The Sagittarius personality

5 qualities
Warm, generous, joyful, expansive, lucky
5 defects
Reckless, impatient, selfish, aggressive, provocative

The Sagittarius is a deeply optimistic being, with no sense of moderation. They always think big and never impose limits on themselves. Like the representation of the sign that has an arrow pointing towards the sky, they always have a goal to achieve. They are born adventurers who have incredible faith in life and themselves. For Sagittarius, it's all about exploring and learning. They will always want to look beyond the boundaries, real or symbolic.

If they could, they would set off around the world without a second's thought, which is why they love travelling as often as possible, physically and mentally. Sagittarius never stays still; they need to be constantly on the move for work or for leisure. When this is not possible, they may try to escape through reading a good tourist guide or a historical novel. This sign always wants to do better because they don't tolerate limits. For them, life is an adventure and they intend to explore all its mysteries.

Sagittarius likes

traveling the world, managing their time, doing lots of different things

Sagittarius dislikes

routine, submission, being given advice


What is Sagittarius like in love?

Optimistic, faithful, adventurous

Sagittarius tends to choose their partners and lifestyles to reflect their need for adventure. They will always turn to people who have something new to teach them. The more people are different from them in terms of culture, education or religion, the more attractive Sagittarius finds them. They especially like people who are passionate about something, people who make Sagittarius feel that they live life to the full.

Sagittarius can only flourish with a partner with whom they can move, both physically and intellectually. The don't like routine and need their existence to feel like a constant adventure. If they feel their relationship ties them down, they get frustrated and conflict won't be far away. Sagittarius always needs to make sure their physical, intellectual and spiritual freedom is intact in order to be totally happy.


What is Sagittarius like as a friend?

Frank, open-minded, caring

The Sagittarius is not sectarian in their friendships. They usually have several very good friends that they trust absolutely and who are very important to them, and any number of buddies and other contacts scattered all over the world. Their address book can easily compete with that of a Gemini. The peculiarity of Sagittarius is that they love to surround themselves with lots of different points of view and experience. They consider themselves very lucky to be able to rub shoulders with such a variety of people.

They believe that a lasting friendship must be frank and open because in friendship anything can be said, bad as well as good. And finally, they can't have friendship without fun. They always need to be able to emulate others and share ideals. In fact, for a Sagittarius, growth and personal development is a reflection of their relationships. They are always very spontaneous. They love to tease and are not offended if you return the favor. 


What is Sagittarius like at work?

Dynamic, committed, independent

In the world of work too, Sagittarius likes their independence. In fact, they want to feel free to take their own decisions and act as they see fit. They flourish in jobs that allow them to take the initiative and follow their inspiration. Thanks to their optimism and overflowing imagination, they also have an astonishing facility to communicate and convince. Sagittarius therefore makes a great salesperson.

Sagittarius always need to be on the move and satisfying their curiosity, so they are naturally oriented towards activities that avoid the dreaded routine. Sagittarius are endowed with great intuition and total confidence in their abilities, and often have the gift of being in the right place at the right time to get the best deals. They are always one step ahead when it comes to seizing great opportunities and are not afraid of taking on new challenges. 


What is Sagittarius like in family life?

Independent, moralizing, exuberant

Sagittarius is very marked by their upbringing, and they love sharing funny or happy anecdotes of their past with anyone who wants to listen. They know the values and advice they received from their parents are what made them the people they are today, and even if they don't follow these principles any longer, Sagittarius remains thankful for them. 

Sagittarius has excellent relations with their families, even if they don't feel the desire to see or talk to them often. Everyone in the family knows how independent they are and no one expects them to be around all the time. But they are always happy to meet up with them to have a good time. Sometimes they tend to moralize and give their opinion on a matter where no-one has asked for it. 

Although they feel it is out of kindness, they tend to be judgmental and that is not pleasant for their family. What's more, if they are on the receiving end of the same thing, their reaction is to deny they have a problem and even embellish the truth to preserve their idealized image of themselves.

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