Monthly Horoscope for April 2024

This is a very well-balanced astral conjunction which should make you happy. Crossed by Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, the Aquarius astral sky testifies to your deep attachment to your system of values and your fierce desire to live a life in perfect harmony with your real needs.

So in the coming weeks, don't be surprised to see to just what extent true need can create miracles. Instead of turning a blind eye to the frustrations you feel in your daily routine, you will have the courage to act on change and move forward.

You won't listen to those of your loved ones who are trying to persuade you to be more realistic. In life, dreamers are always more interesting than pragmatists, don't you think?


A first two weeks under the influence of Neptune

The passage of Neptune in the Aquarius astral sky is an excellent sign for your continued personal growth. Under the influence of this planet, you will be ready to take an honest look at your current situation and you shouldn't find it too stressful.

The small discrepancies between the realities of your current life and what you want from your ideal life will be a source of inspiration for you. Like most Aquarius, you've never been one to be discouraged by life's obstacles.

In the first half of April, the frustration you feel will make you aware that your current situation needs improvement and it will also encourage you to start taking action to bring about change. In view of your astral conjunction, your first success should not be long in arriving.

Your love life is the foundation of your well-being

Are you lucky enough to share your life with someone who loves and understands you? The presence of Jupiter indicates that in the first part of this month your relationship will be in fine form. You and your partner will feel deep seated trust and love for one another. And you'll both enjoy this pleasant atmosphere to the full.

Are you looking for a soul mate? Although astrology is not intended to predict the future, there is now every reason to believe that you are ready to engage in a new relationship. Is there a pleasant surprise on the horizon?

New moon of April 08

This April's new moon can be considered as an invitation to reflect on your life. Under its influence, you will want to see what's going on in your inner world and explore the mysteries of your sub-conscious. It could therefore help you to get a better understanding of some of your emotional blockages, and also to identify your cognitive biases. Once you are clear about who you are and what you want, the field of possibilities will expand again.


In the second two weeks patience is a virtue

In this month of April, you will be filled with enthusiasm for getting on with things. Aware of your strengths and your value, you will face your challenges calmly and thoughtfully, without worrying too much about achieving immediate results.

And paradoxically, the serenity you'll feel whatever your circumstances will help you to move your life project forward faster than expected. From a professional point of view, the efforts you have made in recent times will surely bear fruit. It's likely you'll be offered new responsibilities that will mean you have to make a choice.

In order to ensure you don't get involved in something that doesn't reflect your values, do not rush your decision. Your priority should be to conceive your action over the long-term.

Novelty does you good

Even if you need some certainties to flourish in your daily life, a little novelty never hurt anyone! In the second part of April, you'll feel some curiosity encouraging you to get out and meet new people or explore new fields of knowledge.

The discoveries you make will help you to see your situation in a new light, and also to broaden your horizons. So you'll find plenty of solutions to help you move forward. With you, all roads lead to well-being!

Full moon of April 23

In April, the full moon encourages you to develop your social life and surround yourself as often as necessary with the people you trust. Out of habit or lack of time, you sometimes tend to lock yourself in a little bubble of routine. In the coming days, you obviously need to be more extraverted. Sharing good times can only help strengthen your current good mood. Your enthusiasm for life may also help some of your loved ones to regain some of their morale.

What to remember in April

It is very likely that this astral conjunction will bring you closer to some of your dreams and goals. Governed by Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, the Aquarius astral sky highlights your thirst for discovery and your desire to feel happy.

You are well aware that existence is ephemeral so during April will decide not to waste any more time and to act on the changes you consider necessary. For once you'll be thinking big, even if you know how to be pragmatic if the occasion demands it!

In your love life as well as at work, new developments in your situation seem certain. This will eventually lead to you having a more satisfying daily routine, which will be in perfect harmony with the moral values that are important to you. Your idealism is a rare commodity. So don't forget how important it is.

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