The Virgo personality

5 qualities
Reasonable, organized, modest, rigorous, warm
5 defects
A bit of a homebody, remote, reserved, suspicious, possessive

Virgos are known to be a bit perfectionist, to say the least! For them, the most important thing is to be certain and self-restrained. In other words, they are never content with "good enough" and you will rarely see them acting the clown to entertain people. This sign considers that life is a vast field of study and their curiosity is such that they are always accumulating information that will be useful sooner or later. 

Virgo has an absolute horror of the unexpected. Their whole lives are organized down to the smallest detail and made as safe and secure as possible for them and their loved ones, so everything runs smoothly and nothing upsets them. They are modest and don't like having the spotlight put on them. They prefer to keep their distance from people or subjects they don't know well. In addition, they don't like being seen to react emotionally and prefer to hide their emotions because they are not comfortable expressing them in public. 

Virgo likes

stability, romance, organization

Virgo dislikes

the unexpected, being on show to others, sharing what they feel


What is Virgo like in love?

Devoted, modest, mysterious

Virgo does not deal in simplicity when it comes to feelings. They are very shy and don't like revealing what they feel for fear of being rebuffed. For them, it is often better to remain alone than be refused. Virgos are a paradox when it comes to love because they can be incredibly humble, and at the same time demonstrate immense pride. Because they oscillate between these two, they can be very critical of themselves, and their partners. In fact, they have a serious tendency to undervalue themselves and often feel unworthy of being loved.

When Virgo finally falls in love, they would like the other person to guess their desires without having to express them. This is because they are reluctant to impose on others but dying to be taken care of in spite of everything. They find it very difficult to express their private thoughts so when they love someone, they show it by devoting themselves to their partner and creating the best possible environment around them. 


What is Virgo like as a friend?

Helpful, attentive, loyal

Calm and gentle, Virgos are often paralyzed by shyness and this tends to prevent them from creating new friendships. However, once the ice is broken, they are faithful and always offer good advice. Virgos like to take care of the people who are important to them so make sure what they do helps strengthen the bonds they have with their friends. And if you want Virgo to know you love them, ensure you are also attentive to their needs. For this sign, this is what makes friendships last, although Virgo is usually aware there is an imbalance between what they give and what they receive. 

Virgo is not easily fooled. They know very well that they are often manipulated and that some of their so-called friends won't hesitate to abuse their kindness and their natural tendency to help. Virgos can read between the lines very well and understand what their friends are up to. But they can't help doing them the favor despite that! 


What is Virgo like at work?

Logical, thoughtful, calm

At work just like at home, Virgos are reasonable and rational people, with a strong taste for logic, foresight and the tangible. As they are both shrewd and perfectionist, it's no surprise that they love detail and numbers. Their meticulous but practical analytical spirit gives them a serious advantage in the professional world, especially when it comes to carrying out tasks that require thoroughness. 

Virgo is a model employee with lots of strong points. They are unpretentious, helpful, reliable and discreet, as effective as a whole colony of ants. Always well-organized, careful, hardworking and observant, Virgo is rarely caught off guard in the professional field. 

In addition to being competent, diligent and honest they are also committed to progressing in their field and can't stand to remain inactive. Surprising as it may seem, this sign is also good at communication. Virgo may find it very difficult to speak about themselves but when it comes to encouraging others to speak, they are a veritable truth serum! 


What is Virgo like in family life?

Dedicated, responsible, helpful

Whatever happens, Virgos always feel responsible for their families and play a vital role in its proper management. They will take care of paperwork and appointments for everyone and even manage the budget. Without realizing it, they gradually accumulate more and more until they end up being overwhelmed by obligations that no-one asked them to take on. In fact, this isn't because they are unable to say "no" to things but because they believe they will be much better at doing them than anyone else. And, because everything is organized and carried out to perfection it stops them feeling anxious. 

Virgo sees it as their duty to take care of their whole family and, for their own peace of mind, to be in control of every aspect of their existence. As a result, they have little time to look after themselves because looking after others always takes priority. 

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