Compatibility Scorpio and Pisces


Love compatibility of Scorpio with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

When Scorpio and Pisces begin a relationship it almost immediately becomes fusional. The communication between these two water signs is so fluid that it is practically telepathic. They are both intuitive and endowed with a highly developed sixth sense which helps them understand each other perfectly. They naturally know how to listen to each other. All these elements contribute to an excellent understanding between the two partners, and this also helps make their couple stronger over the long-term.

When they decide to get together the love story of Scorpio and Pisces can be as sweet as it is passionate. Scorpio brings the emotional security that Pisces lacks, guiding Pisces through their everyday problems and supporting them in their projects. For their part, kind and understanding Pisces bring ever worried and uncertain Scorpio the emotional stability they need.

In this partnership, Pisces tends to be a little dominated by Scorpio and although that doesn't necessarily worry them it is necessary to ensure that Pisces does not become completely dependent on Scorpio. The complicated aspect of this relationship is that both have very changeable characters, easily switching from a high to a low.

So their bond is all about balance, meaning they tend to live on the razor's edge. Their love can fill them with happiness or drive them into the depths of despair.


communication, sensitivity, intuition


possessiveness, submission, misunderstanding

Communication and emotion between Scorpio and Pisces

Communication between Scorpio and Pisces often happens without words because it only takes one look for them to understand each other perfectly. Scorpio is a wonderful listener, much better at listening than talking, and has a gift for getting people to open up to them. What's more, they know how to remember everything entrusted to them, so they have the information they need at the right time in the future. They are a master of persuasion, quite manipulative and very charismatic, all of which makes it easy for them to lure Pisces into their nets.

Pisces is pure emotion, generous and hypersensitive but also very attentive to Scorpio's needs. Pisces is more open and optimistic than Scorpio and needs to speak in order to love. When they find someone who resembles them on the psychological level as much as Scorpio does, they are passionate and ready to reveal their feelings at the drop of a hat.

Trust between Scorpio and Pisces

Scorpio is naturally suspicious but with Pisces that suspicion seems to be reduced. Their relationship is so harmonious that they have little reason to doubt Pisces' good faith. The more these two signs get to know each other, the stronger the trust between them becomes. This feeling of security helps Scorpio to become less aggressive and less closed in on themselves. And they no longer keep their anxiety to themselves but finally manage to express it and so free themselves from it. Alongside Scorpio, Pisces finds the calm and balance they need.

Together, these two signs manage to establish a spiritual connection so strong that they have no desire or interest in being unfaithful. Scorpio and Pisces work so well together that other signs of the zodiac often don't understand how they can do it. They seem to live in a sort of bubble and once they have chosen each other are totally devoted, usually until the end of their days.

Intimacy and sexuality of Scorpio with Pisces

Sexual compatibility between Scorpio and Pisces is almost instinctive. They don't need to talk for hours about what pleases each of them. You could say they throw themselves in at the deep end and find they already know how to swim!
Scorpio is a sensual and passionate lover who finds it easy to adapt in order to satisfy the most demanding of partners. They are very playful in bed and love to try new things.

Pisces has a much gentler approach to intimacy and is frequently dominated by Scorpio. That said, they both seem to be happy. Scorpio and Pisces always make sure to give and receive pleasure, so this pair doesn't usually have any major dissatisfaction with their sex lives.

Compatibility in love

A Scorpio man with a Pisces woman: Mr Scorpio and Miss Pisces seem to establish a good understanding almost immediately. They are happy together both spiritually and physically. These two water signs get along so well that they manage to communicate without the need to exchange a single word. Mr Scorpio's stability helps lessen Miss Pisces' tendency to hesitate. He is the perfect protector and looks after his companion who often tends to get lost in her world of imagination. The main problem with Mr Scorpio is his jealousy. However, with sweet and loyal Miss Pisces he has no need to fear any infidelity.

