The Libra personality

5 qualities
Sociable, diplomatic, charming, accommodating, optimistic
5 defects
Selfish, superficial, indecisive, lazy, easily influenced

Libra is a very sociable sign. For Libras, it's always a pleasure to meet new people. Generally even tempered, they are able to see the beauty in everything. In fact, they hate anything that doesn't respond to their desire for harmony and strive to achieve balance in every area of their lives. The Libra nature is basically pacifist but they can also be uncompromising because the sign is linked to the idea of justice.

Libras can't handle loneliness. They have so much love to give and to receive that it is unthinkable to have no one to share it with. Uniting with others is therefore one of their fundamental values. And this is not just about romantic unions. They are sensitive to all sorts of unions, friendship, work relationships, teamwork, etc. 

As long as the relationships they have are egalitarian and no one is harmed, Libra is in their element. Because they are concerned to always make the best possible decisions, this sign hesitates all the time and this indecision can prove difficult for those around them.

Libra likes

making the most of their charm, soothing conflict, communicating

Libra dislikes

loneliness, surprises, rushing


What is Libra like in love?

Social, cheerful, lively

For Libra, living is synonymous with loving. Libras always look at the world from a sentimental point of view. Libras have a highly developed sensitivity and always feel the need to please. Obviously, you might expect them to be chronically unfaithful but in fact they are not; they respect the commitments they have made, as much as possible. 

This sign tends to get emotionally involved very quickly and finds it difficult not to give in to Venus' call when they hear it. And there's no point in lying, Libra likes to flirt, even when they are already in a relationship, it's almost a necessity for their emotional balance. They don't do it on purpose but because it's an integral part of their nature; there's a little bit of flirting in everything they do.

It is not uncommon for a Libra to find themselves in the position of loving two people at once. And as they have problems making decisions, it can lead to very complicated love triangles. Their advantage is telling the truth, although by admitting their hesitation they also encourage their suitors to compete. Of course, the one who wins the Libra's heart will be the one who can best prove their devotion.


What is Libra like as a friend?

Loyalty, togetherness, honesty

Libras have an innate tact which means making friends is natural to them from childhood onwards. With a friend who is Libra you always have a lot of fun and you can tell them anything without weakening the friendship. You will have to cope with their moods and legendary indecision, but a Libra is always the first to laugh about things. When you're with a Libra you'll never be bored, they love improvising to make a day better. For them, the most important thing is to have fun.

Libras always have a positive mindset; they know how to find the right words to cheer you up and make you smile again. A Libra is always very elegant and this makes you want to be too. So any outing can become a real event where you want to see and be seen. One of the rare flaws of a Libra friend is their need to do anything to remain popular, even if it means sacrificing a relationship to do it.


What is Libra like at work?

Committed, caring, thoughtful

Libras are charismatic, diplomatic and very kind, and can use these qualities in the world of work to establish a good understanding with their colleagues and managers. Libras know how to be tactful, are very charming and take their work seriously. 

Nevertheless, they are easily bored if left alone in an office with no one to talk to. To avoid them becoming depressed, Libras work better in a team. They are very interested in everything that relates to partnerships or collaboration. However, they will quickly get angry if they find that the tasks are unevenly distributed!

Libra loves to communicate and act as an intermediary between two opposing parties. But be careful, it is out of the question to get them involved in a conflict because they hate confrontation. In the world of work, Libra can find themselves in a delicate position because their legendary indecision can penalize them should they find themselves leading a team or a big company.


What is Libra like in family life?

Fair, patient, subtle

Like in every area of their lives, Libras don't make waves in the family. They try to make sure all the different characters get on and moderate their personality to ensure everything goes well. This sign is usually quite detached from their family, especially from the emotional point of view. Libras tend to privilege their couple, while remaining close to parents, brothers and sisters for festive occasions such as Christmas or birthdays. However, they really like to share these moments with their partner and if for any reason their family doesn't like that partner, they can cut the ties with their family. 

Good relations with their siblings may, in fact, only be a disguise for their feelings of rivalry. In fact, this sign often feels the need to be the favorite child in a family and this can lead to competition with brothers and sisters.

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