Monthly Horoscope for April 2024

Governed by the Sun, Venus and Uranus, your astral conjunction announces an April filled with promise and surprises. You are deeply attached to your value system and don't intend to settle for a situation that doesn't really suit you any longer, even if you will be sensible enough in the coming weeks to not upset your life unnecessarily.

It seems clear, however, that change will be on the agenda this April, whether it is in your career, your lifestyle or your love life To get things moving you'll be ready to make any efforts necessary, even if it means questioning some of your most entrenched beliefs.

Your communication skills and empathy will allow you to calmly explain to your loved ones what you are trying to do. And, aware of the transformations taking place in you, they will be in a better position to provide you with the support you so badly need to feel happy.


A first two weeks under the influence of Uranus

Although you don't want to change everything, at the beginning of April you will come to realize that your daily life does have its imperfections. Some of the choices you once made no longer really reflect your true aspirations. In your opinion, it is time to put some order in your life.

The influence of Uranus is easily discernible here. Fortunately, despite your clear desire to move forward, your need for security will encourage you to refuse to listen to your impulses for a change. The time that you give yourself to think will help you to clearly understand the challenges you are currently facing and get to grips with what you really need.

This will prevent you from making hasty decisions that you would soon regret. Despite this, you will always keep in mind that some things have got to change… when the conditions are right!

Money and work occupy your mind

Your astral conjunction suggests that your need for novelty will be most pressing at work. You're worried about the quality of your work life and motivated to do more, so will be ready to offer your services if an interesting opportunity comes along.

This motivation will soon be noticed by some influential people. Your sociability and good mood will ensure that your ambition is well perceived by your colleagues. A good atmosphere at work is fundamental for you!

New moon of April 08

In April, the new moon will encourage you to take good care of all your relationships, giving a lot of your free time to your partner, family and friends. The special moments you spend with them will be your pressure relief valve. Don't forget you need to rest and relax a little before you start back on the road to success.


A second two weeks that encourages you to discuss your problems

The presence of Venus in the Cancer astral sky testifies to your need to communicate openly about the challenges you are currently facing. You don't want to rush your decisions and will have the insight to share your thoughts with the people you trust.

Their support will help you to see your situation in a new light, their experience could help you avoid some pitfalls and their empathy will keep you feeling safe despite the changes that are beginning.

Thanks to them, you will quickly have a more precise idea of the direction to take and the strategy to put in place. When it comes to big changes, it's always better to be well prepared.

Your love life contributes to your fulfillment

As well as your desire to change your professional situation, in April you will continue to look for solutions that can improve the quality of your love life. If you are currently in a relationship, your thoughts could encourage you to step out of your routine for a while and try some new activities with your partner. These shared moments will, of course, strengthen your union.

Are you looking for a soul mate? Things are looking good. A meeting is very much possible. It is up to you to agree to question some of your certainties and open your arms to novelty.

Full moon of April 23

April's full moon is associated with a strong boost of energy, which will allow you to get fully involved in the projects that are close to your heart. You will use this opportunity to advance along your life path, from the point of view of both your love life and your professional life. To avoid hasty decisions, just keep your real goals in mind and don't let yourself be distracted by the everyday problems of life. A bit of detachment will do you good.

What to remember in April

The presence of Uranus in the Cancer astral sky is clear evidence of your fierce desire to get things moving so you can get closer to some of your goals.

Wanting to live a life in perfect harmony with your real needs, in the coming weeks you'll be ready to make the necessary decisions to get yourself fully involved in the projects that matter to you. Crossed by Venus, your astral sky nevertheless indicates that the action you decide to take will not be the result of impulse.

Your ability to take a step back from your situation, the support of your loved ones and your patience will allow you to understand as clearly as possible the problems you are currently facing and not rush ahead unnecessarily. Success is at your fingertips.

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