Monthly Horoscope for April 2024

In this month of April, Taurus are sure to be thinking about change, growth and fulfillment. From a general point of view, you can be fully satisfied with this astral conjunction centered around the Sun, Mercury and Uranus. It is the promise of several eventful weeks.

As we are at the beginning of spring, you will probably feel a new momentum. It will push you to overcome some of your blockages to move towards a life that more fully reflects your values and your desires. The changes you are about to welcome into your life are not the result of chance.

On the contrary, they are the result of a long period of thought which has allowed you to pinpoint the areas of your daily life that no longer satisfy you. Within the weeks to come, there's no room for improvisation. Your action will be planned down to the last detail.


A first two weeks that will help you take stock

The encounter of the Sun and Uranus in the Taurus astral sky is proof that today you feel completely ready to leave your comfort zone and change some of your ingrained habits. In the first two weeks of April, your concern for your well-being will probably mean you feel the need to make big changes to your everyday routine so your life is more in line with your true aspirations.

This state of mind will affect your love life as well as your professional and financial situation. Despite this clear desire for reform, you will be sensible enough not to rush unnecessarily, as your experience has taught you the dangers of being impulsive.

Before you make your decisions, therefore, you will take the trouble to seek the opinion of the people you really trust. This will prove invaluable.

Easter as a starting point for a new adventure

Once you understand exactly what you want and need, nothing and no one can slow you down. In the first half of April, you will be filled with energy that you will use well. Since you now know you have the resources to adapt to any new environment, change is no longer as frightening as it used to be.

Better yet, it will have a tendency to excite you in the coming weeks. In order to live happily it's better to have a goal to aim for. Change is consubstantial with life.

New moon of April 08

In April, the new moon will make you aware of the benefits of kindness, sharing and helping each other. Under its influence, there could be an important meeting. And when you want to make fundamental changes to your daily life it's a good idea to be surrounded by faithful friends. The special moments you spend with your loved ones will allow you to detach yourself from the issues that currently occupy your mind.


A second two weeks to plan your action

Your desire for change cannot be fully expressed without an appropriate strategy. At the end of April, instead of wasting your energy on projects that are not worth it, you will take the time to precisely define your route on your new roadmap.

Like most Taurus, you have long been aware of the virtues of patience and self-control. You rightly believe that your action will be all the more effective if it is designed over the long-term. To give yourself every chance of success you will use all your creativity and fully exploit the riches of your intelligence.

When you have a problem, your research will allow you to quickly find a solution. If need be, you will have no problem expressing your doubts to your loved ones, who you'll find reassuringly supportive. Their experience could help you to see your situation in a different light.

Your love life reassures you

Are you in a relationship? If you take the trouble to clearly express why you are acting this way your partner will be happy to support and help you. Their presence will also help you to feel more serene during this period of transition. Communication is the key to your happiness together. Together, you can overcome all hardships.

Are you single? You are gradually assembling the necessary ingredients for that special meeting. A little patience, you have plenty of time in front of you!

Full moon of April 23

This April's full moon should be seen as an invitation to relax and lighten the load a little. Despite the changes you want to make, you also deserve some time to relax. It will allow you to recharge your batteries before you return to the battle. And by spending some time quietly by yourself you will also have more chance of finding the best solutions to the challenges you are currently facing.

What to remember in April

If you were expecting the status quo, it goes without saying that April won't be up to expectations. If, on the contrary, you were hoping to alter your destiny and bring about significant changes, the astral climate this spring should fully satisfy you.

Crossed by the Sun, Uranus and Mercury, the Taurus astral sky testifies to your desire for change, but also to your deep attachment to your system of values. The change you are looking to make in the coming weeks isn't just out of boredom or a simple rejection of routine. You really want to live a life that's in harmony with your true desires, which you'll be exploring in depth in the first part of the month.

Once you are clear about what you want, the time for decision making will have come. In order to ensure your choices are sustainable, you will need to exploit your keen intelligence, and demonstrate an excellent sense of strategy.

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