Horoscope for Sunday, June 23

This Sunday, Capricorns are influenced by three planets whose impact could have a decisive effect on your future. Jupiter is a vector of good luck, and it is likely to bring great opportunities in all areas of your life. Pluto exacerbates your desire for change, while Neptune makes you dream big and tends to make your reactions a little removed from reality.

That said, in your emotional life, you have full possession of your faculties and, for once, those Capricorns in a relationship will not be nitpicking in order to annoy their partner. Today, you'll give precedence to tolerance and the idea of a good life together. If you are single, you want to do some housekeeping around your relationships, and this is really beneficial to you.

On the professional side, you will have to be very clear sighted as some people will try to manipulate you. And the same applies to money, don't assume everything you are told is the unvarnished truth, you could be taken for a ride and lose a lot of money if you aren't careful.

The luck in your astral climate is largely supported by Jupiter. This planet keeps you away from a good number of potential dangers, especially in the professional and financial fields.

Be sure to listen to whatever your intuition has to say during this Sunday because it will be your savior. At the end of this day, you will congratulate yourself for having followed it without question.


Capricorn in love

The astral climate for Capricorns in love helps you implement beneficial changes in the way you function. If you are in a relationship, today you allow yourself to think about your situation with more optimism than usual. Even if not everything is rosy, your doubts don't outweigh your belief in a bright future together.

If you are single, Pluto is helping you to start a significant turnaround. You realize that your behavior and some of your acquaintances have led you down a path that absolutely doesn't suit you. So you decide to make a new start by definitively cutting ties with old relationships that were harming your balance.

In a relationship: you shed light on your concerns

This Sunday, the planets get together to show you that your glass is half full. Neptune is very good at instilling doubts about the durability of your couple, but on the other hand, the presence of Jupiter and Pluto makes you have confidence in the future.

This allows you to look at things from a different angle and decide to be optimistic for once. Even though not everything is perfect, there is love between you and your partner, so you decide to give time a chance to bring balance to your situation.

Single: you get out of your impasse

Today, heaven sends you the key that will help you get over the blockage you've been experiencing lately. Jupiter and Pluto help you put an end to the testing times you have been through and cut off relationships with people who may have harmed you consciously or unconsciously.

An unexpected event or encounter could be the starting point for this awareness. Still, this Sunday, you make a break with part of your past to start a new chapter of your life. Pluto, the specialist in significant change, is there to support you.


Capricorn at work

The astral climate for Capricorns at work is spreading the illusion that everything is calm and quiet. With Neptune around, your management is trying to make you believe black is white in an effort to keep you around. But, the latent conflicts and other pettinesses that you've experienced are absolutely not resolved.

If you are tempted to believe in their fine words and forgive and forget, don't, because what you're being told is just window dressing to prevent you from resigning. Above all, stay on your toes and don't take everything at face value.

Opportunities: that require great caution

This Sunday, you are full of energy that makes you want to move mountains to improve your professional situation. If you are looking for great opportunities, Jupiter could send you an amazing opportunity, but be careful with the influence of Neptune, the recruiter may be hiding certain things from you to get you to snatch at their offer.

The mood of the day may touch a raw nerve and create more problems than blessings. Be very careful before committing to a potential new employer.

Capricorn and money

The astral climate for Capricorns on the financial side puts you in a delicate position. With the presence of Jupiter, you may receive an interesting investment proposal that you are required to be completely discreet about.

Ask for time to think before agreeing because Neptune could cloud your judgment. Use this time to read all the small print of the contract before signing because some clauses may be unfavorable to you. And finally, follow your intuition and if you feel something isn't clear, give up on this project.

Gains and losses: preserve your financial balance

The presence of Jupiter and Pluto encourage you to try to make even more from your finances to try to have a life that is as comfortable as possible.

You have several choices available to help you grow your assets but beware of any advice you are given. It could be that people who are not true friends will mislead you and you'll suffer a substantial loss.


An overview of your day of June 23

This June 23 is marked by planets that have a very strong influence. Jupiter and Pluto will bring you luck and a deep desire for change, while Neptune prefers to confuse things and make you lose sight of your goals. You will therefore have to be particularly vigilant, especially in the professional and financial spheres. You could fall into traps that you would find it very difficult to extricate yourself from.

You are therefore advised not to sign anything hastily or under the influence of emotion, because you could quickly realize that you have made a monumental mistake. Fortunately, when it comes to love, things are not as complicated.

If you are in a relationship, you know that life is full of ups and downs, but you remain confident in the strength of your couple. For singles, you're intent on creating a healthier life and decide to break off your relationship with those people who are bad for you.

My advice for making the most of today

Today is ideal for training your lucidity and insight. You learn to distinguish between what you need to question and what you don't. This is therefore an opportunity to sort out which parts of your existence are solid (your romantic relationship or your job, for example) and which you should make every effort to protect.

And then, on the other hand, you have the chance to clean out and get rid of any other parts that don't add anything to your life: outdated contracts, toxic relationships, ghost friends, etc. This Sunday, you are keen to start your transformation. Nevertheless, be very vigilant when you try new things because not everything is free of pitfalls or hidden defects! So, say yes to change but with a healthy dose of discernment.

The Moon of June 23

Waning gibbous

In success or failure, self-restraint is essential. Take advantage of the waning gibbous moon to give yourself some distance from things that have been particularly important to you recently. This will help you not to make avoidable mistakes in the future. 

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