Monthly Horoscope for April 2024

The planets currently crossing your astral sky are beautifully balanced since they testify both to your persistent desire to energize your daily life and to your ability to think about your action in the long term. The meeting between Mercury and Pluto is particularly interesting.

The presence of Venus in the Sagittarius astral sky tells me that your reflections will mainly focus on your love life and other relationships, but also on your hopes, dreams and desires. In the coming weeks, the winds of change will probably blow over your daily routine.

In order for this new momentum to get you to the right place, give yourself time to think and do not rush your decisions under any circumstances. The changes you are thinking about are most likely to bear fruit if you are patient.


A first two weeks under the influence of Pluto

Pluto passing through your astral sky should please you. Under the influence of this planet, you will find it a pleasure to honestly analyze your current situation, appreciating its advantages as well as its defects.

The context therefore seems particularly conducive to a raised awareness and personal growth. As is the case for many Sagittarius, deep down you feel that every human being has the power to forge their own destiny.

Despite the difficulties you sometimes encounter, you have never been one to believe wholeheartedly in fate. The decisions you'll be ready to make in the next few weeks will show your extraordinary ability to follow your own path. As a famous saying has it, luck favors the bold!

Spring gives you wings again

After the long winter months, isn't it nice to be able to enjoy the soft rays of the spring sun again? This year, in your experience the return of the beautiful days will not only refer to the weather! It will also go hand in hand with a renewed enthusiasm for life.

In the second half of April, don't be surprised if you feel particularly motivated by the challenges ahead of you and excited about your future. You know that you have all the resources you need to create an even more fulfilling life.

New moon of April 08

This April's new moon is promising, as it is a testament to your renewed enthusiasm, your hard work and your deep-seated desire to enjoy the life you feel you deserve. As such, it is an active participant in the process of personal growth that is so important to you. Under its influence, nothing negative can happen to you. Things are looking good.


The second two weeks will allow you to implement your strategy

Despite your understandable desire for development and growth, you will remember to be patient and not to rush any of your decisions. At least, this is what is suggested by the presence of Mercury in the Sagittarius astral sky.

Rather than rushing to act whenever you have an idea, you will give yourself time to think and enjoy fine-tuning a strategy for the future. In the past, you have sometimes made unfortunate choices that you could have avoided.

It is in order not to make the same mistakes twice that you are now showing a little more self-restraint. If need be, you'll seek the opinion of the people you trust. They will undoubtedly help you to feel more serene as you face your challenges.

Your love life is good for you

Do you live under the same roof as your partner? An open-hearted discussion will allow you to put some order back into your life together. When it comes to love and feelings, it is better not to turn a blind eye to the difficulties that are inevitable along the way. The challenges of life are always better together!

Are you looking for a soul mate? Only by leaving your comfort zone will you meet new people. Love feeds on novelty. Don't rely so much on your certainties. Sometimes they can be misleading.

Full moon of April 23

In April, the full moon will help you define your broad goals more precisely and also the right strategy to achieve them. Under its influence, your planning skills will be astounding. It also tells me that you won't allow your thinking to be influenced by anyone. When it comes to life choices, the most relevant steps are always personal. The experience and opinions of your loved ones can only help you to a certain extent. First and foremost, rely on your instincts.

What to remember in April

This April you can look forward to a program of enthusiasm, smiles and patience. Acknowledge that it suits you wonderfully! Governed by Mercury, Venus and Pluto, the Sagittarius astral conjunction testifies not only to your ability to plan for the long term, but also to the rare ability you have to take decisions that are important for your future.

In the coming weeks, you will have no difficulty sorting through the information available to you and making choices that are useful to help your situation grow and change.

If you don't believe your lights are green you will be sensible and wisely postpone your decisions until later. After all, your daily life today is satisfying enough that you do not need to take unnecessary risks.

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