dreaming


responsibilities, slowness, sociability

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