Monthly Horoscope for April 2024

Crossed by Mercury, Mars and Pluto, the Scorpio astral sky has some interesting features in April. Were you planning to change some of your habits and shape an everyday routine that is more enjoyable for you? In view of the planets present in your sky, everything suggests that you will succeed without too much difficulty.

Mercury, in particular, testifies to the energy you will feel in the coming weeks, but also to your ability to reflect on your action. When you are faced with a problem, you will be sensible enough to consider the situation as a whole, without being influenced too much by the powerful emotions that it will arouse in you.

This self-restraint and patience will, of course, be of enormous help in the progress of your projects. Thanks to these qualities, you can undoubtedly feel completely serene when you envision the future.


A first two weeks under the influence of Pluto

The influence of Pluto will be particularly noticeable during the first part of April. Sometimes feared by astrology specialists, this planet will allow you to become aware of the imperfect nature of your current situation. It will also encourage you to do everything in your power to try to change the same old same old as much as you can.

Therefore, passage of Pluto in the Scorpio astral sky means that you can expect to experience a period of change. Nevertheless, for your reflections to bear fruit, you will need to sort the wheat from the chaff and not give too much importance to your fears. After all, change is an integral part of every human being's life.

Your life experience will also allow you to counteract your tendency to be impulsive, which may sometimes prove to be detrimental to your long-term projects. Patience above all else, this should be your philosophy at the moment.

A little fun is important

Despite the challenges you will face at the beginning of April, you will not lose your sense of priorities. You'll find it a pleasure to engage in your favorite activities, and also to make regular contact with the people you trust.

If you are in a relationship, your love life will help you to get to grips with your current difficulties and relax a little. This island of serenity is essential to your well-being. If you're single, don't get carried away too quickly. Love is a rare commodity. Fortunately!

New moon of April 08

This April's new moon should help #signs_adj to be able to think serenely about their future, but also not to give the everyday worries of life too much importance. The fundamental lesson you should learn from it is the importance of being able to separate what is important in your life from what isn’t. In view of your #sign_adj character, you will not fail to learn this lesson straight away.


A second two weeks full of energy

At the end of April, your enthusiasm and energy will probably reach record levels. As you are motivated to enjoy a life that reflects who you really are, you'll be ready to work as hard as you can to try to move your projects forward. This willingness will, of course, be a major asset in the development of your career.

However, despite your obvious motivation to succeed, you won't make the mistake of treading on your colleagues' toes. Ambition is good. Respect and empathy is even better! The passage of Mercury in the Scorpio astral sky suggests that you will easily be able to refine your strategy and review your roadmap.

On the way, you will need to define several major milestones and then, when you arrive at one, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the path you have traveled so far. Everything in its own time!

Your love life is good for you

From the point of view of your love life, the return of spring seems to give you your wings back, especially if you are committed to a serious relationship. With regard to the presence of Mercury, the context is particularly conducive to creating new projects together.

These will help your couple to move closer together and face in the same direction. Part of the strength of any couple lies in their ability to see themselves together over the long term. If you want your couple to last you need to think about its future.

Full moon of April 23

In April, the full moon invites you to refocus on your real needs and rid yourself of the superfluous as much as possible. Do you sometimes think that you would feel even happier if you had more? Under the influence of the moon, you will take the time to reflect on your real needs and desires. Sometimes you really don't need much to be happy. Perhaps just give your inner child the chance to shine?

What to remember in April

Mercury, Mars and Pluto are an interesting association of planets, which testify to your real desire to move forward and your ability to think about your strategy over time. Under the influence of these three planets, you should have some particularly rewarding weeks in front of you.

As you have never been the type to rest on your laurels, you will be ready to jump on the opportunity to try to advance the projects that are important to you, whether they relate to your love life or your career.

In this quest for personal growth, you will be able to rely on your sense of strategy and your communication skills, but also on your patience, your enthusiasm for life and your motivation. Obviously, you are perfectly equipped to face these new challenges. Nothing to worry about.

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