2024 and love for Couples

In view of your astral conjunction, good surprises are to be expected during this year of 2024, especially if you are keen for your couple to change some of its habits. The meeting of Uranus and Neptune clearly suggests that this year you will be keen to breathe new life into your relationship and that will include getting out of your comfort zone if you think it's necessary.

The tenderness you feel towards your partner and your communication skills will help you get the message across without upsetting them.

When it comes to love and change, it's best to be as delicate as possible. If you are careful how you communicate, your partner will be happy to embark on the new adventure you are suggesting. 

Sometimes the comfort of the routine your couple has can prevent you from implementing the changes that are essential to your well-being. At the beginning of 2024, Neptune's energy could push you to make a difference to that.

Influenced by this planet, from as early as January, instead of clinging on to the safety of what you know, you will try to put your finger on the parts of your daily life that no longer really work for you. The sensitivity you'll feel will help you to express your emotions freely without upsetting your partner or undermining the security of your relationship.

Are you in a relationship? It doesn't look like it will have any shadows over it during the spring of 2024. In fact, you and your partner could find yourselves more in agreement than ever. You'll love being by their side, trying something new or just chilling out together, and will be very aware of how lucky you are.

And because you know you should never rest on your laurels, you'll do your best to suggest new activities to your partner. Keeping the flame of your love alive is essential, even when everything seems to be going smoothly. You can thank the Sun for reminding you of this.

This summer, the presence of Venus and the Sun in your astral sky invites you to get off the beaten track and go out more often with your partner. As reassuring as it is, routine can also contribute to a couple becoming stale.

And since it is a priority for you not to fall into this trap you'll offer your partner a romantic dinner, a weekend away or even a trip to the other side of the world. Just as a plant needs to be cared for in order to flourish, so does your relationship.

Be careful, the meeting of Uranus and Neptune suggests that there could be a storm in the air between you and your partner as early as October. If you don't want to create too many waves then be careful what you say and how you say it. Be diplomatic and your suggestions are more likely to be acceptable. Couples that last a long time usually favor non-violent communication.

Keep in mind that being diplomatic in how you express things does not mean you are denying what you need. It's all just a matter of form. You know how to do it.

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