Your 2024 year

Dear Sagittarius, given this particularly rich and interesting astral conjunction, you can anticipate this year of 2024 with serenity. The respective energies of the Sun and Uranus should help you to advance your life project at a good pace and allow you to focus fully on the causes that are close to your heart.

Having taken the time to analyze the message offered by the planets in your astral sky this year it seems that the next 12 months will be all about change. It seems likely that you have recently reached a point of no return and that it is now impossible for you to go back. Like a large number of Sagittarius, you have always been very attached to your values and your vision of the future.

The passage of Uranus in your astral sky invites you to take your destiny into your own hands and act on the changes you have been considering for a few months already. You'll always feel most at ease with yourself when you have the courage to act.

Awareness at the beginning of the year

Do you sometimes have a tendency to stall on your projects for no apparent reason? Do you find it hard to believe in your dreams? Does deferring decisions sometimes feel more reassuring than acting on them?

If you recognize yourself in some of these behaviors and you'd like to change your habits, then you should be happy to see Neptune in your astral sky at the beginning of the year. Its position indicates that from January you will be willing to try everything in your power to get closer to your goals and live a life that better reflects your values.

To achieve your goals, however, it looks like you'll have to be prepared to question some of your certainties. A challenge that is well within your grasp. Good luck!

Rebirth in springtime

As the beautiful weather starts to come back, the exchange of energy between the Sun and Jupiter may well play in your favor! While the first part of 2024 should have allowed you to become clear about your true aspirations, spring will offer you an opportunity to enjoy the very real benefits of your current situation.

Under the influence of Jupiter, luck and good humor will undoubtedly be part of your daily life in the coming weeks. In this favorable astral context, don't be surprised to see how much you enjoy your professional life, how reassuring you find your financial situation and how much joy you have around your loved ones.

Sometimes to be happy you just need to agree to put your brain on "pause" for a bit. Taking it easy sometimes is an essential part of the Sagittarius well-being.

A summer conducive to a change of view

The meeting of Neptune and Jupiter is particularly interesting from an astrological point of view, since it clearly testifies to a new dynamic that will take hold of your daily life at the beginning of the summer. These two planets suggest that during July and August you will enjoy getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting with new ways of looking at life.

If your situation permits, for example, a trip abroad could lead you to discover new cultures and perhaps give you new insight on some of your most entrenched beliefs. But you don't need to leave home to change how you look at the world!

In the coming weeks, you will also strive to stop relying on the certainties of your routine and try to bring a breath of fresh air to your everyday life. This stimulation is essential to your well-being.

Is the end of the year ideal for bringing about change?

The moments of happiness you have recently experienced will have helped you to refocus on your main priorities. You now know that calm and joy are promised to you. From the beginning of the fall, rather than dropping back into your old habits, you will be keen to act on the changes that you've had plenty of time to think about throughout the year.

You are now aware that happiness is not a distant dream, but something that can be a reality for you if you make the right choices. And that's great timing because as this year draws to a close, Uranus' passage through your astral sky will help you make important decisions that could have a profound impact on your destiny.

Trust your instinct, it will always help you to take the direction best suited to your real needs.

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