Your 2024 year

In 2024, a particularly balanced combination of planets should allow Virgos to enjoy a sweet and rewarding year. The meeting of the Moon and Jupiter should get your attention. Under the influence of these two planets, you will know how to listen to your instinct and fight to get what you really want.

The sensitivity you will feel throughout the year is a divine gift, as it will help you to understand your most deeply felt aspirations and act accordingly. In view of your astral conjunction, it seems obvious that your lucky star will watch over you carefully in the coming months. The respective positions of Venus and Neptune suggest that 2024 will be a source of joy and serenity for you.

The sociability you'll feel will help you make the most of your friends and family. If you are single, a meeting may be on the agenda. The sense of security that your friends will give you will help you move forward and keep believing in your future. So you have every reason to be optimistic.

The beginning of the year is good for planning

Your last year was rich in emotions and events. That's why you'll be taking advantage of the beginning of 2024 to take a breather and sort out what you need going forward. Under the influence of the Moon, you will be ready to put your projects on hold in order to refocus on your true aspirations.

Think of this period of introspection as a boon. It will help you to take a step back from the difficulties you have recently encountered and get a better understanding of what your main priorities are today.

Once you are aware of the objectives you want to achieve, it will be easier for you to fine-tune your strategy or adapt some of your behavior. If you want to move forward you have to know yourself to the core!

In the spring, luck always comes back!

The passage of Jupiter into the Virgo astral heavens is clearly a sign that the spring of 2024 will be a source of joy, tenderness and success for you. This planet is very much appreciated by specialists in astrology and should help you bring a breath of fresh air to your daily routine, as well as encourage you to fight more actively for the causes that are important to you.

While some of your loved ones like to say a lot but do little, from April onwards you will prefer to turn your words into deeds. The progress you will soon be making will certainly rekindle your enthusiasm.

As one good thing often leads to another, a positive spiral will almost certainly emerge. Take full advantage of this momentum. It can take you far!

Summer will help you to achieve some of your dreams

Neptune is not always well understood but in 2024 it should help you to experience a particularly pleasant summer from an emotional point of view. From June onwards, the influence of this planet could translate into an increased need for exploration and novelty, but also make it easier for you to go out and meet new people.

In this particular astral context, you can expect lots of interesting encounters. Your attachment to your value system should also help you to pass from words to action in order to work towards achieving some of your dreams.

Do you sometimes feel like you're missing out on life's pleasures? Neptune invites you to believe in your lucky star and make the most of the many benefits in your current situation. A little hope and a little fun in a difficult world should never be refused!

An end of the year about meetings

The passage of Venus in the Virgo astral sky is very interesting, as it suggests that you will be feeling unusually sociable at the end of the year. At work and at home, you'll avoid conflict in favor of appeasement. It must be said that your empathy and the quality of your communication will reach record heights from October onwards!

The context therefore seems particularly conducive to your well-being, at home, at work and with your friends. You will take advantage of this favorable astral climate to improve the ties that bind you to your loved ones, but also to create new relationships and new ties.

From a professional and financial point of view, this ability to surround yourself with people you trust could work in your favor. At the end of 2024, the quality of your network will be an undeniable asset for developing your career.

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