Horoscope for Wednesday, July 17

If you expected a peaceful day, you might be disappointed by this turn of events ... or excited by the new opportunities that will open up to you. In life, everything is a question of viewpoint. And the association of Pluto, the Sun and the Moon is an undeniable harbinger of change.

You are well aware of the lacks in your everyday life and your desire for change will now take  precedence over your need for stability. So you'll remember today's date of July 17. It marks the start of a major renovation project that you are throwing yourself into willingly. Like many Capricorns, you've never been afraid to gives things a push nor to take risks when you feel they aren't too big.

Far from being satisfied with what you have today, your gaze is turned resolutely towards the distance and the promise that the future holds. It doesn't matter if you have to tear down what you have and rebuild in order to secure it one day.

If you look on change as good fortune rather than a blow then good fortune will be on your side this Wednesday. The long-term consequences of this apparent good fortune, however, are difficult to predict.

It's up to you to see if you are really comfortable with this particular unexpected development.


Capricorn in love

There is no point in hiding the truth from you: today 's astral conjunction is not very favorable to the love life of Capricorns, particularly when you look at the influence of Pluto in the short term. However, despite the turbulence that it's sure to create, from the month of #mois this planet will allow you to get some perspective and turn your life in a direction that is better suited to you.

Are you in a relationship but unhappy with your everyday life? On this Wednesday you won't be hesitant about questioning what you think you know and speaking openly about your problems with your partner. Single Capricorns should be careful not to take unnecessary risks.

In a relationship: there's a storm in the air

Under the influence of Pluto, your day may well be explosive and full of twists and turns. You're anxious to live a life that really suits you and today won't be as willing as usual to accept your partner's little faults. The repercussions are likely to be violent.

To avoid making too many waves, make an effort to offer constructive criticism and not to make personal attacks. Although it's perfectly healthy for couples to change and adapt it should be done gradually. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Single: what do you want to accomplish?

If you are Capricorn and single, your day will be marked by an awareness of the limits of your current idea of love. If you feel you've recently expended far too much energy looking for a soul mate, you may feel the need to take a break.

Refocusing on yourself will do you a lot of good. On the other hand, are you terrified of meeting someone even though you think you really want to? Maybe it's time to finally just take that leap and see what happens next!


Capricorn at work

On this July 17, the influence of Pluto will also be felt in your professional life. Today you will become more aware of the flaws in your current job, which will tend to make you feel very frustrated.

So don't be surprised if you feel a pressing desire for change. However, don't make the mistake of rushing into a decision or you could see what you've built so far collapse. Once you are certain your choice is good, you can take action without worrying.

Opportunities: yes, but also a big risk of misunderstanding

The Sun will likely encourage you to be very vocal about what you think you deserve. In a professional environment, however, it is better to be tactful about what you want.

Despite your legitimate desire for change, you'll have to accept that things aren't going to change straight away. You need to consider your career over the long-term. Very strong emotions are bad counselors.

Capricorn and money

Your financial situation looks solid on this July 17. However, it will be threatened from the month of #mois by your overwhelming need for change, which may harm your situation if you don't manage to control it sufficiently.

Restraint is a fundamental concept for anyone who wants their money to increase over the long-term. Are you fully aware of this?

Gains and losses: is it worth it?

Like some Capricorns, you are by nature a bit of a gambler. When you see an investment opportunity you're more likely to think about the potential gains than the possible losses.

So if you see something like this today, think twice. Mistakes can happen all too easily. What is the point of taking risks?


An overview of your day of July 17

The astral conjunction today is particularly conducive to questioning. For Capricorns, the influence of Pluto is likely to lead to lots of changes, some may only be a prospect but others may quickly become more concrete. Your desire for change is well-founded, since it is part of a process of learning and personal development.

Today it may, in particular, manifest itself in your love life. The underlying question will be: are you willing to bow down to fate and just accept something that isn't right for you any longer, or, are you going to try your best to make changes to your relationship?

Singletons will take the time to reflect on the relationships they have with other people and perhaps decide to change their expectations. The same need for change will be felt at work. How do you push change to happen without taking too many risks?

My tip on how to make the most of today

You should be pleased with your need to explore new things and your willingness to move forward. However, be careful not to change just for the sake of change. Don't forget it can also have harmful consequences.

If you want your changes to be successful they need to be the result of careful thought that is not influenced by your emotions. As you will learn the hard way, today's certainties are not necessarily tomorrow's. Give yourself time before deciding to change everything.

The Moon of July 17

Waxing gibbous

Giving up or spending too much time looking back is clearly not an option. The waxing gibbous moon encourages you to be determined. Success is at the end of the path you have embarked on. Enjoy the magnificent landscapes it will offer you!

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