Horoscope for Saturday, May 18

Ruled by the Moon, Jupiter and Pluto, your astral conjunction suggests May 18 will be full of promises, twists and turns. If you want a chance to think outside the box and enjoy the gentle breeze of change this is a great period for you.

It tells me that you are now ready to put some of your (bad!) habits behind you and more motivated than ever to build a better future for yourself. Your experiences have enriched you. You now know you have enough strength to move forward, without worrying too much about the questioning gaze of other people or their cookie cutter judgments.

On your way, however, be prepared to encounter some obstacles. Rest assured, your courage and your determination will allow you to overcome most of them, your sensitivity and your sense of diplomacy to bypass others. Prepare to smile!

On this May 18, remember to thank the Moon for the protection it will give you.

Although its presence will be discreet, it will help you to really enjoy the little pleasures of everyday life that you sometimes tend to ignore and to spend quality time with the people who are important to you. And this is the most important thing!


Libra in love

The presence of Jupiter in your sky today indicates you'll be able to really enjoy all the pleasures of love. The doubts that have recently crossed your mind are only distant memories.

You are now fully aware of how lucky you are to share your life with someone who loves you, listens to you and respects you. This positive state of mind will also greatly increase the chances for single Libras of having a memorable meeting. They won't have to look very far!

In a relationship: the future looks bright

Your ability to enjoy the present moment combined with your desire to see yourself in the future will allow you to spend some particularly pleasant time with your partner today.

There's no shadow over your lives together at the moment: your discussions will be pleasant, your chemistry remarkable and your projects shared. There are days like this when it seems like nothing can go wrong. Enjoy your success! After all you've been through, you deserve it!

Single: count on your bedroom eyes!

You doubt your charm, too often it must be said, but things should now turn in your favor. Without you really being able to explain it, on Saturday people will gravitate around you like animals drinking from a waterhole.

Be prepared for one of these people to have more than friendly intentions towards you. By openly playing the game of seduction, you will have no difficulty in getting what you want.


Libra at work

From a professional standpoint, you can expect to have a particularly interesting day. Under the influence of Jupiter, you will get involved body and soul in the projects that are important to you and will demonstrate remarkable efficiency.

Your work will feel valuable to you, the relationships you have with your colleagues will be more rewarding than usual and your prospects for development will turn out to be more numerous than you think. What more can you ask for?

Opportunities: change on the horizon

The presence of Pluto in the Libra astral sky indicates that you finally feel ready to take the next step.

Although you don't dislike your current job, you feel you need a new challenge and think that your skills could be better used in a different context. That's good because several opportunities for development will come your way in the next few weeks.

Libra and money

The Moon advises you to be careful with your money. Although your current situation might allow you to splurge a little, you should be concentrating your efforts on the future.

So don't get tempted too easily by unnecessary trinkets and sharpen your sense of priorities. 

Prospects at half mast

Since you don't particularly envy the lives of Wall Street traders, you probably won't be disappointed to learn that there is little chance that you will magically get rich overnight.

You are in any case a believer in effort and courage. Your current situation suits you very well at the moment.


An overview of your day of May 18

The association of Jupiter and Pluto in your sky is especially exciting. On this May 18, it is very likely that your daily life will seem more enriching than ever, both emotionally and professionally speaking.

Under the influence of Jupiter, you will manage to enjoy the small pleasures that come from the everyday life of your relationship, without forgetting your long-term goals. For singles, today's astral conjunction will greatly promote exchange and the chances of meeting someone new. If you are interested in stepping out of your comfort zone, you'll welcome this news with joy.

With regard to your career, new opportunities for development should soon come your way. Your motivation and your ability to adapt will enable you to meet these new challenges with flying colors. Suffice to say that everything will go like clockwork!

My tip on how to make the most of today

To fully enjoy this beautiful day, you will have let yourself go and welcome change with open arms. Although you find your routine reassuring it often stops you from expressing your enthusiasm, spontaneity and lightness.

Wouldn't your daily life be more pleasant if you looked at it through childlike eyes? Age is no excuse: whether you are 7 or 77, you have every right to feel a zest for life. I'm sure you can be trusted!

The Moon of May 18

Waxing gibbous

Don't let your ego or your fears get the better of you. The path you have taken is the right one. At the moment, it is out of the question to doubt your choices. You can almost touch your dreams with your fingertips, despite the doubts you still have.

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