Horoscope for Thursday, June 27

With Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto impacting this June 27, there's no question of playing games, you'll have to cut to the chase and change anything that needs changing. And to begin with, you attack your behavior in your love life.

You readily admit that you are not easy to live with and that your partner needs an urgent ceasefire at home! If you are single, you are tired of being second best, always the lover and never the partner. You know that you deserve better and you act to get out of this painful situation.

On the career side, if you want to add a new string to your bow, now is the time to enroll in a training course that could enrich your professional career. If you take this opportunity, not only will you be able to quit the employer who has no scruples about using you, but you'll also find a more fulfilling career.

When it comes to luck, today's Capricorn astral climate helps you maintain calm in your life. No matter what happens, you will remain completely serene and manage every situation, even those that would normally make you really angry.

Pluto therefore has a real impact on the way you function this Thursday. A little extra benefit of this day is that you will instantly be able to detect which people are lying to you and which are sincere. Even the best actor couldn't fool your internal radar!


Capricorn in love

The Capricorn astral climate in love has a lot going on this June 27. Saturn and Pluto encourage you to break your bad habits and adopt a healthier attitude. If you are in a relationship, you finally recognize you are often too tough on your partner and you do your best to seek their forgiveness. You understand that if you keep pushing them too hard one day you might push them away altogether, leaving you on your own.

Single Capricorns have tired of being the third wheel in a relationship and want their own day in the sun. Nothing is going to change if you remain in this unsatisfactory situation, so give up the fight and preserve your own balance. You don't want to share the person you love with someone else, so you put an end to this story.

In a relationship: you smooth things over

Although you've never been in the habit of apologizing when you've been nasty or have made a mistake, today you feel the need to take the first steps to defuse your conflict. Uranus and Pluto are pushing you towards an internal transformation and you want to clear your conscience. So, in a spirit of appeasement you make your mea culpa to your partner.

You may write a long letter of apology or raise the white flag, and if you could make a public statement to tell the world you renounce your bad faith and natural intransigence, you would do it without hesitation. But where did the old you go? You are unrecognizable!

Single: you say no to complicated relationships

With the proximity of Pluto and Saturn, you put an end to a relationship that weighed down your morale. It's as if you have decided to get back on track after wandering in the wilderness for a long time. You've figured it out and you're definitely convinced that triangular relationships really aren't for you.

You say stop to lies, and meetings on the sly; you no longer want to delude yourself that eventually they will choose you. The truth is that they will never make a move to make this relationship more than it is. Finally you decide to put yourself and your own emotional balance first.


Capricorn at work

The astral climate of Capricorns at work is filled with traitors today. Your managers and your colleagues know you are naturally generous, and they use this to get you to do their work for them by lying brazenly that they don't have the time or are overloaded with work.

With Pluto in your astral sky, today will be the straw that broke the camel's back. Not only will you be much less friendly in the future, but you also decide to start training for a new career so you can leave this position where people exploit you without remorse.

Opportunities: to increase your skills

This Thursday, under the influence of Uranus you have an unexpected opportunity to start a training course for something new. In short, this is an offer you should grab with both hands, so don't ask yourself billions of existential questions before giving your answer.

This is a great opportunity to expand your CV and add value to your career. Go for it without hesitation and you won't regret it, the stars support you 100%.

Capricorn and money

On the finance side, the Capricorn astral climate promises you a balanced budget for once. With the presence of Saturn, you are certain to have healthy finances and to make your assets prosper.

The freestyle management and reckless spending that Uranus encouraged are now behind you. In addition, Pluto accentuates your change in behavior towards money and you start to save for big projects like a wedding, building a house or setting up your future business.

Gains and losses: your efforts end up paying off!

As you distance yourself from dangerous situations for your finances and refuse to succumb to the various and varied temptations that can make you want to shop compulsively, Saturn rewards you for your righteousness.

This day is marked by the return of a well-deserved financial abundance. Your efforts to maintain a balanced budget are recognized and the odds are turning in your favor once again.


An overview of your day of June 27

Today, Capricorns are committed to not falling back into old ways that may have caused them worries, anxiety, arguments and stress. With the strong influence of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, their rules are changing quickly and permanently in the right direction.

On the heart side, you no longer stick to your guns no matter what, refusing to use your bad temper as a lever for getting what you want. If you're wrong, for once you admit it and go to the trouble of apologizing if you've gone too far. If you are single, you definitely decide threesomes are not your thing. You have given it your all but now it is well and truly over, it's just not for you.

At work, some may take advantage of your kindness and it will backfire in ways they can't even imagine. Financially, everything is fine because you have broken your harmful habits and today you see the encouraging result of all your efforts.

My advice for making the most of today

In order to have a satisfying day, be sure to erect a wall between you and what harms your inner peace. Make choices, close doors, change the record, it's time to spring clean your life. If you notice that there are still things that don't function properly, make changes, react differently.

Don't waste your time and your self-esteem in a vain struggle to be loved because you deserve much better than a supporting role. Have the wisdom to choose what will favor your emotional, professional and even financial balance. And above all, keep in mind that your serenity is priceless and that everything must be done to look after it.

The Moon of June 27

Waning gibbous

In the coming days, give yourself some rest. This will give you time to quietly analyze how far you've come and prepare for what you need to do next. During the waning gibbous moon, new objectives may well emerge. It's up to you to separate the wheat from the chaff! 

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