Horoscope for Saturday, May 18

The astral conjunction on May 18 clearly warns Virgos against the dangers of delusion. Under the influence of Neptune, today you will become aware of the gulf separating your life from your ideals, especially in matters of love, friendship and relational life.

This discovery will naturally cause you to worry, which you may try to calm as quickly as possible. In this very special context, there's a big risk that you'll take a decision you regret or a path that doesn't quite suit you. To avoid such a mishap, you'll have to accept the need to distance yourself from your emotions and the obsessive ideas in your mind.

Today they are very bad counselors. Rather than trying to solve everything with the snap of a finger, maybe you'd better think about the long-term, don't you think? Looked at in this way, the difficulties that are emerging will seem easier to resolve.

Although your optimism leads you to think otherwise, the stars are not really in your favor this May 18. If you were planning on having a game of poker with friends, be careful with your money.

It would be a shame to waste your savings on something so unimportant, don't you think?


Virgo in love

As evidenced by the presence of Venus in your sky, love issues will be at the heart of your concerns today. Although, like all of us, you need tenderness, you also have other requirements and have known for a long time what you expect from a romantic relationship. If you are currently in a relationship, the somewhat disappointing reality of your daily life could well sow discord in your mind.

Take the time to get a better understanding of the source of your dissatisfaction. Single Virgos will be tempted to put the cart before the horse and see an opportunity to meet where one doesn't actually exist.

In a relationship: beset by doubt

Despite what people try to make us believe, living as part of a couple is not always simple, straightforward and serene. Despite the strength of your feelings, you will feel more frustrated today than usual.

To keep the situation from worsening, be honest with yourself and your partner, talk openly about your difficulties, and work together to find solutions. There is nothing worse for a couple than entrenched silence.

Single: beware of chimeras

While your need for sharing is perfectly legitimate, it doesn't fully explain your propensity to believe a little too quickly that your dream lover has appeared. Do you understand why you are so eager to meet someone?

Instead of going too fast and setting your sights on the first person who cares a little bit about you, focus on your professional goals, your hobbies and your well-being. Love doesn't always come from the outside, first it needs to come from the way you look at your life.


Virgo at work

Under the influence of the Moon, today you will show great sensitivity, at home and at work. If you don't want to be misunderstood by your colleagues, be sure to keep your mood swings under control and don't express your dissatisfaction too overtly, however legitimate it may seem to you.

The professional world is a highly standardized space, in which negative emotions are not always very well accepted.

Opportunities: think before you act

Your will to move forward will put you at the risk today of confusing haste and ambition. If you don't want to go wrong, remember that not every deal is a good one.

Sometimes you have refuse the invitation and wait patiently for a more interesting opportunity to be offered to you.

Virgo and money

Don't cut corners and let yourself be seduced by the idea of making money quickly. Your financial situation can only be consolidated over the long term.

In spite of your willingness you'll need to show a little more patience. The siren song is always dangerous.

Your prospects: nothing new on the horizon

Your above-average analytical skills and your motivation could ultimately help you take advantage of an even more comfortable situation.

Thanks to them, you will have no difficulty understanding what's at stake in a given situation and will be willing to take the lead if the circumstances are favorable.


An overview of your day of May 18

In view of your astral conjunction, it goes without saying that your day won't be easy. Due to the presence of Neptune in your sky, the imperfections in your current situation will become clear to you.

This awareness, which will take place on an emotional as well as a professional level, will cast doubt in your mind. And as you know so well, uncertainty is one of the main drivers of anxiety. So expect to be more nervous than usual on this May 18, especially if no one close to you is available to ease your mind.

In any case, you will have to show restraint in your decisions. Now is not the time to question everything. You will quickly find your solutions.

My tip on how to make the most of today

Above all, don't let doubt overwhelm you and don't place too much importance on it. Although it's letting you know about your frustrations and desires, it's not intended to encourage a sudden desire for change. Since your fears will not be dispelled with a snap of your fingers, it will be a question of thinking about yourself and your future.

You'll understand your unmet needs better over time and be able to find some solutions that will move you forward. So don't rush unnecessarily.

The Moon of May 18

Waxing gibbous

The gibbous moon will be waxing in the coming days and this is the perfect opportunity to polish some details on a project that is important to you, or even to make subtle adjustments to your roadmap. Your curiosity could lead towards a path that is more suited to your true expectations. 

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