The Capricorn personality

5 qualities
Serious, reasonable, thoughtful, responsible, hardworking
5 defects
Shy, complex, introverted, taciturn, can be a grinch

Capricorns are not known for being very sociable, they need a lot of time before they feel at ease with people. So much so that they only really relax with people that they trust completely. This sign is often described as being uptight and inexpressive. In fact, what they need above all, is a framework and boundaries, otherwise they feel plunged into anarchy, which they hate.

Capricorn enjoys controlling its image, environment and behavior. And they don't leave any room for excess, even when they are in a position to entertain themselves. They are unable to let go and join in the general festivities, which is why their behavior can sometimes be seen as being very rigid. The truth is that they are afraid people will exploit their failings, so they make sure no-one has any control over them.

Capricorn likes

being alone, organization, respect

Capricorn dislikes

delegating, trusting quickly, partying


What is Capricorn like in love?

Loyal, constant, shy

Just like in other areas of their lives, Capricorn are very serious about their romantic relationships. And, in fact, they are deeply committed to loyalty and long-lasting relationships. This sign can sometimes appear cold and inaccessible but in fact, they are mostly very shy and have a lot of trouble expressing their emotions. Contrary to what you might think, Capricorns are very sensitive, but they try very hard to conceal this because they are afraid of losing control of themselves and of the image they project.

The Capricorn fears being fooled by their partner and then looking ridiculous for believing in the sincerity of feelings that did not exist. When they love truly Capricorns are respectful of and loyal to their partners. They aren't very demonstrative but they find other ways to prove their love by making themselves useful in a practical way, creating well-being at home and supporting their partner in their projects. It is important to know that Capricorn loves spending time alone. Although they give the impression they don't need anyone else, they still like to be taken care of.


What is Capricorn like as a friend?

Honest, faithful, smart

Capricorns are wary about friendship and have few friends because they expect a lot from them. There are three things they look for in a friendship, openness, reliability and that it's for the long-term. For Capricorn friendship is measured by how long it has lasted and the difficulties you go through together. In fact, a brand-new friendship doesn't really excite them at all. They'll wait for the relationship to prove itself and to see if this friend shows up when they are needed.

What Capricorn seeks above all in friendship is reciprocity. They will always be around if their friends need them and expect to receive the same kind of unconditional support in return. One thing is certain for this sign, friendship is important but difficult to attain. Capricorn sees life as so hard that they find it difficult to believe anyone trying to become friends with them doesn’t have an ulterior motive. When they do succeed in creating a strong bond it becomes incredibly valuable to them.


What is Capricorn like at work?

Disciplined, punctual, ambitious

The Capricorn is a workaholic who tries hard to succeed. They know how to be patient. Even if they have to wait years before getting the job of their dreams they never give up until they do. This sign likes everything to be well organized. Very disciplined and punctual, they hate being late. They have a lot of respect for their managers and for the rules of the company where they work.

Capricorn is used to doing everything they can to be recognized as an essential part of the organization and they are very ambitious. However, success for them doesn't come from free-passes or recommendation, it is about how much effort they have put in. They have a very strict moral code and therefore do not expect to give or receive anything that they feel is not deserved.


What is Capricorn like in family life?

Responsible, attentive, independent

Whether Capricorn has a child or not, they always take on the role of a parent, or at least like to be a reference point. They are often seen as pillars of strength because everyone else can lean on them. Capricorn is definitely not afraid of family responsibilities; in fact, you could say they were born to take them on. Although they are not very demonstrative, they respect their elders and follow the family rules from a very young age.

When Capricorns grow up, they remain close to their parents and help them as much as possible, especially with administrative procedures. They often assume the role of advisor to their relatives because it's possible to talk about anything with them and know they will never reveal what has been discussed. 

Of course, sometimes they have strong reactions if they feel a member of the family has misbehaved. In situations like this they can't stop themselves from expressing their disapproval.

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