The Aquarius personality

5 qualities
Progressive, bold, idealistic, avant-garde, humanistic
5 defects
Paradoxical, elusive, confusing, eccentric, distant

Aquarius is a being completely open to the world. They always enjoy meeting new people whom they immediately consider their equals, a bit like brothers and sisters in the human sense of the term. Their ideas often run counter to the majority but they are not anti-conformist by choice. Their preference is to construct their own point of view before they agree or disagree in any way with general opinion. Most of the time, their opinions are quite unusual.

Aquarius are very attached to their freedom and capable of defending it body and soul. They are seen as originals but don't court originality to make themselves interesting. Even if they feel quite pleased that they are different from those around them, they are not deliberately eccentric. Above all, they are attracted to anything out of the ordinary and their open-mindedness always attracts them to people or things that don't fit in boxes. In short, as you will have understood, Aquarius rarely leads a conventional life!

Aquarius likes

to have their own style, to live in a universe they create, to spend some time alone

Aquarius dislikes

routine, lack of humanity, obligations


What is Aquarius like in love?

Creative, loyal, independent

Aquarius and love can be quite poetic … but not as romantic as you might imagine! Aquarius is by nature an awakener of consciousness and this also applies in the field of love. They constantly try to make their partners understand that possession extinguishes love. Very early on, they understand that the person who shares their life does not belong to them and they always leave their partner free to act. This behavior can easily be interpreted as indifference, insensitivity, inconsistency or instability.

It should be noted that Aquarius is more attached to their freedom than anything else, they cannot bear to be stuck to someone like glue and will usually run from the very suggestion. Moreover, they can't long endure what could be called a classic relationship, which implies joint habits and a routine. Above all, their need for independence and time alone must be respected. This does not mean that Aquarius is unfaithful, quite the contrary. They will always be ready to help their partner while leaving them blissfully free to get on with their own activities.


What is Aquarius like as a friend?

Whimsical, funny, eccentric

Aquarius regards friendship as a gift from heaven, it is an essential part of their lives. Aquarius' friendships are like the branches of a tree that continue to grow as the trunk grows. Every part is connected but each evolves in a distinct way. What Aquarius seeks above all is trust, respect, love and perfect equality. As long as there is no judgment and the only important thing is to be with your friend, that's all that matters to them.

Aquarius is especially attached to the idea of complementarity in friendship, everyone advances and grows at the same time. They even seem more comfortable with their friends than in their love lives. To be honest, they have a tendency to confuse the two and Aquarius often have long romantic friendships. However, Aquarius feels at home in a group of friends and so long as everyone is comfortable and keeps their own personality Aquarius is happy.


What is Aquarius like at work?

Sociable, committed, creative

In their professional lives, just like in their private lives, Aquarius like to feel free. So they won't be very comfortable in a work environment that obliges them to generate a specific turnover or with a demanding boss looking over their shoulders. Aquarius is a creative being who needs space for their genius to express itself, and in these conditions can give the best of themselves. This does not mean that they can't work in a team. On the contrary, they are always looking out for ways to help those around them. It is one of Aquarius's main traits, that they have a visceral need to help others.

In their daily lives, they always try to bring something positive to their family and friends and the same is true in their work where they consistently agitate for good causes. Aquarius is very charismatic, although sometimes a bit stubborn, and has excellent communication skills. They know how to listen, to respect opinions that are different from theirs and readily recognize when they are wrong. Aquarius is very intelligent and always has a solution for every problem that arises.


What is Aquarius like in family life?

Open-minded, supportive, tolerant

Aquarius is not very comfortable with the concept of family because they find it too restrictive. This sign is very much in love with freedom. Being part of a clan that they haven't chosen according to their rules, their past and their expectations is quite frustrating for someone who always wants to be themselves, whatever happens. So obviously, Aquarius often feels restrained by their own relatives. They prefer intellectual ties, even though they love their family. Their visceral need for independence leads them to set up emotional barriers very early on, meaning they may seem a little absent even when physically present.

As a parent, Aquarius is not demanding but more cool and bohemian. You can talk to them about anything, nothing shocks them. They may even seem a little too detached to their children, who seek limits where Aquarius may not see the usefulness of imposing them.

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