Horoscope for Saturday, June 22

The association of Mars, Saturn and Uranus in the Capricorn astral sky is a promising one. On this June 22, at work, in love and with family, you can expect to have lots of energy to progress your projects. Sure of your strengths and aware of the goals you would like to achieve, you won't let anyone put a spoke in your wheel.

It must be said that you have long understood that life is full of adversity. So as you walk forward don't forget to plan for obstacles which could slow you down for a little while. Don't despair unnecessarily, your strength of character will allow you to quickly overcome them!

Since they will confront you with some of your deepest doubts, these difficulties will also allow you to grow as a person. And growth is an essential part of a human being's existence.

In view of the development opportunities that will shortly come your way, I can say that your lucky star is definitely concerned about your well-being on this June 22.

It is therefore unlikely that today will disappoint you. Don't miss your chance!


Capricorn in love

You can welcome the presence of Mars in your astral sky, especially if you are single at the moment. The red planet will increase your power of seduction and will endow you with increased self-confidence. On this June 22, the situation will therefore be almost ideal. A meeting is obviously possible.

Are you currently in a serious relationship? Despite your good intentions, your relationship is probably not functioning as well as you would like. You may need some time to recharge your batteries and define your priorities better.

In a relationship: something is wrong

Today you'll experience a lot of frustration when you realize that your relationship isn't necessarily going down the path you intended. Like many Capricorns of your ascendant, you have a clear idea of the life you dream of living.

As love is built by two people, don't forget to share your needs with your partner and take their desires into consideration as well. Today, you will have the unfortunate tendency of prioritizing your own goals. To find concrete solutions to your problems, be open-minded.

Single: your power of seduction is obvious

Today, you will have every intention of stepping out of your comfort zone to increase your chances of meeting someone. In view of your astral conjunction, and especially the presence of Mars in your astral sky, it is very likely that you will achieve your goals.

The boldness and enthusiasm you'll feel throughout the day are undoubtedly your greatest assets. Don't hesitate to use them!


Capricorn at work

On a professional level, you are obviously motivated to take on new responsibilities and to move forward. Moreover, the effectiveness you'll demonstrate today is the most striking proof of this. Despite your clear desire to develop, be careful not to go too fast.

Take the time to define your goals more precisely. Are you looking for a new job? The enthusiasm Mars brings you may well allow you to open doors you thought were closed.

Opportunities: try your luck

What is the point of settling for a career which is mapped out in every detail when there's a whole field of possibilities out there? Under the influence of Mars, in #mois and #mois2 you'll be ready to try your luck with a view to improving your situation.

However, it would be unreasonable to hope for immediate results. Look rather to the medium term.

Capricorn and money

While you may not have much to complain about, you do find that you need to be more financially secure to really feel happy. Today you will explore several options to achieve this.

What are the ones that are likely to appeal to you? A change of position, a request for a salary raise or better management of your expenses. The latter is undoubtedly the easiest for you to control!

Your prospects: patience is a virtue

The passage of Saturn in your astral sky indicates your financial outlook will improve over time. From now on, take action with your future in mind.

Try as much as possible not to be discouraged when life puts little obstacles in your way. Your courage will allow you to overcome them, or your intelligence to circumvent them.


An overview of your day of June 22

On June 22, Mars, Saturn and Uranus will cross the astral sky of Capricorns. From a general point of view, you can estimate that this astral conjunction will be beneficial to your growth, although it does raise a certain number of questions. What's the biggest asset you can count on this Saturday?

Your unfailing enthusiasm, which will allow you to be very effective at work. In this context, it won't be surprising if your projects progress faster than expected and new opportunities appear. In your romantic life, you will probably feel disappointed by the reality of the daily life of your couple.

Don't try to change everything all at once, instead be patient. Your impulsiveness could be detrimental to your plans. Financially speaking, you will try to improve your situation by thinking about concrete solutions.

My tip on how to make the most of today

"There is no point in running, you just need to start on time", as a well-known saying teaches us. Despite a commendable desire to change things and a dynamism that is indisputable, you may find that your situation won't change as clearly as you had hoped.

So you don't suffer a serious disappointment, my strong advice is to define your objectives more precisely and put a real strategy in place to achieve them. The latter must, of course, anticipate that you will encounter difficulties. When you want to accomplish great things, nothing should be left to chance.

The Moon of June 22

Waning gibbous

Just like night follows day, so a little reflection should follow your actions. The waning gibbous moon encourages you to give yourself some time to think. What conclusions can you draw from recent events? Which direction would you like to choose going forward? 

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