2024 and love for Couples

The planets that will cross your astral sky in 2024 are a positive signal for the progress of your love life. Governed by the Sun and Uranus, the Sagittarius astral conjunction highlights your need to keep moving forward and testifies to your desire to make a number of changes to the daily life of your couple.

Although you don't doubt the nature of your relationship, like many Sagittarius you believe that the sustainability of any couple depends on its ability to reinvent itself. In the next 12 months, you will take advantage of the momentum you are feeling to make changes to your common routine, with the agreement of your partner, of course.

As you have certainly already learned, communication is an essential ingredient for a couple to be happy. So don't ignore your partner's point of view or you may quickly regret it.

The passage of Neptune in your astral sky suggests that your relationship may change for the better at the beginning of the year. In the coming months, the tenderness you'll feel for your partner will encourage you to change some of your bad habits. And because you don't want your couple to become bogged down in routine, you'll also suggest trying some new things with your partner.

In this favorable astral context, you'll probably find that a new dynamic quickly takes hold of your relationship. Be patient and you will soon reap the benefits!

In view of the planets that will be present in your astral sky in spring, you can definitely feel completely serene when you think about your future. It certainly looks like everything will run smoothly between you and your partner in the coming weeks and months. Your enthusiasm for life and your good humor will also help create a healthy atmosphere in your relationship.

If you feel that the lights are green it's even possible that you'll decide to commit to a new joint project. For the better, of course! You can thank the pairing of the Sun and Jupiter for this remarkable state of mind!

Your relationship needs something new to regain momentum. Or at least this is the message clearly conveyed by the meeting of Neptune and Jupiter in the Sagittarius astral sky. This summer, you shouldn't make the mistake of relying on what you already know about each other.

On the contrary, suggest to your partner that you try some new things together, which should bring a new dynamic to your relationship. You can ask any gardener and they'll tell you that when the leaves of a plant start to droop you need to give it water. Your relationship is no exception to the rule.

The planets passing through your astral sky at the end of this year suggest you should expect change. Uranus, in particular, indicates that an important decision is probably waiting for you before the end of 2024. This could, for example, relate to a new joint project, such as marriage, a pregnancy or a move.

Before making your choice, take the time to check that you and your partner see eye to eye on the outcome. These decisions should never be taken lightly! 

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