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Love compatibility of Scorpio with Capricorn

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Degree of Affinity

If there is a relationship where no-one is frivolous about love, it is the one between Scorpio and Capricorn. Between the water sign and the earth sign, nothing is light or superficial. Given that both are very strong characters, their bond is a mixture of consensus and struggle.

However, if they don't compete in the same areas, the relationship can work very well. For everything to go well, their ambitions must not clash because neither of them will want to see the other succeed at their own cost. They are two beings who hate making concessions but neither of them shrinks from difficulties. In fact, the opposite could be said to be true, the more complicated a task is, the more motivated they are, and it is probably this trait that helps their couple succeed.

In fact, their relationship will be one of constant challenges. That said, despite the many conflicts they have, they genuinely love and value each other. Their union improves as time goes by and they end up learning a lot from each other. Capricorn will manage to listen more to their instinct and rely less on their reason and Scorpio will finally understand that a little self-discipline is a good thing.

In the end, their relationship is quite complementary. Nevertheless, there is a risk that in the long run they will feel less like a pair of lovers and more like a good working partnership.


prudence, stability, reliability


competition, jealousy, coldness

Communication and emotion between Scorpio and Capricorn

Capricorn is a pragmatic and efficient being who speaks only when necessary or when they have something important or interesting to say. Do not expect them to spend hours chatting on the phone. This earth sign is naturally rigorous and morally upright and hates wasting time in pointless chat. In fact, if they have an important message to convey, they are more comfortable writing it than speaking it. Scorpio is not very talkative either, being far better at listening, but they are masters of persuasion. They know how to make use of any information they glean for their own best interests.

When it comes to emotions, Scorpio does their very best to get Capricorn to be more open but it's a long process. Sometimes it takes enormous patience to persuade the earth sign to relax a little and express what they feel.

Trust between Scorpio and Capricorn

Scorpio is a very sensitive being on the lookout for the slightest sign of betrayal. If there is one value that is more important than any other to them, it is loyalty. And Capricorn too is completely morally upright, so will not go flirting elsewhere as soon as Scorpio has their back turned. However, what can play tricks on them is their lack of communication. As both Scorpio and Capricorn tend to be hypersensitive worriers and have a very hard time expressing what they feel, difficulties can easily arise.

Take Scorpio's jealousy and aggressiveness and add Capricorn's wild and intractable nature and they can quickly fall into a spiral of accusations and resentment. The moral being that even though they trust each other it is essential neither feels the slightest doubt about the other or it will be the beginning of the end.

Intimacy and sexuality of Scorpio with Capricorn

Scorpio is very good at helping Capricorn break free from their legendary self-restraint and iron clad principles. The water sign is much more comfortable with bedroom games than the earth sign. So Scorpio gradually encourages Capricorn to get over their natural caution and let themselves go completely in order to experience more thrills.

Scorpio's talent for persuasion can even convince Capricorn to try some new things. In this partnership it is often the water sign that dominates under the sheets but in the end the earth sign also enjoys every moment. In addition, Scorpio never lacks imagination and can use their fine psychological skills to encourage Capricorn to reveal their hidden sensuality.

Compatibility in love

A Scorpio man with a Capricorn woman: these two may love each other very much but they do not know how to say it. Communication is the biggest problem their couple has. Both Mr Scorpio and Miss Capricorn are constantly uncertain and anxious and feel a huge need for something to fill their loneliness. Miss Capricorn can appear quite cold, but it is her armor against possible suffering. Mr Scorpio is a fine enough psychologist to understand this and do everything he can to break the ice between them. In order to find a good balance what these two need more than anything is mutual reassurance and encouragement.

A Scorpio woman with a Capricorn man: Miss Scorpio and Mr Capricorn may not find it easy to agree but their life is lively! Each of them knows their other half's weak points and how to use them to wound their pride. Miss Scorpio and Mr Capricorn are both possessive but ultimately, they are very loyal to each other. Miss Scorpio will have no problems with Mr Capricorn who is just not the type to be unfaithful. On the contrary, he is of such exemplary rectitude that Miss Scorpio often rebukes him for being too serious and not having a sense of humor.


Compatibility at work of Scorpio with Capricorn

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Scorpio likes to work with efficient people who allow them to highlight their curiosity and creativity. They can count on earth signs’ pragmatism and solidity to help them meet any challenge. Capricorn is a fiercely ambitious sign who seeks perfection. When they have to work with water signs they aim for productivity. They may get on well but just remember that Capricorn is not at work to make friends!

When Scorpio and Capricorn work together there is a certain rivalry in the air. The water sign motivates the earth sign and vice versa, however neither is willing to put their ambitions aside for the benefit of the other. So it is possible there will be some struggles to decide who makes the decisions and this can generate some strong words. Beyond their ego problems they make an effective and efficient partnership because these two signs are determined to succeed in what they undertake. Scorpio lets no important detail escape, and their iron will helps them cope with any difficulties. For their part, Capricorn puts in whatever hours are needed and always produces high quality work.

If Capricorn is the boss, Scorpio will feel a little cramped because the earth sign will not give them much freedom in how they work or the means to accomplish the work. If Scorpio is the boss, they will be surprised by Capricorn's capabilities and willing to delegate some thankless tasks to them.


dynamism, efficiency, ambition


competition, power, authority


Compatibility in friendship of Scorpio with Capricorn

In one word
Degree of Affinity

The biggest thing Scorpio and Capricorn have in common is that they have a crazy hard time trusting other people. So once they decide to do so it won't be on a whim, it is because they believe that the person truly deserves their friendship.

Scorpio has a rather pessimistic view of friendship because they are always waiting for that unexpected betrayal. This water sign prefers to listen to others rather than talk about their own feelings. If someone manages to lower their guard, it will be because that person has met all Scorpio's requirements over a period of time. When the bond is finally established, Scorpio can be as possessive in friendship as they are in love because they fear losing this relationship to someone else. Capricorn is a bit like Scorpio in that they are suspicious of newcomers. For them too, friendship is measured by loyalty and the test of time.

Scorpio and Capricorn prefer seeing friends face to face or in small gatherings; big parties don't really float their boat. Both these signs have strong characters and even if their friendship can be bumpy, they have lots of things in common. They like to spend their free time quietly and away from a lot of bustle. When they are together, they always find something to talk about without gossiping. They often choose to chat about common projects or their past experiences. Finally, it's quite a positive partnership since both have something they enjoy in it. In addition, Scorpio can show Capricorn that a little sensitivity and softness might not be a bad thing.


frankness, integrity, loyalty


possessiveness, aggressiveness, moralizing


Compatibility in the family of Scorpio with Capricorn

In one word
Degree of Affinity

In general, Scorpio and Capricorn get along well when they are together in a family. Their characters are different, but they still have enough similarities to bring them together. Their bond can be conflicting at times, but they know they can rely on each other. When it comes to marriage, Scorpio and Capricorn take things very seriously. If they do decide to tie the knot it's because they have put their relationship to the test over time. If they get married, their feelings are real and deep. The compatibility of Scorpio and Capricorn is like good wine, it gets better and stronger over the years. Both understand when they need to show they are unhappy or when they should let go of what's bothering them. Over time, they learn to choose their battles and know when to moderate their choleric temperaments.

In this partnership, the water sign's violence is compensated by the earth sign's emotional distance, and it is probably for this reason that their conflicts are, finally, limited. Whatever happens, Scorpio and Capricorn give each other mutual support that contributes to the sustainability of their couple.


trust, understanding, respect


possessiveness, domination, insensitivity

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