Horoscope for Saturday, May 18

In view of your astral conjunction, this May 18 will undoubtedly be placed under the sign of introspection and questioning. The presence of Neptune in your sky indicates you are deeply attached to your value system, but that certain facets of your daily life contradict your beliefs.

Out of obligation or necessity, in the past you've made choices that don't really reflect who you are. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, today you intend to correct some of your mistakes, so that in the future you live more in accordance with your ideals.

Although you know full well that the road will be long, you have no doubts about your ability to adapt to change. The association of Mercury and Jupiter should also reassure you, since it testifies to your analytical skills, your communication skills and your zeal. 

The awareness that will take place in you today should be seen as a subtle manifestation of your good luck!

After all, some people insist on continuing with a pattern of life that doesn't really suit them. You are lucky to perceive that a change is necessary.


Sagittarius in love

Although there is no crisis in your relationship, today you'll feel the need to have a frank discussion about it with your partner. Mercury advises you to be diplomatic and to probe your partner's mood well before tackling overly sensitive subjects.

Since love is built over time, it is not essential for you to force things today. Neptune will encourage single Sagittarius to gain a better understanding of the traps to avoid when it comes to love and to determine more precisely what they expect from a romantic relationship. 

In a relationship: talk about things to make progress

On this May 18, the presence of Mercury in your sky will translate into your desire to communicate honestly with your partner. Although you don't doubt your feelings, there are some parts of your relationship you feel could be improved.

And as you know that every couple needs to change in order to be able to last, you'll be zealous about letting your partner know what you feel. Be careful not to rush them as they may not be on the same page as you are yet.

Single: give yourself some time

Because of pressure from society, or simply from fear of loneliness, many singles are desperate to get involved in a relationship. This is fortunately not your case since you already know you don't want to settle down with the first person who shows a little interest in you.

Today, these relationship issues will interest you more than usual. You will therefore naturally try to think about what your future relationship could bring you.


Sagittarius at work

There are days like this, when nothing seems to be able to hold you back. Under the influence of Jupiter, your working day will prove to be particularly pleasant, both from a relationship and practical point of view.

Having noticed your commitment, your superiors will be tempted to give you more responsibilities. If an opportunity should arise, put yourself forward and offer your services. A little bit of something new never hurt anyone!

Opportunities: try your luck

Like most Sagittarius with your ascendant, you only feel really comfortable when you believe your skills are being properly recognized.

This is good because today's astral conjunction emphasizes that a significant change is in the air. Could it be a salary raise or an opportunity to develop your career?

Sagittarius and money

The presence of Neptune in your sky is a testament to the difficulties you are having in consolidating your financial situation as quickly as you would like.

Although you are not fundamentally to be pitied, certain unfortunate experiences seem to have weakened your position. Your strength of character and the keenness of your intelligence will allow you to find lasting solutions to your problems.

Your prospects: would fate smile on you?

Your efforts are starting to pay off and today you can be confident when thinking about the future. Sure of your strengths, you'll be happy to take the lead if an opportunity for enrichment should come your way.

Since you are able to instinctively grasp the stakes of a situation, there is a good chance that your daring will soon be rewarded.


An overview of your day of May 18

On this May 18, the imperfect nature of your daily life will be more obvious to you than usual. While they made perfect sense to you at the time, some of the decisions you made in the past no longer match your current outlook on life.

It is therefore quite natural that today you will try to influence your destiny, so that it aligns more with your aspirations, your needs and your ideals. Under the influence of Neptune, you won't waste your time regretting your past choices, instead you'll focus on laying the foundations for a brighter future.

In your love life, this process might manifest as an increased urge to communicate with your partner. Professionally speaking, you believe that you can best encourage your career to develop by being more ready to accept new things. You can rejoice in your renewed enthusiasm!

My tip on how to make the most of today

Although society largely shapes the way we think and the values that make sense to us, you should never forget the desires that make you who you are. Out of conformism or fear of being misunderstood, you have certainly sometimes reneged on some of your ideals or abandoned your childhood dreams.

If you really want to live your own life to the full in the future you need to embrace your uniqueness more openly. Claim loud and clear what you think deep inside you and don't worry unnecessarily about what others say. So long as what you believe does no harm to others it is just as valid as anyone else's belief. It's just that some points of view are more easily accepted than others.

The Moon of May 18

Waxing gibbous

The waxing gibbous moon invites you to continue tranquilly along the path you have chosen. Patience, perseverance and strength of character will be on the program for the next few days. But you are able to get through this with your eyes shut!

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