A Scorpio woman with a Pisces man: Miss Scorpio and Mr Pisces are both water signs and complement each other well. Miss Scorpio is energetic and courageous. It is she who is the driving force in this relationship. Mr Pisces has a hard time managing everyday obligations such as finances or housekeeping. Miss Scorpio may love Mr Pisces very much, but his dreamy side can make her very aggressive. The extreme and sometimes violent behavior this leads to can end up damaging the quality of their relationship. Mr Pisces may be gentle and patient, but he won't put up with Miss Scorpio's bad behavior forever.


Compatibility at work of Scorpio with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

At work, Scorpio is not the easiest sign to get on with. They have a natural authority and plan to use it to take power as soon as they have the opportunity. If their work atmosphere encourages the use of their creativity and curiosity, there is a chance they will be enthusiastic at work. Scorpio generally gets along well with the other water signs because they are all sensitive and understand each other almost instinctively.

Pisces is often dominated by their emotions, and this can affect their professional relationships. Along with the other water signs, Pisces is always cordial, not to say complacent. So when the two have to work together productivity and efficiency are not as high as they might be. There is no sense of rivalry or dynamism between these two water signs that could stir up their desire to succeed. When Scorpio and Pisces have to work on the same project, their association often turns out to be chaotic. They will have to make extraordinary efforts to agree and keep the pace up.

Fortunately in this partnership, Scorpio has enough motivation for two people, so they can manage to create enough rivalry in Pisces to make them push their creative side to work at full steam. However, Pisces does not handle pressure well and their supine nature may resurface at any time. And as a result, Scorpio will have to try not to explode with rage when faced with their colleague's dreaminess.


intuition, understanding, creativity


daydreaming, passivity, pressure


Compatibility in friendship of Scorpio with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

A friendship between Scorpio and Pisces is possible but has the vices of its virtues. Indeed, these two water signs are a bit like twins looking at each other in the same mirror. Sometimes they look so similar that they end up getting lost in it. They are able to develop a long-term friendship of rare quality because they trust each other. They both love to cultivate mystery and are a source of surprise for each other.

If you look at their relationship in a positive way, they have many things in common that bring them together. They are close spiritually, their opinions on life often converge and since they have lots of character traits in common, they generally adopt the same hobbies. Neither Scorpio nor Pisces enjoys spending their free time in a crowd; they prefer quiet places where they can cogitate and dream as they please.

When everything is going well between them Scorpio will be able to restrain their sarcastic side and avoiding hurling hurtful criticism. Moreover, as Scorpio experiences a sincere friendship that is reinforced by Pisces' vulnerability, their aggressive side will melt. Nonetheless, the relationship between Scorpio and Pisces isn't always so idyllic. Their friendship can remain purely superficial for the good reason that one is very traditional and the other non-conformist. Scorpio can be quite rigid, and this can conflict with Pisces who is more inconsistent. Pisces is happiest when they have no rules to follow while Scorpio disapproves of this freewheeling lifestyle and won't hesitate to say so.


psychology, mystery, spirituality


rigidity, inconstancy, non-conformity


Compatibility in the family of Scorpio with Pisces

In one word
Degree of Affinity

Scorpio and Pisces are made to get along in family life. They are governed by the same element, and this already helps to bring them closer together because they function in almost the same way. That said, Scorpio is more energetic than Pisces, who tends to let themselves be carried away by Scorpio's dynamism. And it has to be faced that Pisces’ lethargic and dreamy side can easily upset ever energetic Scorpio, although their anger will fade as quickly as it arises.

When it comes to marriage, a Scorpio and Pisces couple can make others jealous. These two love and respect each other, and their couple is firmly based on loyalty. There is no room for infidelity between these two. Their bond is so strong from both a physical and spiritual point of view that it almost seems as if they have already lived several lives together. Those who believe in the notion of karma will certainly see this state of affairs as a confirmation. Scorpio and Pisces love to live in their comfortable home, far away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. They are satisfied with just a few friends, whose loyalty has already been tested many times. In this partnership, Scorpio takes responsibility for everything related to the material and financial security of the household. And Pisces strives to create a soft and warm cocoon that gives Scorpio the emotional support they need.


respect, loyalty, support


apathy, daydreaming, impatience

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