Horoscope for Saturday, May 18

The Moon in their sky today should help all the Cancers to take a clear look at their situation and to become aware of their real needs. On this May 18, it is therefore very likely that you are feeling a dawning awareness.

For it to lead to concrete results in the long term, you will need to take off your blinders and be perfectly honest with yourself. Destabilizing at first, your reflections will actually allow you to redefine your objectives and chose a life path that suits you better. Rest assured, you will not go through this trial by fire alone!

In the days to come, you will be able to count on the beneficial influence of Mercury, which will encourage you to speak open-heartedly about your problems with people you trust. Their support and advice will guide you to the Promised Land! 

Although it will be discreet today, luck is coming closer all the time. In view of your astral conjunction, it may well be with you for a while!

An opportunity for you to take stock of your situation, to get to understand your needs better and think more serenely about your future.


Cancer in love

Although your romantic situation is far from ideal, you still feel that you are not the unluckiest person in the world. Aware that any love affair needs to be nurtured in order to last, on Saturday you'll prefer to focus on the long term, and deliberately ignore the small frustrations that you are currently experiencing in your relationship.

After all, love is more like a marathon than a sprint! Saturn will also encourage single Cancers to look to the future, and not seek to immediately fill their emotional lack, possibly with the wrong person! 

In a relationship: the virtues of patience

Happy with who you are, today Mercury's influence will encourage you to appease any tensions affecting the quality of your romantic relationship.

While you may not expect immediate results, you still have the hope that your considered approach will pay off in the long run. It will therefore be a question of showing a little patience, changes are not easy for everyone to accept!

Single: take care of yourself!

Although you are not opposed to the idea of getting into a relationship soon, you feel that you still have a little way to go before you can fully indulge yourself.

Thanks to Saturn, today you'll start to think about what you really want from a love affair, so that in the future you don't settle for something that doesn't really suit you. To achieve this, you will necessarily have to face some of your fears. And it begins from Saturday.


Cancer at work

The influence of the Moon on your professional life will be obvious on this May 18. Rather than rushing headlong into work, today you'll take some time to be more precise about the objectives that you would like to achieve one day and will reflect on the adjustments you need to make that would allow you to flourish more fully in your career.

Relationships play an essential role in your well-being so you'll also seek to strengthen the bonds between you and some of your colleagues, during an impromptu lunch, a drink after work or a discussion around the coffee machine for example.

Opportunities: trust your instincts

If you want to make lasting decisions about your career you need to work out precisely what you expect of it. Today you will try to answer this delicate question, taking into account your needs and aspirations, but also those of your family.

It'll seem obvious to you to seek the advice of your loved ones, in order to draw up a complete picture of the situation.

Cancer and money

Since you have no intention of wasting all your money on a whim, your financial situation remains strong. Like many Cancers, you know how to be patient when the situation calls for it, and be careful when the going gets tough.

You know that the stability of your finances depends in large part on your ability to think about your future in the long term. For the moment, there is no rush. 

Your prospects: patience above all else

As the fable teaches us, the hare only looks faster than the turtle.

This is all the more true when it comes to money or career prospects. In #mois, rather than rushing to find the slightest chance of getting a bit richer, you'll be patient and only take an opportunity that is really right for you.


An overview of your day of May 18

In view of your astral conjunction, it would seem that today you are entering a positive spiral. Aware of the small things that you still have to improve, you will naturally seek to find good solutions to the problems you are currently encountering, but without forcing things or wanting to impose your point of view.

In your love life, you will be more willing to focus on your long-term projects than on the small daily frustrations, which you consider quite futile.

At work, above all you'll want to improve the atmosphere within the team, by trying to ease latent tensions or by developing new bonds. As you can imagine, the influence of the Moon is conspicuous here. It's up to you to take advantage of it!

My tip on how to make the most of today

Do you see how much simpler and sweeter things in life seem when you stop focusing exclusively on the short term? You know, the rush and the urgency to act is a source of frustration.

Despite your undeniable qualities, you are simply not always able to find quick solutions to your problems. In this situation it would be better to let things go a little, lift your eyes up to the sky and fix them on the horizon. Time will always help you lay your fears to rest.

The Moon of May 18

Waxing gibbous

It seems the stars are leaving you in peace. The waxing gibbous moon is a good time to embark on new projects. It's not a question of testing your luck on the lottery, but rather of beginning new tasks.

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