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Love compatibility of Taurus with Leo

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Uniting Taurus and Leo in the same couple is a bit like the clash of the Titans. This relationship is a real risk, but at the same time, it has a good chance of working if both parties approach it with good faith. Each of these signs has a strong character and their story can last in the long term.

Obviously, it will not be free from disputes because Taurus and Leo both have strong personalities, but they always find a way to reconcile. They have common values in loyalty and fidelity, so they will always do their utmost to respect these principles in their relationship.

Nevertheless, Leo has an enormous need to be loved, worshiped and admired and this is not always a good thing for Taurus who is very possessive of their partner. What's more, the fire sign always wants to be the boss and manage their couple but even if they love Leo deeply, Taurus won't accept that because they like to make their own decisions.

So, despite their very strong attraction, the beginnings of this relationship can be difficult. On the other hand, once they have become better acquainted with each other nothing can stop the power of their love and their union will gain in stability.


sensuality, self-confidence, admiration


change, money, possessiveness

Communication and emotion between Taurus and Leo

Peaceful communication between Taurus and Leo is not easy to achieve. They rarely have the same interests or the same way of thinking. Taurus is very focused on the pragmatic side of life, while Leo is guided by their ego. Needless to say, they can easily annoy each other. There can be endless battles between these two because neither is ready to give an inch of ground. Their lack of flexibility and patience can therefore be detrimental to their relationship.

The fire sign and the earth sign live in two very distinct emotional spheres and it is difficult for them to tell each other how they feel. Leo's only need seems to be to shine in everything, while Taurus is only interested in the realities of life and their material security. They may love each other, but they find it very difficult to meet from an emotional point of view because they exist in two very different worlds.

Trust between Taurus and Leo

Taurus and Leo are both honest to the tips of their fingers. If they have something to say to each other, then they will be straightforward about it. They know very well that honesty and trust are the basis of a relationship that lasts, and it would never occur to them to put their story at risk if they are in love with each other.

Fidelity is absolutely essential for the earth sign, and this shows in their possessive nature. They cannot tolerate the slightest misconduct. For their part, Leo considers infidelity as something unworthy of them and they would never indulge in this sort of behavior. Even if there were a total impasse on their relationship, Taurus and Leo would both prefer to end it before engaging with anyone else.

Intimacy and sexuality of Taurus with Leo

Under the sheets, it is often Leo who takes the initiative and does everything they can to satisfy Taurus, looking for compliments and praise. Taurus is a much more sensual sign, who likes to be cared for and pleased. This duo works pretty well in bed as long as their natural laziness does not spoil the dynamics of their sex. And it should not be forgotten that Leo likes to be served and Taurus likes to be desired and does not like taking the first step. In short, when they are both determined on having fun, they are indefatigable!

Ideally, for these two signs to lead a healthy sex life, Taurus should show Leo how much they desire them, and Leo needs to provoke the excitement the earth sign lacks.

Compatibility in love

A Taurus man with a Leo woman: Mr Taurus has his head on straight and always puts material security first. Miss Leo likes to be the center of attention and loves buying anything shiny. As you can see, this is a couple who are more likely to be torn apart by money issues than infidelity. One hoards while the other loves to spend. If they manage to find a compromise on spending, then their couple can hold together for the long term because their love is very strong.

A Taurus woman with a Leo man: Mr Leo likes to play the generous lord to impress Miss Taurus and give her every comfort, but this is not necessarily what she wants. In fact, Miss Taurus doesn't enjoy playing second fiddle in her relationships. She is as proud as Mr Leo and does not hesitate to claim her place. This can cause conflict because even if she is in love Miss Taurus will never let herself be led by an authoritarian partner.


Compatibility at work of Taurus with Leo

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Degree of Affinity

Taurus is by nature slow and methodical when it comes to achieving their goals. They are very rational but when they work with a fire sign they often feel left behind. Leo is enthusiastic and egocentric. They are happiest when they are the only leader, admired for their skills and surrounded by reactive colleagues.

It is possible for Taurus and Leo to work well together but it is difficult. It is not that this pair can't be effective, but conflicts of authority will be a problem. As a good fire sign, Leo wants to lead and to get the respect that goes with that. But it is not possible to imagine Taurus will let someone walk all over them without saying something about it. Even if they are more temperate, Taurus can react strongly to authority that they feel is not justified.

What is essential for their association to work is perfect definition of everyone's tasks. If Taurus pushes into Leo's territory, they have a good chance of being devoured without notice. If Leo is the boss Taurus can be a very good employee. They know how to keep to their place and carry out any tasks entrusted to them brilliantly. If the Taurus is the boss, they will be very upright. The earth sign knows how to make themselves respected and how to contain Leo's burning ambition.


effectiveness, loyalty, respect


ambition, authority, stubbornness


Compatibility in friendship of Taurus with Leo

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Taurus and Leo are not an ideal combination for a friendship. Taurus likes to live quietly while Leo loves to shine. The earth sign prefers anything that is simple, while the fire sign seeks magnificence. If they become friends, one will have complexes and the other will get easily annoyed. In short, they can quickly start despising each other. Taurus will never remain in a relationship that makes them feel inferior or where it is implied they haven't done enough. Leo doesn't understand why the earth sign doesn't love luxury and isn't prepared to live beyond their means.

Their respective ambitions are so different that they ultimately have very little in common. Leo considers Taurus as an apathetic person who internalizes all their emotions while Leo is open about who they are and always wants to be the center of attention. If they don't like something they won't hesitate to say so, and they are not very discreet. True, Taurus loves everything that is beautiful, but there is a huge gap between there and needing great luxury, like Leo does.

In their friendship the main conflict will always be around questions of domination and authority. Taurus is as stubborn as Leo, and neither is willing to be the first to lay down arms in order to bury the hatchet. In short, even if they do manage to become friends, their relationship will always be tense.


honesty, stability, loyalty


competition, difference, stubbornness


Compatibility in the family of Taurus with Leo

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Degree of Affinity

If you bring a Taurus and a Leo together for a family meal, chances are everything will go well because they will do their best to iron out any difficulties. Taurus is very keen on family; they like to take care of their own and spend time with them. Leo also loves their clan and above all loves being the center of general attention! This does annoy Taurus, who thinks the fire sign tries to hog the limelight, but they will be able to manage, even if they don't like it. Taurus always knows how to be pragmatic and although they also like to please their family they don't make a fuss about it like Leo. When it comes to being stubborn, they are both determined to be the best, so friction is inevitable. Sources of conflict will often revolve around money and Leo's spendthrift tendencies which drive Taurus mad. Not that the earth sign is cheap, but they value material security highly and never throw money around.

However, their loyalty and family spirit will help them to reach a consensus to prevent family reunions from ending in fisticuffs or all out warfare!


children, prosperity, family reunions


egocentricity, spending, authority

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