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Love compatibility of Taurus with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

The chemistry between Taurus and Pisces is quite special. At once full of uncertainty and full of interesting perspectives, their story is likely to last for a long time.

Taurus will quite literally fall under the spell of Pisces who appears emotional, captivating and fragile to them. The earth sign has only one desire, to protect Pisces from the world for the rest of their life. For their part, Pisces is fascinated by Taurus who represents a stable and solid refuge in a world where Pisces often has difficulty keeping their feet on the ground.

If they manage to find a balance in their life, their bond can develop over time. On the other hand, if the Pisces prefers to spend too much time in troubled waters, is too slippery or lives too much in their inner world, inaccessible to Taurus, there could be storms in the air. The earth sign is deeply rooted in the realities of life while the water sign spends a lot of their time in their imagination. Taurus will try every means to tempt Pisces from their home of dreams.

However, it is possible they will find it very difficult because the water sign is very slippery, despite the attraction it feels for a safe home. Therefore, Taurus will need a lot of patience before they can understand and accept Pisces' behavior. For their part the water sign needs to learn not to let themselves be trampled by Taurus jealousy and possessiveness.


charm, sexuality, protection


jealousy, secrecy, illusion

Communication and emotion between Taurus and Pisces

Taurus and Pisces are not known for being great talkers. But they are lucky enough to be able to understand each other without much talking. They are very adept at non-verbal communication and content themselves with scrupulously observing their partner's behavior. They operate mostly through their very strong emotional link and few words and short sentences are enough for them to express the essential.

When it comes to emotions the earth sign and the water sign have a relationship tinged with magic. So as long as Pisces doesn't become slippery and elusive, and Taurus feel adored by the water sign the connection between them promises to be loving and wonderful for a long time. However, if the emotions diminish it will be the beginning of the end as Pisces becomes distant with the earth sign. For their part, Taurus won't tolerate this and will understand the time has come for them to separate.

Trust between Taurus and Pisces

Pisces always takes a romantic approach to love. When with Taurus the water sign feels stable and reassured meaning they are likely to find it easy to confide in their partner. Once Taurus and Pisces have created a climate of trust neither feels the need to hide what they feel, and their feelings will quickly grow.

However, this loyalty can also be undermined by Pisces' inconsistent character and their tendency to change their mind from one minute to the next for no apparent reason. A part of Pisces is very volatile and although they don't mean to, they have a great gift for destroying a good atmosphere, great affection and even true love with two shakes of their tail. When this happens Taurus can either accept that this kind of thing can happen or they can immediately end the relationship and move on.

Intimacy and sexuality of Taurus with Pisces

There is something magical about the physical connection between Taurus and Pisces. Their sex life is a mixture of tenderness, love, sensuality and ultimate pleasure. These two signs have the ability to merge into each other's arms, to fulfill each other's desires and be completely satisfied in their turn.

Taurus is happy from the moment their emotional needs are met. As long as they feel completely loved, they are capable of forgetting their own needs in their quest to satisfy their Pisces partner. The same is true for the water sign who needs to feel safe before they can give themselves freely and who finds Taurus' stable nature very pleasing. Pisces knows there is no fear of a toxic relationship with Taurus, its tenor is set from the start and that allows them to feel a bond of sharing with the earth sign.

Compatibility in love

A Taurus man with a Pisces woman: this couple is very complementary. Mr Taurus has his feet on the ground so offers Miss Pisces stability. Miss Pisces, on the other hand, brings a little fantasy to their relationship. In fact, she usually has her head in the clouds and lives in her imagination. Together, they form a couple that can last for the long term. Miss Pisces can count on Mr Taurus to bring her down to earth while the water sign's softness and fragility seduces Mr Taurus who longs to protect her from the outside world.

A Taurus woman with a Pisces man: this relationship can work very well, even though they have very different characters. Miss Taurus and Mr Pisces get along so well together that they sometimes don't even need to speak. The earth sign will be happy to look after the home and purse strings while the water sign lives in his world of dreams. When he comes back down to earth Miss Taurus will welcome him warmly and enjoy his delicate sensuality. In short, they are a couple that can be easily reconciled despite their differences.


Compatibility at work of Taurus with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

Having Taurus and Pisces collaborate on the same project is not obvious at first sight but with time they manage to complement each other well and get good results. To this partnership, the water sign brings intuition and flexibility while the earth sign is pragmatic and efficient. Compared to Taurus, Pisces is a very emotional being and this can complicate their working relationships with the other signs of the zodiac. When Pisces collaborates with an earth sign their association is based on efficiency rather than collusion.

Their professional association can be profitable when a successful project requires Pisces' creativity to be allied with Taurus' ability to plan and manage. So, the strong imagination of Pisces is assigned to the search for ideas while Taurus decides the strategy and studies the risks and benefits in detail. If they want to stay together in business, they will also need to develop skills they do not necessarily have, such as diplomacy and commercial communication.

This will require them to put a lot of energy into things because these are not innate qualities for either of them.
If Pisces is the boss, communication may be difficult because Taurus finds it hard to cope with the water sign's evasive and elusive nature. If Taurus is the boss, the water sign will find they are under a lot of pressure because Taurus is very picky. Taurus considers Pisces' way of working to be unstable and this can cause misunderstandings at the office.


flexibility, creativity, efficiency


inconsistency, communication, sensitivity


Compatibility in friendship of Taurus with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

The friendship between a Taurus and a Pisces is a strong bond that benefits both of them. Many signs may even envy such a good understanding. Despite their intrinsic differences, they complement each other tremendously well. 
Despite being known for their sensitivity and strong empathy, Pisces finds it very difficult to make friends. They are always afraid of being rejected or of inadvertently saying something hurtful. With the earth sign, Pisces learns to spend less time in their fantasy world and move more in the real world.

Taurus is not much more comfortable in society than Pisces. Everyone must prove themselves to the earth sign before they can be trusted. With the water sign, Taurus feels they are in a relationship that is conducive to confidences and finally agrees to show their sensitivity.

These are two signs who are faithful in friendship, provide mutual support and in times of trouble rush to offer help without a second thought. They willingly share the bad times as well as the good. A true friendship between these two signs works best if they are both of the same sex. If one is male and the other female it is not uncommon for the bond to turn into a romantic relationship. Obviously, they may not always be on the same wavelength because their way of functioning is radically different. Sometimes they will not understand each other at all and even fight, but conflicts between them never last very long.


support, tolerance, confidentiality


stubbornness, avoidance, inconsistency


Compatibility in the family of Taurus with Pisces

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Degree of Affinity

When they are siblings or part of a wider family group, Taurus and Pisces generally get along well together. They know they have a lot of differences, but they are smart enough to tolerate their different characters. Even though Taurus is much more grounded than Pisces this does not necessarily generate disputes. Sometimes they even spend some great times together over a good family meal.

When it comes to marriage, Pisces' magnetism and gentleness do wonders for Taurus' very strong character. Pisces' charming and loyal character melts Taurus' heart. Their union can therefore last for many years. At home, it is often Taurus who takes the lead because they like life to be stable and comfortable and they don't rely on Pisces to be a workaholic and bring in the money needed to run the home. In a couple, Pisces is more of an artist, living in their own little world and not expected to take care of material contingencies. Therefore, it's important not to rely on them to fill out the tax returns or take the children to the doctor. If Taurus is happy to take care of things and let Pisces escape responsibility, then everything will go well. On the other hand, if Taurus gets tired of Pisces' slipperiness and finds it stressful it's possible their relationship will not last.


caring, attraction, loyalty


money, inconsistency, detachment

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