2024 and love for Couples

Are you committed to a long-term relationship and would like to know what the year of 2024 has in store for you? The energies associated with the planets passing through your astral sky clearly indicate that, over the next twelve months, you will be preoccupied by tenderness and building on your relationship.

The pairing of the Moon and Jupiter suggests that you and your partner will create a cozy cocoon where you feel happy together. Since you are well aware of the dangers of routine, in the coming months you will also strive to structure your couple around common projects, which you'll both love seeing make progress.

When it comes to love and relationships, isn't it better to look forward than back?

To feel happy in your couple and excited about the future, you sometimes feel the need to realign yourself with your real needs. The passage of Neptune in the Libra astral sky at the beginning of the year is therefore a boon for you. Under the influence of this planet, you will be ready to take an honest look at your relationship and put your finger on the things that need to change.

As you have never been the type to believe in fairy tales, you know full well that effort and change are essential to make any relationship last. Once you understand what is needed, you will be able to share your vision of the future with your partner… and tell them about any changes you would like to put in place.

In the spring, Libras in a relationship will enjoy unfolding their new battle plan and gradually ticking the boxes on their roadmap. Under the influence of Mercury, you will be able to take advantage of the system to get closer to your dreams.

Your communication skills will also help you convey the message to your partner and explain your point of view when a disagreement appears. As everyone knows, being a good and active listener is important in any sustainable relationship.

You should be pleased to see the passage of Jupiter in the Libra astral sky from June. Like a lighthouse guiding sailors through the night, this planet will lead you into a land full of beautiful emotions… whose existence you were previously unaware of.

You and your partner will be able to make the most of your free time to put any disagreements to one side and practice being in love. Which is ideal for rekindling the flame of your passion and bringing you even closer together. Love needs to be nurtured.

The presence of the Moon in your astral sky is a good sign for your emotional well-being. Under its influence, you will want to strengthen the bonds you have with your partner and give them all the attention they deserve. The special moments you'll share together will revitalize your routine.

As love is fragile, it needs to be looked after if it is to flourish over time. Aware of this reality, you will do everything in your power to give it the most fertile soil.

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